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									                                  iMovie Rubric : LeBron's Agent
 Teacher Name: Mr. Jean
 Student Name: ________________________________________

     CATEGORY       4 Excellent              3 Good                     2 Average               1 Below Average
Math Content 30%    Images show a            Images show a mastery      An attempt was          Little or no
                    mastery of the           of the mathamatical        made to use images      attempt to show a
                    mathamatical             concepts. The              to show mastery         mastery of the
                    concepts and also        information is clear but   but not all parts are   mathamatical
                    capture the attention    not appealing.             correct.                concepts.
                    of the viewers.

Voice consistency   Voice quality is clear   Voice quality is clear     Voice quality is        Voice quality
20%                 and consistently         and consistently           clear and               needs more
                    audible throughout       audible throughout the     consistently audible    attention. The
                    the presentation. The    majority (85-95%) of       through some (70-       math is not clearly
                    math temenology is       the presentation.          84%)of the              explained.
                    clear.                   Allmost all of the math    presentation. Most
                                             is clear.                  of the math is clear.

Appeal 20%          The story is told with   The story composition      The story seems to      The story needs
                    exactly the right        is typically good,         need more editing.      extensive editing.
                    amount of                though it seems to         It is noticeably too    It is too long or
                    mathematical detail      drag somewhat OR           long or too short in    too short to be
                    throughout. It does      need slightly more         more than one           interesting and
                    not seem too short       math in one or two         section and the         the math is
                    nor does it seem too     sections.                  math is unclear.        incorrect.

Purpose 15%         Establishes a math       Establishes a math         There are a few         It is difficult to
                    purpose early on and     purpose early on and       lapses in focus, but    figure out the
                    maintains a clear        maintains focus for        the purpose is fairly   purpose of the
                    focus throughout.        most of the                clear.                  presentation.
Music 5%            All of the music is      Most (over half) of the Some of the music          None of the music
                    original.                music is original.      is original.               is original.
Length 10%          Length of                Length of presentation Length of          Presentation was
                    presentation was 4       was 3 minutes.         presentation was 2 less than 2
                    minutes.                                        minutes.           minutes OR more
                                                                                       than 4 minutes.
                                            Created in Rubistar By Ethan Jean
Date Created: Oct 12, 2009 04:38 pm (CDT)

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