Organized by
Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology & Science, Karimnagar
              from 18th May to 22nd May 2009


       The extent to which this training met my expectation has really
exceeded.. Specially the first 1 1/2 days session – Dale Carnegie Training
program was excellent. The training was conducted in a logical sequence and
it really provided insight into how we as teachers should project ourselves.
The suggestions given by the trainers will definitely help me to achieve higher
levels of performance.
       The remaining 3½ days session regarding innovative teaching
methodology was excellent, specially the sessions regarding intelligence –
deed for change and how innovative methods like games, role play etc. can be
used to make lectures mere interesting – left me wondering.
       The Workshop has helped me to empower myself with what I have
within myself.
       Overall the workshop had an impact of escalating the skills relevant
to my job. I am very much satisfied with this program and the only regret is
it could have lasted for few mere days.
                                          Assoc. Prof. CSE Dept.
                                            JITS, Karimnagar.

       The Mission 10X Workshop started with empowering our skills which
were there within us but not projected rightly. The first one and half days
session of ‘Dale Carnegie’ added a feather in my personality. The suggestions
given by the trainers helped me to further enhance my presentation skills.
       The remaining sessions were very interesting, which gave us an insight
of how we can change our existing methodology of teaching and make it
more interesting for the students. The innovative methods, sessions, and

applying them into teaching are in fact very enthusiastic. I would surely like
to implement these techniques to make my students to understand the
concepts in more clear way.
      Overall this Mission 10X program provided us with great insight into
teaching pattern and I am eagerly waiting for the next session to begin.
      I am very much satisfied with this Mission 10X workshop program.

                                                   M. ANUP KUMAR
                                       Asst. Prof. CSE/IT Dept.
                                          JITS, Karimnagar.

       First 1 ½ days we had Dale Carnegie certification course where we
learnt high impact presentation skills. Though we had the talent of
presenting, we learnt how to put things in right order. We learnt how to
start, how to end, how to give analogies, where to stress, how to make
modulations in voice, how to enact, how to use body language. Now I can
say, we are high impact presenters. The next 3 ½ days we had Cambridge
International certification course. In this, we learnt that every one is
intelligent in his own way. We learnt about Bloom’s Taxonomy, which was
very interesting and helpful a lot. We would surely like to implement what
we have learnt in mission 10X. We learnt new innovative methods of
teaching. We learnt that teaching can be done using quizzer, enact, games,
                                                  K. Jayashree Reddy,
                                         Asst. Prof. CSE Dept.
                                           JITS, Karimnagar.

      With too many doubts and high expectations, I started Day 1 of
Mission 10X workshop . From long since I wanted to record one of my
classroom lectures and wished to review them. Mission 10X has made my
dream come true. I could analyze my presentation, I could find out the good

parts and bad parts and the angle in which I can present in a better manner
so as to reach the students. The dale Carnegie’s session ended on the second
       Day 3 and Day 4, tutor was focusing on the multiple disciplines
(Intelligence) which a person possesses. She was focusing more on the
preparation of the session plan and I learnt an innovative session plan
preparation. How to manage time of 55 minutes effectively is what I have
       I also learnt presenting various topics in an innovative manner which
makes my class interesting and which will help students remember for a
longer time. The innovative approaches helps me in presenting complicated
things in a simpler manner. The various innovative approaches are - teaching
a topic by a role play, game or by using visual aids or by quizzes.
       Mission 10X made me know my potential to explore myself and also
how to think in a different way.
       Overall it taught me how to make things simpler.
                                                     Assoc. Prof. EEE Dept.
                                         JITS, Karimnagar.

    This is an excellent workshop for all teaching faculty members.
    Implementation of New teaching techniques.
    Implementation of New Innovative methods in teaching.
    Make students to learn more rather than more teaching from faculty.
    Making more complex topics simple by using different ways of

    Preparation of session plan for every subject.
    Implementing in more logical way by giving supportive evidence.
    Accepting the anticipatory queries from the students on every topic of
     session plan.
    Sharing of teaching plans with the students
    Make the students to communicate with all other remaining students,
     also with the teachers freely.
    A teacher should act like a guide, a facilitator, a traffic cop, a friend,
     an advisor etc.
    Some changes are necessary regarding teaching in different class work.
    I think, this is the best program well suited for the new faculty
     members, though the senior faculty members will implement all these
     aspects in their class teaching.
                                         Assoc. Prof. EEE Dept.
                                            JITS, Karimnagar.

       The high impact-teaching skills which I have come across has made a
greater impact on me to make things simpler by thinking in an innovative
way and presenting innovatively, i.e. by using a game, role play, a quiz or by
a visual aid.
       It also taught me how to spend 55 Min. of any class effectively by
preparing perfect session plan.
       I also learnt how to present complex topics in simplest way.
       Make the students learn more than the reading by using innovative
       I learnt how to make the students to participate in different activities
effectively with great zeal.

                                                    Assoc. Prof. EEE Dept.
                                         JITS, Karimnagar.

       This program increased my capability to perform my current job. The
activities (Practice, Small group work etc.) helped me to develop skills
relevant to my job. I am going to apply, what I learnt in this training in my
job. The training was conducted in a logical sequence. The trainer was well
prepared. The trainer added insights which made key concept relevant to my
       The Coaching provided by the WIPRO will help me achieve higher
levels of performance. Overall I was satisfied with the program.

                                    Asst. Professor CSE/IT Dept.
                                          JITS, Karimnagar.


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