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					                                FREE BACKLINK PACKET


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Welcome, friends of John Scwartz (aka Zeus66), to this free backlink packet. It is a sample of what you
will get, each week, with my weekly backlink packet service (link below). My name is Joe Finn
(Joe118 on the Warrior Forum).

                            CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

When you get the WSO, I will send you, each week, a list of twenty sites like the ones below, on which
you can create a link to your money site. Over the next year, you will therefore be able to build up more
than one thousand backlinks, from a large variety of websites. Equally important, if you use each
packet the week you receive it, these backlinks will be built up at a steady pace. As you know,
consistent, steady link building is valued much more highly by search engines than a one-time influx of
many backlinks at once. That is why, when you get the WSO, you will receive the packets spaced out
at a steady pace of one each week, and that is why each packet contains twenty sites.


You may ask – is it really enough to create only twenty backlinks each week? I can not answer that in
an absolute manner, because it all depends on how competitive the niche that your money site is in.
However, I have found that for all but the most competitive niches, twenty new backlinks each week is
plenty enough to inform the search engines that your site is rising steadily in popularity, authority, and
importance. And that is really what we're trying to achieve here.

All the sites I include are ones I discovered myself and that I have used repeatedly with success for
increasing the ranking of my own sites. They all have pagerank 5 or higher, and they all do not apply
the nofollow tag, so they pass “link juice” through the links you create from them to your sites.

And here's another important characteristic of the sites I give you: I focus mainly on sites that you can
use repeatedly, so that over the course of the year you will build up a vast empire of virtual real estate
that you can re-use to boost many more sites in the future. You can see that this is much more valuable
than, for example, backlinks through blog comments which require constant effort to obtain. With my
backlinks, you do the work once and re-use as many times as you want.


To Your Success,
                                            THE SITES

1. PR7 Bookmarks
      Sign up and confirm. Then log in and submit your bookmarks with your description.

2. PR7 Member blog.
      Sign up, confirm your registration, and edit your profile. Start a new blog and drop your HTML
      links there.

3. PR5 Profile links (in Bookmarks section)
      Sign up and confirm your registration by email. Then edit your profile and add links in the
      Bookmarks section. This site accepts HTML links.

4. PR7 Member blog
      Join and confirm your email. Then log in and click on your profile link. Edit your About Me
      box and include HTML links with your choice of anchor text. Also post on your Blog (5th
      module from top) using the WYSIWYG editor to include links and anchor text.

5. PR6 Member blog
      Sign up and confirm your registration. Then provide all required information to become a
      'fanatic'. Then use the WYSIWYG blog editor to make a post with your links. If you do not
      want to become a 'fanatic' level user, you can leave a bare link in your profile.

6. PR6 Profile links (My Links section)
      Register and confirm. Then log in and edit your profile. Drop HTML links in the My Links

7. PR7 Member blog
      Sign up as usual, and then start your own blog. The site provides a WYSIWYG editor for
      posting and it allows HTML links.

8. PR6 Member blog
         Sign up and confirm. Choose the free plan. Start your own blog. The site provides an editor for
         posting and it also allows HTML links.

9. PR7 Profile links (site)
      Sign up for an account and confirm. Then edit your profile and drop two links in your profile
      with anchor text of your choice

10. PR5 Member blog
      Sign up (no email confirmation required). Then log in and click on Classroom Homepage. Edit
      the welcome message and include links via the WYSIWYG editor.
11. PR7 Free website host
       Register (no confirmation required).Then use the website builder to build your website and to
       include your links.

12. PR7 Profile links (in About Me section)
      Sign up and confirm. Then log in and edit your profile. Fill out the About Me section and use
      HTML links with url and anchor text of your choice. Also include a bare link in the Website

13. PR5 Signature links
      Register for the forum at and confirm. Then edit your
      profile signature and include links in bbcode syntax.

14. PR7 Profile links
      Sign up and confirm. Then edit your profile and drop HTML links in the About Me section.

15. PR7 Member blog
      Register and confirm your email. Then log in and create a petition. Make it something that is
      reasonable, to prevent the petition from being deleted. Then once it is posted, you will be given
      a blog to go with the petition. Use the WYSIWYG editor to write a post including your links.

16. PR6 Member blog
      Join and confirm. Then log in and make posts (My Gather -> My Posts) with the WYSIWYG
      editor and include links.

17. PR7 Personal page
      Sign up and confirm. Then log in and edit your personal home page (Edit Personal Info ->
      Home Page Content). You can include HTML links with your choice of anchor text.

18. PR6 Profile links
      Register and confirm. Then edit your profile and include links to your sites in the Your Blogs
      section. You can also include links to many other sites and forum profiles.

19. PR5 Bookmarks
      Register and confirm. Then log in and create your bookmarks with your links and descriptions.

20. PR6 Forum signature (requires posting)
      Sign up to the forum and confirm. Then edit your profile and make a signature with your link
      using bbcode. You'll need to make at least one post to ensure your signature is shown.


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