Girl Scout Cookies Program

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					                       Girl Scout Cookies Program

                               What Can A Cookie Buy?

The Experience of a Lifetime.
Girl Scouts of the USA is the premier leadership organization for girls. The $700 million
Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates
immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils and communities nationwide. Girls set
cookie goals to support their chosen activities for the year, to fund community service
and leadership projects, to attend summer camp, to travel to destinations near and far and
to provide events for girls in their community.

Why Girl Scout Cookies?
The activity of selling cookies is directly related to our purpose of helping all girls realize
their full potential and become strong, confident, and resourceful citizens.

Girl Scout Junior Troop 20959 in Tennessee marketing their
cookies to customers.

      Girl Scouts learn life skills and are able to realize their goals—and they have fun!
      Customers get a great product and get to support girls in their own community.
      All of the proceeds support Girl Scouting in the local community.

Learning Life Skills
Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program girls develop five essential skills:

      Goal setting
      Decision making
      Money management
      People skills
      Business ethics

Many successful business women today say they got their start selling Girl Scout

"When I was a girl I pulled a wagon behind me as I walked from door to door delivering
my Girl Scout cookies. This annual ritual helped teach me the basics of running a
successful business. The two lessons that stayed with me were that all business income is
not personal profit (I had to turn in all my money) and that if I eat my own merchandise
then I'm obliged to pay for it!"
—Laura F., Worcester, Mass.1
'Where did she learn the skills to rise to successfully manage $14 billion worth of assets?'
"I have to credit two early experiences. One is Girl Scouts. It was a huge part of my life
growing up in Queens. It was an opportunity to learn selling through Girl Scout cookies. I
always vied for the top selling awards. I remember having a troop leader have confidence
in me that I could go off and lead a group of girls to start the campfire or whatever."
—Barbara J. Krumsiek, Chairwoman and CEO of the investment firm Calvert Group,

                                                                GS Junior Troop 18071 in
                                                                 California taking a break
                                                                   from setting goals and
                                                                 creating a marketing plan
During cookie activities, girls are members of a team working towards a common goal,
with each girl striving to do her best. Every local troop/group is encouraged to set
realistic goals, such as planning field trips and community service projects, to accomplish
during the year. The money earned from cookie activities helps the troop/group achieve
its goals.
Many Girl Scout councils make provisions for individual members to participate in the
Girl Scout Cookie Program as well. However, proceeds earned are not the property of
individual girls—they are distributed according to a council plan to benefit all girls
involved in Girl Scouting.
So when your local Girl Scouts come calling with this year's best-selling cookies,
remember you're saying hello to tomorrow's business leaders.
Making It Count
All of the proceeds—every penny—from a local council's cookie activities remains in the
area where the cookies are sold. This revenue is used to benefit girls, some of it directly
by remaining in the Girl Scout troop/group treasury and some of it indirectly by
subsidizing the cost of providing the Girl Scout program in the local area.
Money from Girl Scout Cookies helps local councils:

      Recruit and train volunteer adults to work with girls.
      Provide the financial assistance needed to make Girl Scouting available for all
      Improve and maintain camp and other activity sites.
      Keep event/camp fees for all members to a minimum.
      Sponsor special events and projects.

Each local council sets the price per box, based on its needs and knowledge of the local
market. The price per box may vary from one council to another and from one year to the
next. Today's prices reflect the current cost of purchasing cookies from a licensed baker,
the increased cost of ingredients, and the realities of providing Girl Scout activities in an
ever-changing economic environment. Amounts going to girls are set by the council's
board of directors. The cookie vendors pay a licensing fee to Girl Scouts of the USA per
box produced, which in turn returns to local councils in the form of assistance and
resources from GSUSA.
For the safety and security of the girls who are selling cookies, Girl Scout Cookies
are not available for purchase online. For more information, check the latest 411 on
Online Cookie Marketing. Use our cookie locator to find out when and where cookies
will be sold, and what varieties will be available in your cpmmunity.