Tips To Make Money From DocCash by KISKING12


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									Tips for Getting the Most Out of DocCash

Upload More Documents
Upload lots of documents to Docstoc. The more you upload, the more
pageviews and advertising dollars you will generate. For example,
uploading 100 documents vs. 10 documents will likely make you 10 times as
much money.
Docstoc Sync - Seamlessly upload entire directories worth of documents
from your computer.
Docstoc OneClick - Identify documents on your computer and use a single
mouse click to upload them.
Upload Page - Upload one or more documents directly to
Get Your Documents Discovered
Make sure people can find your documents.
Give your documents titles that are succinct and free of extraneous
Use several multi-word tags to describe each document. Separate tags with
Make sure to categorize and sub-categorize your documents into the
appropriate sections of Docstoc.
Write a description for each document, even if you need to use the same
description for multiple documents.

Promote Your Documents
Now start promoting your content. The more people that see your
documents, the greater the chances to increase ad revenue. Spread the
word about your documents by linking to and embedding them on sites like
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and blogs.

The preceding suggestions are some   of the best legitimate ways to earn
the most money through DocCash. At   no point should you engage in
illegitimate methods such as click   fraud. If you or your friends actively
attempt the inflate the ad revenue   on your documents by clicking on
advertisements, you will be banned   from both from Docstoc and Google

It's also not legitimate to upload and share copyrighted documents for
which you do not own the rights or have permission from the owner to

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