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					                                                     A Prophet’s Facebook

To finalize our study of the prophets of the Old Testament, you now have the task of focusing in on one of the
specific prophets. Choosing from one of the prophets we have discussed in class, you will create a Facebook
about that person. You will write it as if you are the prophet. However, you will not use an actual Facebook
profile for this project. Instead you will use a Facebook format that is available on Ms. Thorn’s website under
A Prophet’s Facebook.

- Entire profile is complete
- Profile picture
- Use an appropriate quote from your prophet’s book of the Bible
- Rubric is attached

                             15                            10                          5                          0

                  Covers prophet in depth           Includes essential
                                                                              Includes essential    Content is minimal OR
                  with details & examples.     information about prophet.
   Content                                                                information but there are there are several factual
                   Subject knowledge is        Subject knowledge appears
                                                                            a 1 - 3 factual errors            errors
                          excellent                     to be good

                             10                            7                           3                          0

                   Product shows a large         Product shows some          Relies heavily on other
                                                                                                        No evidence of original
 Creativity      amount of original thought.    original thought. Ideas       ideas, but uses some
                                                                                                         thought or creativity
                     Ideas are creative         show some new insight           original thought

                             5                             3                           1                          0
                                                                              Makes use of fonts,        Makes use of fonts,
                   Excellent use of fonts,     Decent use of fonts, colors,
                                                                             colors, and images but     colors, and images but
Attractiveness      colors and images to       and images to enhance the
                                                                            occasionally detract from     often detract form
                    enhance the product                 product
                                                                                   the product                  product

 Spelling &       No spelling or grammar       1 - 2 spelling or grammar   3 - 4 spelling or grammar 5 + spelling or grammar
 Grammar                 mistakes                       mistakes                    mistakes                 mistakes

                 Product is typed, printed &     Product is missing one      Product is missing two
   Format                                                                                           Product has no formating
                      in proper format            element of formating       elements of formating

                 All requirements are met &                                One requirement was not      More than one
Requirements                                    All requirements are met
                          exceeded                                                   met           requirement was not met
 f focusing in on one of the
ou will create a Facebook
ot use an actual Facebook
Ms. Thorn’s website under



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