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									The benefits of plastic surgery are fantastic,
both physically and emotionally. A person will
not only look and feel younger, thinner and
prettier, but his/her self-esteem will sky-rocket
as well. Many plastic surgery patients discover
that they are more outgoing, more personable
and more confident. Procedures like liposuction
and breast reduction can greatly enhance ones’
life. People who have had these procedures find
themselves more physically active and much
healthier than they ever would have imagined.
It is an honor to welcome you to my educational plastic surgery
website - California Center for Plastic Surgery. After many
years of practice as a cosmetic plastic surgeon, I believe that I
can provide you with answers to the questions you have most
likely pondered as you considered plastic surgery.

At a time when our fast track lives whiz by, my philosophy is-
why not live your life with the face and body that you
deserve? I believe that a safe and successful cosmetic surgery
experience can help you enjoy your life to its fullest. We live in a
remarkable era of cosmetic surgery advances. Today, men and
women are empowered to make significant improvements in
their appearance, with minimal discomfort and disruption in
their lives.
Los Angeles liposuction specialist Dr. Sean Younai performs liposuction,
liposculpture, and lipectomy at the California Center for Plastic Surgery in
southern California. Dr. Younai is a Board Certified Los Angeles Plastic
Surgeon dedicated to providing his patients with superb cosmetic surgery

Liposuction is designed to remove fat from areas of the body, leaving areas
looking smoother and better-proportioned. It can remove fat and sculpt the
body in ways not possible by other means. This cosmetic surgery procedure
can treat chunky thighs, love handles, double chin, saddle bags, and others. In
Los Angeles, liposuction has become a popular cosmetic surgery procedure
because it is very effective and leaves small scars.
Rhytidectomy or a Facelift
rejuvenates the neck, jaws, cheeks,
eyes, and the forehead. A facelift
re-drapes the facial skin, tightens
muscles, and reverse the effects of
gravity, aging, and loss of facial
fullness or volume. This gives you
a firm neck and cheeks, with well
defined jaw lines, and smoother
Breast Augmentation Los Angeles :                Disproportionally large
and heavy breasts are often a source of pain and discomfort for women.
Because of the weight, this often causes back and neck strains; as well
as resulting in shoulder indentations from the shoulder straps. Women
with very large breasts often suffer from skin irritation and infection
underneath their breast folds. Large breasts frequently prevent women
from participating in sports. They also make it difficult for women to fit
well into cloths. In summary, large breasts are not only a hazard to a
woman’s health but also diminish her sense of self-esteem and
The most popular plastic surgery procedures –
breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction ,
best skin treatments like laser skin resurfacings
,Varicose Vain removal etc.., all have something
in common. All these procedures seek to create
a better look for the patient, as well as
confirming to the society’s standards. People
who get plastic surgery show benefits that are
immediately noticeable, even if at first they may
not look beautiful due to swelling and bruising.
For example, if a woman undergoes breast
augmentation, her larger cup size will be seen
right away, even if her breasts have scars or
bruises. The same is true for rhinoplasty and
most other types of plastic surgery – these
physical benefits are right there.
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