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                                   What are The Benefits of Web Hosting?
                                   Question: What are the benefits of web hosting? I wish to start an internet business. I've heard
                                   much concerning the web hosting services. Does it truly works for any business? Answer:
                                   There are various advantages of webhosting services. 1 - Webhosting enables the website
                                   owner to save and upload the saved codes that created the website. 2 - Webhosting helps you
                                   to create Email accounts on a single web site that represents professionalism to individuals who
                                   wish to contact the owner. 3 - Webhosting helps you to operate a site filled with images,
                                   information, audios, videos and much more. 4 - A great webhost offers responsible tech support
                                   services. 5 - Webhosting enables web site backups to ensure that no information is ever lost. **
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