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Types of Websites and Examples of It

                                                There are many different types of websites on the
internet and each is unique in its own way, even if it does have the same layout. For example,
right now you can create a website using either Blogger, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, or by purely
coding in HTML. Some programmers will use PHP but if you are just looking to get your website
up quickly, without waiting weeks – then a CMS platform is best for you. So, what are the
different types of websites that make money or for special businesses and examples? Here are
some website ideas for finding the best website type for your particular niche. If you plan on
creating a business website such as a store, we advise that you use Magento. This is the best
e-commerce software out there and is also the most appropriate for your business. You can set
up a custom name and SSL certificate using their software. Also, it’s possible to import large
amounts of data in case you have many products. If you have a Magento site, you are definitely
set! Wordpress websites are wonderful for those who want to create daily articles or picture
posts. Wordpress is basically a content management system which pretty much lets you do
anything. However, if you are thinking of using them for your store- it’s not a good idea. People
only use Wordpress if they plan on regularly updating their site. There are many plugins built for
SEO, visitors, and even secondary site features. For example, with just one or two clicks of your
mouse – you can have your own newsletter installed. Blogger websites are extremely popular,
considering the platform is owned by Google. Many SEO experts have done research on
Blogger sites, coming to find that most are ranked higher than their other sites. If you just want
to put up a site quickly, without learning programming – this is the best option for you. Themes
seem to be limited but you’ll thank yourself later because people will be coming to your blog. **
What is The Best Web Hosting For Your Site?

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                                                             Web Hosting Reviews


                                                                                                                  It differs from
                                   website to another according to its needs. But the best hosting company we found to meet most
                                   websites needs of any types is inmotion hosting company (Different plans to meet any business
                                   size with ability to upgrade anytime, affordable prices, free marketing credits, regular backups,
                                   excellent support, and more ...). Visit this Inmotion Review to Read More About Its services

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