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web hosting review and customers ratings for most popular hosting companies.

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									                           Web Hosting Reviews


Top 10 Web Hosting List

1-The Site Creator is Receiving Commissions:                                   In most situations, the
creator of this top 10 web hosting list is listing the hosting providers based on top commission.
What does it mean? the web hosting company which will pay the highest commission for every
referred purchase is going to be within the #1 placement. Although that obviously indicates that
the suggestions tend to be biased (and almost all customers are certainly looking for unbiased
reviews and details) it doesn't indicate that many of these hosting services aren't valuable or
quality. For example, you'll discover Inmotion Hosting and iPage in the top of several top 10
web hosting lists. These 2 companies are quality and high trusted web hosting companies which
have been supplying reliable web hosting solutions and services for years and their history
show that. Actually, I can tell you from my experience that combination of the cost, options, and
services is extremely competitive. If you want to host your personal or business web site,
anyone of these web hosting companies will be much more than enough. In the other side, you
may find great web hosting companies omitted from these types of top 10 web hosting list
simply because they don't pay affiliate commissions, or may be what they pay out isn't enough
higher for inclusion in this top 10 list. A great example of this is Super Green Hosting; I have
an extremely good experience with this company for more than 2 years. The Super Green
Hosting offers fantastic uptime and also its services is super fast. It is quite simple to setup a
reseller hosting account which enables anyone to host alot of websites very cheap, and may
sell hosting for others. The much more websites you host, the cheaper the cost per web site (it's
even has a good price offer now). ** The main point here is you need to look for hosting
companies from different sources in making your preferred web hosting options list. 2. The Web

site Creator isn't a Hosting Professional:                           Almost all top 10 web
hosting listing are on different web sites managed by affiliates. These affiliates (online
marketers) advertise different items and companies in all types of various fields and market
areas and their main target is making the most commissions on every thing they promote.
Although several of those people get some internet hosting knowledge because of the truth they
have their own sites, just small number of them are really specialists within the hosting area.
With that mentioned, these types of affiliates in common get sufficient knowledge of the topic to
appear highly experienced to somebody without or having a small knowledge in the hosting

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                                                              Web Hosting Reviews


                                   field. ** I suggest taking a look at the top 10 web hosting list only from respected sites. 3-

                                   Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage Space Is Not Real:                                   Nearly all
                                   hosting providers that advertised in top 10 web hosting listings provide "unlimited" bandwidth
                                   and space. The fact is several web hosting companies make what is called "overselling", what
                                   mean, advertising unlimited options in some sections but properly limiting them by the terms of
                                   services contract which is necessary in the order system. This 'overselling' marketing method
                                   began by some hosts wanting to separate themselves in the market by providing some much
                                   more bandwidth and storage space. This kind of advertisements result in a "grow out of
                                   control" result in that other hosting competitors rapidly copied the first who did that till every
                                   company hit "unlimited options" advertisement. The truth, no company at any cost will offer
                                   unlimited options, however nearly all will simply support regular web sites that work by using
                                   100 to 1000 MB of space and up to 30 GB of bandwidth per month. In case you need much
                                   more, consider a Virtual private server hosting package or dedicated hosting server (Like in
                                   inmotion hosting which I use now and recommend). Resources: 1- Top 10 Web Hosting List
                                   2- Ipage Hosting review 3- inmotion hosting review 4- Super Green Hosting

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