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web hosting review and ratings for the most popular hosting companies.

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									                         Web Hosting Reviews


Powweb Review
    Visit PowWeb (
Editorial Powweb Review: PowWeb offers affordable web hosting services since 1998. Its
complete infrastructure was developed, built, and opperated by in-house developers. PowWeb
is among the few hosting providers that builds up its own customized web hosting automation
scripts and software. PowWeb Features: PowWeb provides only one basic shared web hosting
package - called "One Plan". Their plan includes unlimited space, bandwidth as well as a unique
web hosting options such as their "Load Balanced Technology". PowWeb supports PHP4,
FrontPage, Perl5, SSI, CGI-BIN, Cronjobs, .htaccess, Shockwave, Flash, Mulitmedia Support,
MySQL and phpmyadmin. There are daily regular backup copies for websites and databases to
make sure of high data reliability and accuracy. It will keep the data secure and complete.
Besides the supported services and software, this company offers a perfect environment to
build a small to medium-sized online businesses by extra upgrades and applications to current

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                         Web Hosting Reviews


plan.                                                                             Marketing
Tools: PowWeb has many bonus marketing options, such as $50 Google Credit, $50 Facebook
Credit, $25 Yahoo Credit, YellowPages listing, Rate point, as well as some additional tools for
making your website much more seen on the internet space. Powweb Control Panel:
PowWeb's control panel, which known as "Member Operation Center", is custom programmed
and designed. The key features in the panel include options like main, accounting, personal,
packages, history and domreg. The primary tab offers you entry to FAQs, submits inquiries to
support staff, billing or sales. Money Back Guarantee: PowWeb offers 30 day money back
guarantee to all customers for peace of mind. So any customer can get full refund within 30

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                         Web Hosting Reviews


days if not fully satisfied with their services. PowWeb Reliability: PowWeb’s hosting servers
are doing a good job. From our personal tests and users feedback, PowWeb has a 99.8%
server uptime; which is very high especially for web hosting services in this very affordable
price range. The Whole systems are continually maintained and monitored by their NOC
support staff. PowWeb applies BGP4 technologies which allow website to be working all the
time. They're linked to Tier 1 backbone providers so the redundancy and routing will be of top
quality. Also their multi Gig fiber optic connections will allow websites to load faster. Their
routers apply OSPF protocol and their hosting server clusters are using many Cisco CSS and
F5 BigIP load balancing switches for maximum reliability and performance. They depend on Dell
servers only with same storage clusters as very bigcompanies like Yahoo, and Merrill Lynch.
What’s GOOD about PowWeb? 1- Inexpensive hosting services with out long term periods. 2-
Reliable web hosting with good uptime - PowWeb gets a 99.8% uptime. 3- Free advertising
credits - $25 Yahoo Search Credits and $50 Google Adwords credits once customer registered.
4- PowWeb offers advanced load balancing option for all customers - So, PowWeb clients will
not experience virtually any outages during server maintenance, hardware failure or server
reboots. Customer Support: PowWeb provides many support choices, including live chat,
e-mail, as well as toll free phone support. PowWeb provides also FAQ area and on-line tutorials
on their site. In case you are new to hosting, these FAQ and tutorials are very useful when
creating your website along with other tasks. PowWeb has an on-line community forum where
nearly all of users questions will be solved. Conclusion: Overall, PowWeb is an average
hosting provider. They have easy-to-use, great options which are built much easier by their
quality support staff. We can highly recommend them for their quality, reliability and low cost
plan that is packed with all kinds of options that anyone pay out more to have elsewhere.
Powweb Coupons: During this season, Powweb is giving away 50% discount. Regular price
$7.77/month is now just $3.88/month. This powweb discount will end soon. During this powweb
offer, you also getting unlimited hosting features.

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                                   Powweb With All These Features and Money Back Guarantee, Is Really Must GO >>>

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