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                                   Make Your Own Website

                                                                                               Making your own website from scratch
                                   for your business or personal use can be an exciting experience, especially if you are new to
                                   the Internet. After all, you will be creating a website that a programmer spends weeks to do and
                                   you can accomplish this in as little as a few hours. With the technology we have right now,
                                   website creation is easy to do and it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete amateur. The fact of
                                   the matter is, anyone can do it. Everyday I hear someone say: I want to create my own
                                   website. Is building a website from scratch difficult? Today we have put up a guide for creating
                                   your own website, so feel free to read below. Where to host your own website? Hosting
                                   should always come first. Along with this, you will also need your own domain. We recommend
                                   picking a domain which includes keywords. This way you can rank easily in the SERPs and not
                                   have to further your SEO, although It is a good idea. Reliable Hosting is ranging from $2-$7.00
                                   monthly, depending on which company you go with. The best hosting company for your first
                                   website is Inmotion hosting company (high reliable, unlimited features, free domain and
                                   bonuses, affordable prices, excellent support). Now that you’ve joined a hosting company to
                                   host your own website, it’s time to create your site. Let’s use CMS as our platform, also known
                                   as content management system. One of the most popular systems right now is Wordpress. With
                                   this system, you will have the ability to post whenever you like and also add pictures. Content
                                   can be updated in minutes, rather than hours. This is not an average HTML site that you’ll be
                                   working on. Assuming you’ve signed up for hosting, and installed the Wordpress files (through
                                   inmotion hosting panel) – we are all set. To use Wordpress, let’s start with installing a theme
                                   first. Simply search for a theme in their database or click on upload. Generally, themes are
                                   located under “Appearance”. If you don’t like any of those themes, try doing a search on
                                   “premium WP themes” and you will find plenty of them. This is especially great if you have a
                                   professional blog for your business. Visit Inmotion Hosting Review Page ...

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