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									      WHO WAS BEHIND 9/11
September 11th or 9/11) were a series of
coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda
upon the United States on September 11,
. On that morning, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists
hijacked four commercial passenger The
September 11 attacks (often referred to
as jet airliners. .
The hijackers intentionally crashed two
of the airliners into the Twin Towers of
the World Trade Center in New York City,
killing everyone on board and many
others working in the buildings.
 Both buildings collapsed within two
hours, destroying nearby buildings and
damaging others. The hijackers crashed
a third airliner into the Pentagon in
Arlington, Virginia, just outside
Washington, D.C
. The fourth plane crashed into a field
near Shanks Ville in rural Pennsylvania
after some of its passengers and flight
crew attempted to retake control of the
plane, which the hijackers had redirected
toward Washington, D.C. There were no
survivors from any of the flights.
                 CAUSES OF 9/11
•   Five years on, everyone has a theory about the real causes of 9/11.
    They range from the nutty (it was the US government) to the plausible
    but flawed (a response to foreign occupation) to the credible
    (collateral damage from a clash within Islam)
•   No event in recent times has produced as many explanations as the
    11th September attacks five years ago. Within the space of an hour, al
    Qaeda inflicted more direct damage on the US than the Soviet Union
    had done throughout the cold war, a cataclysm seen by more people
    than any other event in history. Yet it took only 19 men armed with
    small knives to destroy the World Trade Centre, demolish a wing of
    the Pentagon and kill 3,000 people. This mismatch has led some—
    especially in the Muslim world—to seek a deus ex machine to explain
    what otherwise appears inexplicable. The usual suspects have been
    assembled on 9/11’s grassy knoll: the Jews were behind the attacks;
    the US government engineered them; the “Cheney-Bush energy junta”
    planned them so that they could grab the oil fields of central Asia, and
    so on.
Twin towers
 The first evidence of
 intentional demolition is the
 sheer size and power of the
 two buildings. It is well
 known that the Twin Towers
 were designed to withstand
 the impact of jumbo jets.
 Two hits from Boeing 707
 jumbo jets, in fact, is what
 the architects famously said
 the towers could withstand.
 And it is true. The buildings
 seemed to do just fine after
 the impact. So the official
 story had to quickly turn,
 like with Building 7, to the
 'intense' inferno as cause
 for the Towers' eventual

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