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        Preschool Child
Why Observe Children?
• Oldest method of conducting research.

• Most of what is known about child growth
  and development is the result of some form
  of observation.

• Data gathered from formal observation has
  been used to establish developmental
• To decide which interpretation is most
  accurate, you need to observe the same
  child on several occasions over a period
  of time.

• Information must be non-evaluative

• Labeling should be avoided.
Narrative Form
• Simplest form

• Step One – describe behavior in detail as it

• Completed during the actual observation.

• Step Two – interpreting, occurs after the
  observation takes place.

• Specific behaviors to look for while
  observing a child.

• You can quickly record the presence
  or absence of a behavior.
Rating Scales

• Used a record the degree to which a
  quality or trait is present.

• Easy to do and requires little time to
 General Tips to Follow
• Read through the entire form before you
  begin starting.

• Observe a child in many situations.


• Avoid talking to children or other individuals
  during the observations.
Seven Steps to an Observation

1. Determine the goal/Purpose of the

2. Notice
    *Length of time
    *Who is involved

3. Watch the activity-Do not participate.
4. Sit in one place.

5. Record only what you observe-not
  what you feel or think.

6. Watch only one person.

7. Read through the observation before
  you start.
Descriptive & Interpretive
• Descriptive             • Interpretive
  • Objective               • Explain the
    statements                observed behavior
                              and give it meaning.
  • Describe only
    observable actions      • Need to use the
                              understanding of
  • Recorded                  growth and
    information is non-       development to
    evaluative                make the
 Descriptive or Interpretive?
1. Jose opened the door and ran outside.
      *Answer: Descriptive
2. Mark left the block building area
    because he wasn’t interested.
      *Answer: Interpretive
3.Mrs. Thomas, the teacher, called each
   child’s name.
      *Answer: Descriptive
4. When the bunny was taken out of the
   box, the children were so excited that
   they screamed.
     *Answer: Interpretive
5. The teacher aide said, “I like how
   quietly you are sitting.”
6. The volunteer asked each child to name
   one color.
7. May cried because she could not speak
8. Kris hit Jane because she was in the
9. Wendy tipped over her glass of milk.
10. Maurice put the rabbit in the cage,
    shut the door, and closed the lock.
11.Tunde walked across the room and sat next
   to Judy.
12.Sandy was confused by the teacher’s
   directions so she took another cookie.

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