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									Advance Directives Should Be In Place

The wise course of action when you're planning for the future is to take every eventuality into account.
A lot of people hear about estate planning and immediately flash on the financial aspects. Yes, making
sure that your loved ones are provided for financially is one of the major goals. But there are some
other things to take into consideration as well, including medical contingencies.

Along these lines everyone should have a living will and a durable medical power of attorney in place.
These documents are called advance health care directives.

A living will is used to state your preferences with regard to medical procedures. There may come a
time when you cannot communicate your own decisions in real-time, so you have to take steps to make
your wishes known. The issue that is central to living wills for the most part is that of whether or not
you would want to be kept alive via the use of artificial means if there was no hope of recovery.

With a durable medical power of attorney you select an attorney-in-fact who will act as your
representative and make health care decisions for you if you cannot make them on your own. This
document is used in addition to the living will because every possible scenario may not be specifically
addressed in the living will.

Advance health care directives are important components to any modern estate plan. If you have not
yet executed these documents, now would be a good time to pick up the phone and set up an
appointment with an experienced Redlands elder law attorney.

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