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Bernstein, Lee: African Americans and the Criminal-Justice System                             

Brooks, Daphne: Black Theatre and Performance Studies: Seminal Critical Essays and Articles   
Clegg, Claude A., III: Africa and the African American Imagination                            
Collins, Lisa Gail: Arts, Artifacts, and African Americans: Context and Criticism             
Darity, Jr., William: Economic Inequality and the African Diaspora                            
Dodson, Howard: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience: An Introduction                    
Early, Gerald: African Americans and High-Performance Athletics                               
Eudell, Demetrius L.: Black Intellectual History: An Introduction                             
Gomez, Michael A.: African American Religious Experience: An Overview                         
Gomez, Michael A.: Slavery in the Americas: A Survey of the Scholarship                       
Griffin, Farah Jasmine: Key Texts in African American Literary Criticism                      
Hay, Michelle: Popular Culture: pan-African Dimensions: A Survey of Scholarship               
Hunter, Tera W.: African American Labor History: A Survey of the Scholarship from Jim Crow to
the New Millennium                                                                            
Kerr-Ritchie, Jeffrey R.: Social Movements: A Survey of Selected Writings                     
Krauthamer, Barbara: African Americans and Native Americans                                   
Laó-Montes, Agustín: Afro-Latinos                                                             

Lovejoy, Paul E.: The "Middle Passage": The Enforced Migration of Africans across the Atlantic
Manning, Kenneth R.: African Americans in Science                                             
Outlaw, Jr., Lucius T.: Africana Philosophy                                                   
Palmer, Colin: The Methodology of Black Studies                                               
Perkins, Linda: Education                                                                     
Regester, Charlene: Black Cinema                                                              
Reid-Pharr, Robert: Black Sexuality Studies                                                   
Rooks, Noliwe: On This They Stand: An Overview of Black Women's Studies                       
Sweet, James H.: The Idea of Race: Its Changing Meanings and Constructions                    
Taylor, Quintard: Five Centuries of African American History in the West                      
Turner, Richard Brent: Islam and African Americans                                            
Van Deburg, William L.: African American Nationalism                                          
Wallace, Maurice O.: "I AM A MAN": Latent Doubt, Public Protest and the Anxious Construction
of Black American Manhood                                                                     
Williams, Chad: African Americans in the Military                                             
Wilson, Clint: The Black Press                                                                

Essay required reading
A Black Feminist Statement                                                                    
AAPA Statement on Biological Aspects of Race                                                  
Adams, Marie Jeanne: The Harriet Powers Pictorial Quilts                                      
Adams, Russell L.: 'Intellectual Questions and Imperatives in the Development of Afro-American
Adediran, Biodun: Yoruba Ethnic Groups or a Yoruba Ethnic Group? A Review of the Problem of
Ethnic Identification                                                                         
Adeleke, Tunde: Black Americans, Africa and History: A Reassessment of the Pan-African and
Identity Paradigms                                                                            
African Schools                                                                               

Alexander, Elizabeth: 'Can you be BLACK and look at this?': Reading the Rodney King Video(s)  
Allen Jr., Ernest: Religious Heterodoxy and Nationalist Tradition: The Continuing Evolution of the
Nation of Islam                                                                               

Anderson, James D: Northern Foundations and the Shaping of Southern Black Rural Education     

Anthony, Arthé A.: 'Lost Boundaries': Racial Passing and Poverty in Segregated New Orleans    
Armstrong, Erica R.: Negro Wenches, Washer Women, and Literate Ladies: The Transforming
Identities of African American Women in Philadelphia, 1780-1854                               
Arneson, Eric: Learning the Lessons of Solidarity: Work Rules and Race Relations on the New
Orleans Waterfront, 1880-1901                                                                 
“The Black Artist in America: A Symposium”                                                    
Asante, Molefi Kete: The Afrocentric Idea in Education                                        

Awkward, Michael: Appropriative Gestures: Theory and Afro-American Literary Criticism         

Baker, Houston: Generational Shifts and the Recent Criticism of Afro American Literature   
Baker, Houston: Introduction                                                               
Baldus, David C.; Pulaski, Charles; Woodworth, George: 'Comparative Review of Death Sentences: An Empirical Study of the Georgia Experience.'
Baldwin, James: Everybody's Protest Novel                                                  
Baraka, Amiri: Negro Theater Pimps Get Big Off Nationalism                                 
Baraka, Amiri: The Revolutionary Theatre                                                   
Baraka, Amiri: What is Black Theater?                                                      
Bardhan, Pranab: Method in the Madness? A Political Economy Analysis of the Ethnic Conflicts in
Less Developed Countries                                                                   
Bardaglio, Peter W.: 'Rape and the Law in the Old South: „Calculated to Excite Indignation in Every Heart'

Barrow Jr., Lionel C.: Our Own Cause: Freedom's Journal and the Beginnings of the Black Press 
Bartlett, Robert: Medieval and Modern Concepts of Race and Ethnicity                          
Bateman, Rebecca Belle: Naming Patterns in Black Seminole Ethnogenesis                        
Bates, Robert: Ethnicity and Development in Africa: A Reappraisal                             
Bauer, Raymond and Bauer, Alice: 'Day-to-Day Resistance to Slavery'                           
Bearden, Romare: The Negro Artist's Dilemma                                                   
Bearden, Romare: “The Negro Artist and Modern Art”                                            
Beasley, Maya Alexandra: Perpetuating the Occupational Achievement Gap through the
Aspirations of African American and White College Students                                    
Beatty, Bess: Black Perspectives of American Women: The View From Black Newspapers, 1865-
Beckles, Hilary: Black Masculinity in Caribbean Slavery                                       
Bederman, Gail: Remaking Manhood through Race and 'Civilization'                              
Bell, Jr., Derrick A.: Serving Two Masters: Integration Ideals and Client Interest In School
Desegregation Litigation                                                                      

Bell, Howard: National Negro Conventions of the Middle 1840s: Moral Suasion vs. Political Action
Bender, Gerald J.: Lusotropicalism: Theory and Early Practice                          
Benjamin, Tritobia Hayes: Triumphant Determination: The Legacy of African American Women

Benshoff, Harry: Blaxploitation Horror Films: Generic Reappropriation or Reinscription        
Berlin, Ira: Time, Space, and the Evolution of Afro-American Society in British Mainland North
Bernstein, Margaret: Pressing On                                                              
Bhabha, Homi K.: The Other Question: Homi K. Bhabha Reconsiders the Stereotype and Colonial
Bigglestone, W. E.: Oberlin College and the Negro Student, 1865-1940                          
Blake Jr., Elias: Is Higher Education Desegregation a Remedy for Segregation but not
Educational Inequality?: A Study of the Ayers v. Mabus Desegregation Case                     

Blanchard, Peter: The Language of Liberation: Slave Voices in the Wars of Independence        
Blassingame, John W.: The Slave Family                                                        
Block, Jennifer: Sarah Jones Can't Wait                                                       
Bloom, Lisa: “Constructing Whiteness: Popular Science and the National Geographic in the Age
of Multiculturalism”                                                                          
Blyden, Edward Wilmot: Mohammedanism and the Negro Race                                       

Blyden, Edward Wilmot: The Call of Providence to the Descendents of Africa in America         
Bobo, Jacqueline: The Color Purple: Black Women as Cultural Readers                           
Bond, Horace Mann: Should the Negro Care Who Wins the War?                                    
Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo: 'Rethinking Racism: Toward a Structural Interpretation'               

Bracey, Earnest N.: The Moulin Rouge Mystique: Blacks and Equal Rights in Las Vegas           
Brady, Marilyn Dell: Kansas Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, 1900-1930                    
Branson, Herman: The Negro and Scientific Research                                            
Braun, Lundy: “Race, Ethnicity, and Health: Can Genetics Explain Disparities?”                
Brewer, William: John B. Russwurm                                                             
Brock, Lisa: Introduction: Between Race and Empire                                            
Brown et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka, No. 347 U.S. 483. Supreme Ct. of the US. 17 May
Brown, Kay: The Emergence of Black Women Artists: The 1970s, New York                         
Brown, Kay: 'Where We At': Black Women Artists                                                
Brown, Scot: The US Organization, Black Power Vanguard Politics, and the United Front Ideal:
Los Angeles and Beyond                                                                        
Brown, Sterling: “Concerning Negro Drama”                                                     
Brown, Sterling: “A Literary Parallel”                                                        
Browne, Robert: The Economic Basis for Reparations to Black America                           
Bryan, Carter R.: Negro Journalism in America Before Emancipation                             
Bush, Roderick Douglas: Social movements among the urban poor: African-Americans in the
twentieth century                                                                             
Butler, Anne M.: Still in Chains: Black Women in Western Prisons, 1865-1910                   
Calo, Mary Ann: “African American Art and Critical Discourse Between World Wars”              
Calo, Mary Ann: Alain Locke and American Art Criticism                                        
Campbell, Horace: Man in the Hills: Rasta, the Jamaican State and the Ganja Trade             
Carby, Hazel: On the Threshold of Women's Era: Lynching, Empire and Sexuality                 
Carby, Hazel: Policing the Black Woman's Body in an Urban Context                             
Carby, Hazel: The Sexual Politics of Women's Blues                                            
Carby, Hazel: The Souls of Black Men                                                          
Carney, Judith: This Was "Woman's Wuck"                                                       

Carnoy, Martin: Education and Racial Inequality: The Human Capital Explanation Revisited      
Carter, Dan T.: "Interrupted Journeys" and "In an Alabama Courtroom"                          
Carter, Robert L.: Public School Desegregation: A Contemporary Analysis                       
Cassell, Frank A.: Slaves of the Chesapeake Bay Area and the War of 1812                      
Catlett, Elizabeth: The Role of the Black Artist                                              
Chang, David Anthony Y. O: From Indian Territory to white man's country: Race, nation, and the
politics of land ownership in eastern Oklahoma, 1889-1940                                     

Chateauvert, Melinda: It's the Women Who Made the Union: Organizing the Brotherhood           
Chevannes, Barry: New Approach to Rastafari                                                   
Chrisman, Robert: 'White Racism, Black Crime, and American Justice: An Application of the
Colonial Model to Explain Crime and Race'                                                     
Christian, Barbara: But What Do We Think We're Doing Anyway: The State of Black Feminist
Criticism(s) or My Version of a Little Bit of History                                         
Christian, Barbara: The Race for Theory                                                       
Churchill, Ward: The Crucible of American Indian Identity: Native Tradition versus Colonial
Imposition in Postconquest North America                                                      
Clark, Veve: The Archeology of Black Theatre                                                  
Clarke, Cheryl: The Failure to Transform Homophobia in the Black Community                    
Clark-Hine, Darlene: Rape and the Inner Lives of Black Women in the Middle West: Preliminary
Thoughts on the Culture of Dissemblance                                                       
Clegg III, Claude Andrew: Rebuilding the Nation: The Life and Work of Elijah Muhammad, 1946-
Clegg III, Claude Andrew: The Knowledge of Self and Others                                    
Cohen, Cathy: Preface                                                                         
Coleman, A. D.: Roy DeCarava: 'Thru Black Eyes.'                                              
Coleman, Floyd: Reading and Writing About Art: IRAAA and the Development of African American
Art, 1976-2001.                                                                               
Coleman, Floyd: Towards an Aesthetic Toughness in Afro-American Art                           
Coleman, Major G.: Job Skill and Black Male Wage Discrimination                               
Collins, Patricia Hill: Some Groups Matter: Intersec-tionality, Situated Standpoints, and Black
Feminist Thought                                                                              
Collins, Patricia Hill: The Social Construction of Black Feminist Thought                     
Conrad, Cecilia A. The Economic Cost of Affirmative Action.                                   
Convoy, Jack: Registered with Allah                                                           
Conwill, Kinshasha Holman: In Search of an 'Authentic' Vision: Decoding the Appeal of the Self-
Taught African-American Artist                                                                
Cooper, Anna Julia: The Status of Woman in America                                            

Cooper, Anna Julia: Womanhood a Vital Element in the Regeneration and Progress of a Race      
Courtney, Susan Christianne: Hollywood's fantasy of miscegenation                             
Cox, Marcus S.: From racial uplift to personal advancement: African American attitudes toward
military service in the Deep South, 1941-1973                                                 
Cozier, Christopher: Weapon and Uniform                                                       
Creel, Margaret Washington: Folk Religion in the Slave Quarters                               

Crummell, Alexander (Rev.): The Relations and Duty of Free Colored Men in America to Africa   
Crummell, Alexander: The Race Problem in America                                              
Cruse, Harold: Intellectuals and the Theater of the 1960s - As Medium and Dialogue            

Cruse, Harold: The Harlem Black Arts Theater - New Dialogue with the Lost Black Generation    

Curtin, Philip D.: The Slave Trade and the Numbers Game: A Review of the Literature           
Daniel, Philip T.K.: Black Studies: Discipline or field of study?                             
Darity Jr., William: The Functionality of Market-Based Discrimination                         
Darity, Jr., William: Motivation and Labor Market Outcomes                                    
Davis, Angela: Reflections on the Black Woman's Role in The Community of Slaves               
Days, III, Drew S.: Brown Blues: Rethinking the Integrative Ideal                             

de la Fuente, Alejandro: Race, National Discourse, and Politics in Cuba: An Overview          

de la Fuente, Alejandro: Recreating Racism: Race and Discrimination in Cuba's 'Special Period'
Delany, Martin R.: "Chapter I. Condition of Many Classes in Europe Considered"; "Chapter II.
Comparative Condition of the Colored People of the United States"; "Chapter V. Means of
Elevation"; "Chapter XXIII. Things as They Are"; and "Chapter XXIV. A Glance at Ourselves-
Delany, Martin R.: Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party                        
D'Emilio, John: Introduction                                                                  
DeSantis, Alan D.: A Forgotten Leader: Robert S. Abbott and the Chicago Defender from 1910-
Deshpande, Ashwini: Tracing the Divide: Intergroup Disparity Across Countries                 
Detweiler, Frederick G.: The Negro Press Today                                                
Diawara, Manthia: The Absent One: The Avant-Garde and the Black Imaginary in Looking for
Dinerstein, Joel: African American Modernism and the Techno-Dialogic: From John Henry to
Duke Ellington                                                                                
Donaldson, Jeff: The Rise, Fall and Legacy of the Wall of Respect Movement                    
Douglass, Frederick: The Claims of the Negro Ethnologically Considered                        
Douglass, Frederick: What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?                                 
Drake, St. Clair: Diaspora Studies and Pan-Africanism                                         
Drescher, Seymour: "Chapter 1:The Decline Thoery of Abolition" and "Chapter 10:Beyond
Economic Interest"                                                                            
Drew, Charles R.: Negro Scholars in Scientific Research                                       
Du Bois, W. E. B.: An Essay Toward a History of the Black Man in the Great War                
Du Bois, W. E. B.: Does the Negro Need Separate School?                                       
Du Bois, W. E. B.: Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others                                     
Du Bois, W. E. B.: Section 8. The Sick and Defective                                          
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Conservation of Races                                                  
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Drama Among Black Folk                                                 
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Field and Function of the American Negro College                       
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Migration of Negroes                                                   
DuBois, W. E. B.: 'The Negro Criminal'                                                        
DuBois, W. E. B.: 'Pauperism and Alcoholism'                                                  
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Social Origins of American Negro Art                                   
DuBois, W. E. B. 'The Spawn of Slavery: The Convict-Lease System in the South'                
Du Bois, W. E. B.: The Talented Tenth                                                         
Duany, Jorge: Reconstructing Racial Identity: Ethnicity, Color, and Class Among Dominicans in
the United States and Puerto Rico                                                             
Dubois, Laurent: A Spoonful of Blood: Haitians, Racism, and AIDS                              
DuCille, Ann: Postcolonialism and Afrocentricity: Discourse and Dat Course                    
DuCille, Ann: The Occult of True Black Womanhood: Critical Demeanor and Black Feminist
DuCille, Ann: The Shirley Temple of my Familiar                                               
Dyer, Richard: White                                                                          
Dymski, Gary: Is Discrimination Disappearing? Racial Differentials in Access to Credit, 1992-
Dzidzienyo, Anani: Coming to terms with the African connection in Latino Studies              
Edwards, Harry: The Black Athletes: 20th Century Gladiators for White America                 
Edwards, Malcolm: The War of Complexional Distinction: Blacks in Gold Rush California and
British Columbia                                                                              
Edwards, William A.: Garveyism: Organizing the Masses or Mass Organization?                   
Elliott, Michael A.: Telling the Difference: Nineteenth-Century Legal Narratives of Racial
Ellis, Trey: “The New Black Aesthetic‟                                                        
Ellison, Ralph: The World and the Jug                                                         
Engerman, Stanley L.: Was the slave trade dominated by men?                                   
Equiano, Olaudah: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa,
the African, Written by Himself                                                               
Essien-Udom, E.U.: “The Nationalist Tradition”                                                
Evans Jr., Arthur S.: Blacks as Key Functionaries: A Study of Racial Stratification in Professional

Everett, Anna: Inside the dark museum: A genealogy of black film criticism, 1909-1949         
Everett, Anna: Lester Walton's Eácriture Noir: Black Spectatorial Transcodings of 'Cinematic

Feal, Rosemary Geisdirfer: The Afro-Latin American Woman Writer: Drumming with a Difference   
Ferguson, Roderick: Introduction: Queer of Color Critique, Historical Materialism, and Canonical

Finseth, Ian: 'David Walker, Nature‟s Nation, and Early African-American Separatism'          
Fischer, Kirsten: Cross-Cultural Sex in Native North Carolina                                 

Florentino, Manolo G.: About the Slaving Business in Rio de Janeiro, 1790-1830: A Contribution

Fodor, Eva: Racial Differences in Occupational Status and Income in South Africa 1980 and 1991
Fontaine, Pierre-Michel: Research in the Political Economy of Afro-Latin America              
Francis, Jacqueline: Writing African American Art                                             
Frank, Dania: The Economics of Reparations                                                    
Franklin, John Hope: On the evolution of scholarship in Afro American History                 
Franklin, John Hope: Their War and Mine                                                       
Franklin, Vincent P.: Education for Colonization: Attempts to Educate Free Blacks in the United
States for Emigration to Africa, 1823-1833                                                    
Franz, Michael M.: Latino Phenotypic Discrimination Revisited: The Impact of Skin Color on
Occupational Status                                                                           

Frey, Sylvia R.: Between Slavery and Freedom: Virginia Blacks in the American Revolution      
Fultz, Michael: The Displacement of Black Educators Post-Brown                                
Gaines, Jane: The Scar of Shame: Skin Color and Caste in Black Silent Melodrama               
Garrigus, John: Race, Gender, and Virtue in Haiti's Failed Foundational Fiction               
Garvey, Marcus: "Who and What is a Negro" and "Africa's Wealth"                               
Gaskins, Bill: The Contest of Privilege                                                       
Gaspar, David Barry: “Daring Spirits to Lead Them on”                                         
Gates Jr., Henry Louis: The Trope of a New Negro and the Reconstruction of the Image of the
Gates, Henry Louis: Criticism in the Jungle                                                   
Gateward, Frances K.: Challenging racism and sexism through cinematic discourse: Black
women film and video makers                                                                   
Gatewood, Jr., Willard B.: Alabama's 'Negro Soldier Experiment,' 1898-1899                    
Gatewood, Jr., Willard B.: Black Americans and the Quest for Empire, 1898-1903                
Gayle Jr., Addison: Cultural Strangulation: Black Literature and the White Aesthetic          
Gayle Jr., Addison: Introduction                                                              
Genovese, Eugene D.: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective                                 
Gibson, Ann: Recasting the Canon: Norman Lewis and Jackson Pollock                            
Gilman, Sander: Black Bodies, White Bodies: Toward an Iconography of Female Sexuality in Late
Nineteenth-Century Art, Medicine, and Literature                                              
Goldsby, Jacqueline: “The High and Low Tech of It: The Meaning of Lynching and the Death of
Emmett Till”                                                                                  
Gomery, Douglas: Movie Theatres for Black Americans                                           
Gomez, Michael A.: Muslims in Early America                                                   
Gomez, Michael A. Time and Space.                                                             
Gould, Stephen Jay: Thwarted Genius, a review of Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest
Everett Just                                                                                  
Graham, John: Black-White Differences in Wealth and Asset Accumulation                        
Gravely, William B.: The Dialectic of Double-Consciousness in Black American Freedom
Celebrations, 1808-1863                                                                       
Graves, Joseph L. Jr.: The Race and Disease Fallacy                                           
Greene, Christina R.,: 'Our separate ways': Women and the Black Freedom Movement in Durham,
North Carolina, 1940s-1970s                                                                   
Greenstein, Ran: Racial Formation: Towards a Comparative Study of Collective Identities in South
Africa and the United States                                                                  
Grossman, James R.: “Eny Kind of Worke”                                                       
Gundaker, Grey: Tradition and Innovation in African-American Yards                            

Hachey, Thomas E.: Document: Jim Crow With A British Accent: Attitudes Of London Government
Officials Toward American Negro Soldiers In England During World War II                       
Hahn, Steven: A Society Turned Bottomside Up                                                  
Hahn, Steven: The Valley And The Shadows                                                      
Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo: Senegambia During the French Slave Trade to Louisiana                  
Hall, Rebecca: Not Killing Me Softly: African American Women, Slave Revolts, and Historical
Constructions of Racialized Gender                                                            
Hamilton, Darrick: Competition and Wage Discrimination                                        
Hammonds, Evelynn: Black (W)holes and The Geometry of Black Female Sexuality                  
Hanchard, Michael: Jody                                                                       

Harding, Vincent: A Ferment of Fugitives: The Confluence of Northern and Southern Struggle    
Harding, Vincent: Responsibilities of the Black Scholar to the Community                      
Harper, Phillip Brian: Eloquence and Epitaph: AIDS, Homophobia, and Problematics of Black

Harper, Phillip Brian: Nationalism and Social Division in Black Arts Poetry of the 1960s   
Harris, Leslie M.: 'Pressing Forward to Greater Perfection': Radical Abolitionists, Black Labor,
and Black Working-Class Activism after 1840                                                

Harris, Michael D.: From Double Consciousness to Double Vision: The Africentric Artist     
Harris, Rose M. Signifying race and gender: Discursive strategies in feminist theory and politics
Harrison, Bennett. Ghetto Economic Development: A Survey.                                  
Harrison, Mark: “The Tender Frame of Man: Disease, Climate, and Racial Differences in India
and the West Indies, 1760-1860”                                                            
Hatch, James V.: Here Comes Everybody: Scholarship and Black Theatre History               
Hatch, James V.: Retrieving Black Theatre History or Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation          
Haywood, Robert C.: No Less a Man: Blacks in Cow Town Dodge City, 1876-1886                
Hemphill, Essex: Introduction                                                              
Henderson, Errol A.: Black Nationalism and Rap Music                                       
Hernandez, Tanya K.: 'Too black to be Latina/o': Blackness and Blacks as foreigners in Latino
Hernandez, Tanya K. An Exploration of the Efficacy of Class-Based Approaches to Racial Justice:
The Cuban Context.                                                                         
Herring, Cedric: Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship in America: Toward an Explanation of Racial and
Ethnic Group Variations in Self-Employment                                                 
Herskovits, Melville J.: On the Provenience of New World Negroes                           
Herskovits, Melville J.: The Significance of West Africa for Negro Research                

Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks: African American Women's History and the Metalanguage of Race 

Higman, Barry W.: The Slave Family and Household in the British West Indies, 1800-1834     
Hilliard, Constance B.: 'Race and War in the Persian Gulf...; Why Are Black Leaders Trying to
Divide Blacks from the American Mainstream?' and 'Race and War in the Persian Gulf' [Op-Ed
Hine, Darlene Clark: The Black Studies Movement: Afrocentric-Traditionalist-Feminist
Paradigms for the Next Stage                                                               
Hoch, Paul: Masculinity as Interracial Competition for Women                               
Hodes, Martha: Telling the Stories                                                         
Holland, Sharon P.: If You Know I Have a History, You Will Respect Me: A Perspective on Afro-
Honey, Michael: The Power of Remembering: Black Factory Workers and Union Organizing in
the Jim Crow Era                                                                           
hooks, bell: Black Women Shaping Feminist Theory                                           
Hoover, Gary: Market Structure and Racial Earnings: Evidence From Job Changers             
Horsmanden, Daniel: 'Journal of the Proceedings in the Detection of the Conspiracy Formed by
Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves, for Burning the City of New York
in America, and Murdering the Inhabitants‟                                                 
Houston, Charles Hamilton: 'The Need for Negro Lawyers'                                    
Howard, Philip: Empowering Blacks in Pan-Afro-Cuban Societies                              
Howe, Irving: Black Boys and Native Sons                                                   
Htun, Mala: From "Racial Democracy" to Affirmative Action: Changing State Policy on Race in
Huggins, Nathan Irvin: A Round Table: Martin Luther King, Jr.                              
Hughes, Langston: The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain                                 
Hughes, Michael; Thomas, Melvin E.: 'The Continuing Significance of Race Revisited: A Study of
Race, Class, and Quality of Life in America, 1972-1996'                                    
Hunter, Tera: Domination and Resistance: The Politics of Wage Household Labor in New South
Hunter, Tera: 'Washing Amazons' and Organized Protests                                     
Hurston, Zora Neale: Characteristics of Negro Expression                                   
Hurston, Zora Neale: Cudjoe‟s Own Story of the Last African Slaver                         
Hurston, Zora Neale: Hoodoo in America                                                     
Hutton, Frankie: Economic Considerations in the American Colonization Society's Early Effort to
Emigrate Free Blacks to Liberia, 1816-36                                                   
Instruction of Slaves                                                                      
Isabelle, R. H.: Two Letters in Protest of Race Prejudice in the Army During the American Civil

Jackson, Luther P.: Religious Development of the Negro in Virginia from 1760 to 1860       
James, C. L. R.: The Revolutionary Answer to the Negro Problem in the USA.                 
James, C. L. R.: The Window, Old School-tie, and Three Generations                         
James, Joy: 'Ella Baker, „Black Women‟s Work‟ and Activist Intellectuals'                  
Jo Ann Gibson Robinson: The Origin of the Trouble                                          
Johnson, Ronald M.: Away From Accommodation: Radical Editors and Protest Journalism, 1900-
Johnson, Walter: The Slave Trader, the White Slave, and the Politics of Racial Determination in
the 1850s                                                                                  
Johnson, William Oscar: 'A Lot of Things Seem to Be Better, but...'                        
Johnson, William Oscar: How Far Have We Come?                                              
Jones, Bill T.: Still/Here                                                                 
Jones, J.S.: How Different are Human Races?                                                
Jones, Kellie: Interview with David Hammons                                                
Jones, Lester M.: The Editorial Policy of Negro Newspapers of 1917-18 as Compared with that of
Jordan, June: "Black Studies: Bringing Back the Person" and "On the Occasion of a Clear and
Present Danger at Yale"                                                                    
Jordan, Winthrop: Fruits of Passion: The Dynamics of Interracial Sex                       
Joseph, May: Soul, Transnationalism, and Imaginings of Revolution: Tanzanian Ujamaa and the
Politics of Enjoyment                                                                      
Kahn, Robert M.: The Political Ideology of Martin Delany                                   
Karasch, Mary C.: Samba and Song: Afro-Cariocan Slave Culture                              
Kelley, Robin D. G.: In Egyptland: The Share Croppers' Union                               
Kelley, Robin D. G.: Unfinished Migrations: Reflections on the African Diaspora and the Making
of the Modern World                                                                        
Kelley, Robin D. G.: 'We Are Not What We Seem': Rethinking Black Working-Class Opposition in
the Jim Crow South                                                                         

Kerles, Daniel J.: Genetics, race, and IQ: Historical Reflections from Binet to the Bell Curve
Kerr-Ritchie, Jeffrey R.: Rehearsal for War: Black Militias in the Atlantic World          
Kersey Jr., Harry A.: The Seminole Negroes of Andros Island Revisited: Some New Pieces of an
Old Puzzle                                                                                 

King-Hammond, Leslie: Bitter Sweets: Considering the Colored Rainbow Universe of Betye Saar
Knight, Alan: Racism, Revolution, and Indigenismo: Mexico, 1910-1940                    
Knight, Arthur L., III: Dis-Integrating the Musical: African-American Musical Performance and the
American Musical Film, 1927-1959                                                        

Knight, Arthur: Star Dances: African-American Constructions of Stardom, 1925-1960          
Knight, Franklin: Slavery in a Plantation Society                                          
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Krieger, Nancy: Shades of Difference: Theoretical Underpinnings of the Medical Controversy on
Black/White Differences in the United States, 1830-1870                                    
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Lack, Paul D.: The Anglo Texans in Revolution and War                                      
Ladd, Helen F.: Evidence on Discrimination in Mortgage Lending                             
Lamb, Chris: 'What‟s Wrong With Baseball: The Pittsburgh Courier and the Beginning of its
Campaign to Integrate the National Pastime'                                                
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Lanctot, Neil: "A Fragile Industry and a Struggling Community" and "External Threats and Internal

Lang, Clarence E: Community and resistance in the Gateway City: Black national consciousness,
working-class formation, and social movements in St. Louis, Missouri, 1941-1964            
Lang, William: The Nearly Forgotten Blacks on Last Chance Gulch, 1900-1912                 
Lapchick, Richard E.: Race and College Sports: A Long Way to Go                            

Law, Robin: Ethnicity and the Slave Trade: "Lucumi" and "Nago" as Ethnonyms in West Africa 
Law, Robin: Slaves, Trade, and Taxes: The Material Basis of Political Power in Precolonial West
Lester, Elenor: “„We Exist to Create a Real Black Theatre‟: Seasons with the Negro Ensemble
Letters of Negro Migrants of 1916-1918                                                     
Letwin, Daniel: Interracial Unionism, Gender, and 'Social Equality' in the Alabama Coalfields,
Levine, Ross: Africa's Growth Tragedy: Policies and Ethnic Divisions                       
Lewis, Rupert: The Art of the Word                                                         
Lewis, W. Arthur: "Interracial Goals" and "Investment in Underdeveloped Groups"            
Lichtenstein, Nelson: Opportunities Found and Lost: Labor, Radicals, and the Early Civil Rights
Lim, Nelson: Does It Matter Who Answers the Race Question?: Racial Classification and Income
Inequality in Brazil                                                                       

Lincoln, Eric C.: The American Muslim Mission in the Context of American Social History    
Locke, Alain: Steps Toward the Negro Theatre                                               
Locke, Alain: The Legacy of the Ancestral Arts                                             
Locke, Alain: The Negro and the American Stage                                             
Locke, Alain: The New Negro                                                                
Locke, Alain: The Negro Takes His Place in American Art.                                   
Loeb, Jeff: MIA: African American autobiography of the Vietnam War                         
Longacre, Edward G.: Black Troops in the Army of the James, 1863-65                        
Lott, Tommy L.: A No-Theory Theory of Contemporary Black Cinema                            
Loury, Glenn: Will Affirmative Action Policies Eliminate Negative Stereotypes?             
Love, Spencie: The Blood of Different Races                                                
Lovejoy, Paul E.: Ethnic Designations of the Slave Trade and the Reconstruction of the History of
Trans-Atlantic Slavery                                                                     
Lovejoy, Paul E.: The Biography of Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua: His Passage from Slavery to
Freedom in Africa and America                                                              
Lovell, Peggy A.: Race, Gender, and Regional Inequalities in Brazil                        

Lovell, Peggy A.: The Geography of Economic Development and Racial Discrimination in Brazil
Lovett, Laura: African and Cherokee by Choice: Race and Resistance under Legalized
Lubiano, Wahneema: Black Ladies, Welfare Queens, and State Minstrels: Ideological War by
Narrative Means                                                                            
Lubiano, Wahneema: But Compared to What? Reading Realism, Representation, and
Essentialism in School Daze, Do the Right Thing, and the Spike Lee Discourse               

Lubiano, Wahneema: Standing in for the State: Black Nationalism and "Writing" the Black Subject
Ludwig, Jens: Measuring Discrimination in Education: Are Methodologists From Labour and
Markets Useful?                                                                            
M.I.T. Conference: Final Resolution                                                        
Major, Clarence: Clarence Major Interviews: Jacob Lawrence, The Expressionist              
Mamiya, Lawrence H.: Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Final Call: Schism in the Muslim
Mandell, Daniel: Shifting Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity: Indian-Black Intermarriage in
Southern New England, 1760-1880                                                            
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Manning, Kenneth R.: Roger Arliner Young, Scientist                                        
Manning, Kenneth R.: The Role of Foundation Support, 1920-1929                             

Marable, Manning: Black Nationalism in the 1970s: Through the Prism of Race and Class      
Marable, Manning: Chapter 2: The Cold War in Black America, 1945-1954 and Chapter 3: The
Demand for Reform, 1954-1960                                                               
Marable, Manning: “The Faith of W.E.B. Du Bois: Sociocultural and Political Dimensions of Black
Marquez, Roberto: Raza, racismo, e historia: Are all of my bones from there?               
Martinez-Eschazabal, Lourdes: Mestizaje and the Discourse of National/Cultural Identity in Latin
America, 1845-1959                                                                         

Mason, Patrick L.: Evidence on Discrimination in Employment: Codes of Color, Codes of Gender
Mason, Patrick L.: Male interracial wage differentials: competing explanations             
Mason, Patrick L.: Understanding Recent Empirical Evidence on Race and Labor Market
Outcomes in the USA                                                                        
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American Males and the Role of Family'                                                     
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Hammon, Phillis Wheatley, John Marrant)                                                    
May, Robert E.: Invisible Men: Blacks and the U.S. Army in the Mexican War                 
May, Stephen: World War I Veteran Horace Pippen Used Art to Purge Himself of the Horrors of
the Trenches                                                                               
McCluskey, Audrey T.: 'Representing the Race: Mary McLeod Bethune and the Press in the Jim
Crow Era'                                                                                  
McDonal, Dedra S.: Intimacy and Empire Indian-African Interaction in Spanish Colonial New
Mexico, 1500-1800                                                                          
McDowell, Deborah: Introduction                                                            
McDowell, Deborah: New Directions for Black Feminist Criticism                             
McGuire, Phillip: Desegregation of the Armed Forces: Black Leadership, Protest and World War
McKay, Claude: 'If We Must Die'                                                            
McLoughlin, William G.: The Choctaw Slave Burning: A Crisis in Mission Work Among the

McMullen, Ann: Blood and Culture: Negotiating Race in Twentieth-Century Native New England 
McPherson, David: Wages, Sorting of Skill, and the Racial Composition of Jobs              
Melcher, Mary: Blacks and Whites Together: Interracial Leadership in the Phoenix Civil Rights
Merrell, James: The Racial Education of the Catawba Indians                                
Metcalf, Eugene W.: Black Art, Folk Art, and Social Control                                

Miller, Joseph C.: Mortality in the Atlantic Slave Trade: Statistical Evidence on Causality
Miller, Susan Katz: Minorities in Science: The Pipeline Problem.                           
Mills, Charles W.: Introduction and Overview                                               
Minchin, Timothy: Getting Out of the White Man's Kitchen: African American Women and the
Racial Integration of the Southern Textile Industry                                        
Minchin, Timothy: The Only Ones That Got a Promotion Was a White Man: Discriminatory
Treatment of Black Men in the Textile Industry, 1964-1980                                  
Minges, Patrick: Beneath the Underdog: Race, Religion and the Trail of Tears               
Mitchell, Clarence: The Status of Racial Integration in the Armed Services                 
Model, Suzanne: Caribbean Immigrants: A Black Success Story?                               

Modell, John: World War II in the Lives of Black Americans: Some Findings and Interpretation
Moreno Fraginals, Manuel: Plantations in the Caribbean: Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican
Republic in the Late Nineteenth Century                                                    
Moses, Wilson J.: Civilizing Missionary: A Study of Alexander Crummell                     
Moten, Fred: Resistance of the Object: Aunt Hester's Scream                                
Moynihan, Daniel P.: The Negro Family: The Case for National Action                        
Mueller, Carol: Ella Baker and the Origins of "Participatory Democracy"                    
Mullainathan, Sendhil; Bertrand, Marianne: 'Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha
and Jamal: A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination.'                             
Mullen, Edward J.: 'Langston Hughes and the Development of Afro-Hispanic Literature:
Diasporan Connections'                                                                     
Murray, Florence: The Negro and Civil Liberties During World War II                        
Musser, Charles: "To Redream the Dreams of White Playwrights: Reappropriation and
Resistance in Oscar Micheaux‟ Body and Soul"                                               
Nakhaie, Reza M.: Class, Gender and Ethnic Income Inequalities                             
Naylor-Ojurongbe, Celia: "Born and Raised among These People, I Don't Want to Know Any
Other": Slave's Acculturation in Nineteenth-Century Indian Territory                       

Nazzari, Muriel: Vanishing Indians: The Social Construction of Race in Colonial São Paulo  
Ndikumana, Léonce: Institutional Failure and Ethnic Conflicts in Burundi                   
Neal, Derek A. and Johnson, William R. "The Role of Premarket Factors in Black-White Wage
"Negro Primitive Finds Peace After War"                                                    

Nero, Charles: Toward a Black Gay Aesthetic: Signifying in Contemporary Black Gay Literature
Neumark, David: Assessing Affirmative Action                                               
Ngozi-Brown, Scot: African-American Soldiers and Filipinos: Racial Imperialism, Jim Crow and
Social Relations                                                                           
Norrell, Robert J.: Caste in Steel: Jim Crow Careers in Birmingham, Alabama                

O'Brien, Clare: 'With One Mighty Pull': Interracial Town Boosting in Nicodemus, Kansas     
Ogbar, Jeffrey Ogbonna Green: Prophet Nat and God's Children of Darkness: Black Religious
Olsen, Jack: The Black Athlete - A Shameful Story: Part 1: The Cruel Deception             
Olsen, Jack: The Black Athlete - A Shameful Story: Part 2: Pride and Prejudice             
Olsen, Jack: The Black Athlete - A Shameful Story: Part 3: In An Alien World               
Olsen, Jack: The Black Athlete - A Shameful Story: Part 4: In the Back of the Bus          

Olsen, Jack: The Black Athlete - A Shameful Story: Part 5: The Anguish of a Team Divided   

O'Neill, June: The Role of Human Capital in Earnings Differences Between Black and White Men
Ortiz, Paul: 'Eat Your Bread without Butter, but Pay Your Poll Tax!' Roots of the African American
Voter Registration Movement in Florida, 1919-1920                                          
Overton Walker, Aida: Colored Men and Women on the American Stage                          

Overton Walker, Aida: Opportunities the Stage Offers Intelligent and Talented Women        
Pacini Hernandez, Deborah: Sound Systems, World Beat and Diasporan Identity in Cartagena
Painter, Nell Irvin: Hill, Thomas, and the Use of Racial Stereotype                        
Painter, Nell Irvin: Millenarian Aspects of the Exodus to Kansas of 1879                   
Painter, Nell Irvin: Of Lily, Linda Brent and Freud: A Non-Exceptionalist Approach to Race, Class
and Gender in the Slave South                                                              
Painter, Nell Irvin: 'Social Equality' and 'Rape' in the Fin-de-Siecle South               
Painter, Nell Irvin: The Kansas Fever Exodus of 1879                                       
Palmer, Colin A.: Church, State, and Slavery                                               
Palmer, Colin A.: Defining and Studying the African Diaspora                               
Palmer, Colin A.: From Africa to the Americas: Ethnicity in the Early Black Communities of the
Palmer, John: Market Power and Employment Discrimination                                   
Park, Edward J.W. and Park, John S.W.: “A New American Dilemma: Asian Americans and
Latinos in Race Theorizing”                                                                
Pascoe, Peggy: Miscegenation Law, Court Cases, and Ideologies of "Race" in Twentieth-Century
Patterson, Orlando: Authority, Alienation and Social Death                                 
Payne, Charles M.: They Kept The Story Before Me: Families and Traditions                  
Payner, B.: Determining the Impact of Federal Anti-Discrimination Policy on the Economic Status
of Blacks: A Study of South Carolina                                                       
Percy, William Alexander: Jim Crow and Uncle Sam: The Tuskegee Flying Units and the U.S.
Army Air Forces in Europe During World War II                                              
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Brown v Board of Education                                                                 

Perkins, Linda M.: Heed Life's Demands: The Educational Philosophy of Fanny Jackson Coppin 

Perry, Regenia A.: African Art and African-American Folk Art: A Stylistic and Spiritual Kinship
Piper, Adrian: The Joy of Marginality                                                      
Pippin, Horace: “Horace Pippin Explains His Holy Mountain”                                 
Pleasants, J. Hall: Joshua Johnston, The First American Negro Portrait Painter             
Porter, Dorothy B.: David Ruggles: An Apostle of Human Rights                              
Porter, James A.: Four Problems in the History of Negro Art                                
Porter, Kenneth Wiggins: Negro Guides and Interpreters in the Early Stages of the Seminole
War, Dec. 28, 1835-Mar. 6, 1837                                                            

Poussaint, Alvin: The Role of Education in Providing a Basis for Honest Self-Identification
Powell, Richard J.: 'In My Family of Primitiveness and Tradition': William H. Johnson's Jesus and
the Three Marys                                                                            

Powell, Richard J.: Response to Lowery Stokes Sims‟s “Subject/Subjectivity and Agency”     
Powell, Richard J.: Shades of Grey in the Black Aesthetic                                  
Pride, Armistead S.: Negro Newspapers: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow                       
Raboteau, Albert J.: Death of the Gods                                                     
Rahier, J. Muteba: Making Cultural Identities in Cali, Columbia                            
Raiford, Leigh Renee: 'Imprisoned in a luminous glare': History, memory, and the photography of
twentieth-century African American social movements                                        
Reddock, Rhoda: Women and Slavery in the Caribbean: A Feminist Perspective                 
Redkey, Edwin S.: Bishop Turner's African Dream                                            
Reid, Mark: Black Action Film                                                              
Reis, João José “The Sons of Allah in Bahia”                                               

Reynolds, Gary A.: 'An Experiment in Inductive Service': Looking Back at the Harmon Foundation
Ribando, Clare: Afro-Latinos in Latin America and Considerations for U.S. Policy           
Rich, Judith: Deceptive Field Experiments of Discrimination: Are they Ethical?             
Rich, Judith: Field Experiments of Discrimination in the Market Place                      
Rich, Judith: Testing for Racial Discrimination in the Labour Market                       
Richards, Sandra: "Bert Williams: The Man and the Mask"                                    
Richardson, Mattie Udora: No More Secrets, No More Lies: African American History and
Compulsory Heterosexuality                                                                 
Richardson, Willis: “The Negro and the Stage”                                              
Riggs, Marlon: Black Macho Revisited: Reflections of a Snap! Queen                         
Ringgold, Faith. The 1970s: Is There a Woman's Art?                                        
Rivera, Raquel: Hip-Hop, Puerto Ricans and Ethnoracial Identities in New York              
Roach, Joseph: Introduction: History, Memory, and Performance                              
Roberts, Steven V.: What's next, General Powell?                                           
Robotham, Don: The Development of Black Ethnicity in Jamaica                               
Rodney, Walter: Upper Guinea and the Significance of the Origins of Africans Enslaved in the
New World                                                                                  
Rogers, Mary Beth: "The U.S. Congress" and "Democrats"                                     

Rogin, Michael: 'The Sword Became a Flashing Vision': D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation
Roucek, Joseph S.: 'Minority-Majority Relations in Their Power Aspects'                    
Rucker, Walter: 'A Negro Nation Within the Nation': W.E.B. Du Bois and the Creation of a
Revolutionary Pan-Africanist Tradition, 1903-1947                                          
Rudwick, Elliot: Chapter 5: The Freedom Ride and Its Consequences and Chapter 6: CORE in
the South                                                                                  
Rudwick, Elliot: How CORE Began, 1942-1947                                                 
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11, 1904                                                                                   
Russell, Sylvester: "The Word 'Nigger'," Indianapolis Freeman, April 2, 1904               
Russell, Sylvester: "Williams and Walker's In Dahomey Co. on Broadway", Indianapolis Freeman,
April 4, 1903                                                                              

Russell, Sylvester: "Williams and Walker's In Dahomey Company," The Freeman, Sept. 26, 1902
Russell, Sylvester: Indianapolis Freeman commentary, April 15, 1904                        

Sacerdote, Bruce: "Slavery and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital"        
Saint-Aubin, Arthur Flannigan: “Testeria: The Dis-ease of Black Men in White Supremacist,
Patriarchal Culture"                                                                       
Sandiford, Keith A. P.: “Shooting Hoops Against Darwin‟s Athletes: A Barbadian Response to
John Hoberman”                                                                             
Sansone, Livio: The new blacks from Bahia: Local and global in Afro-Bahia                  
Satter, Beryl “Marcus Garvey, Father Divine and the Gender Politics of Race Difference and Race
Saunt, Claudio: The English has now a Mind to make Slaves of them all: Creeks, Seminoles, and
the Problem of Slavery                                                                     
Savishinsky, Neil J.: Rastafari in the Promised Land: The Spread of a Jamaican Socioreligious
Movement Among the Youth of Africa                                                         
Schnittman, Suzanne: Black Workers in Antebellum Richmond                                  
Schor, Joel: The Rivalry Between Frederick Douglass and Henry Highland Garnet              
Schubert, Frank N.: The Violent World of Emanuel Stance, Fort Robinson, 1887               
Schulyer, George S.: The Negro Art Hokum                                                   
Scott, Anna: It's All in the Timing: The Latest Moves, James Brown's Grooves, and the Seventies
Race-Consciousness Movement in Salvador, Bahia-Brazil                                      
Scott, Rebecca J.: Defining the Boundaries of Freedom in the World of Cane: Cuba, Brazil, and
Louisiana after Emancipation                                                               
Scott, Rebecca J.: Sugar and Slavery                                                       
Scott, William R.: Black Nationalism and the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict, 1934-1936           

Sefton, James E.: Black Slaves, Red Masters, White Middlemen: A Congressional Debate of 1852
Sejour, Victor: The Mulatto                                                        
Shaw, Carolyn Martin: Working with Feminists in Zimbabwe: A Black American's Experience of
Transnational Alliances                                                            

Sherer, George: Intergroup Economic Inequality in South Africa: The Post-Apartheid Era     
Sheridan, Richard B.: From Slavery in Missouri to Freedom in Kansas: The Influx of Black
Fugitives and Contrabands into Kansas, 1854-1864                                           
Sidbury, James: Saint Domingue in Virginia: Ideology, Local Meanings, and Resistance to
Slavery, 1790-1800                                                                         
Silva, Nelson do Valle. "Updating the Cost of Not Being White in Brazil."                  

Simpson, G.E.: Neo-African Religions of Ancestral Cults of the Caribbean and South America 

Sims, Lowery Stokes: Subject/Subjectivity and Agency in the Art of African Americans       
Simson, R.: The Afro-American Female: The Historical Context of the Construction of Sexual
Slowe, Lucy D.: Higher Education of Negro Women                                            
Smalls, James: A Ghost of a Chance: Invisibility and Elision in African American Art Historical
Smith, Anna Deavere: Introduction                                                          
Smith, Barbara: Introduction                                                               
Smith, Barbara: Towards a Black Feminist Criticism                                         
Smith, Earl: The African American Student-Athlete                                          
Smith, Owens J.: The Political Nature of Black Studies Departments and Programs            
Smith, Theophus: Genesis                                                                   
Smith, Valerie: Black Feminist Theory and the Representation of the Other                  

Smith, Valerie: "“Reading the Intersection of Race and Gender in Narratives of Passing”    
Snead, James: Spectatorship and Capture in King Kong: The Guilty Look                      
Sollors, Werner: Introduction                                                              

Somerville, Siobhan: Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body            

Spence, Louise: Oscar Micheaux's 'Body and Soul' and the Burden of Representation          
Spillers, Hortense: Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: An American Grammar Book                    
Sragow, Ellen: Black Printmakers and the WPA: A Symposium                                  
Stafford, Frank: Portfolio Choices of Parents and Their Children as Young Adults: Asset
Accumulation by African American Families                                                  
Staples, Robert: Introduction                                                              
"Statistical Analysis of Observational Data"                                               
Stepto, Robert: Introduction                                                               
Stevenson, Brenda E.: Slave Marriage and Family Relations                                  
Stewart, Jacqueline: Migrating to the Movies: The Emergence of Black Urban Film Culture, 1893-
Stewart, Jacqueline: Negroes Laughing at Themselves? Black Spectatorship and the
Performance of Urban Modernity                                                             
Stewart, James B.: The Field and Function of Black Studies                                 
Stewart, Maria W.: "An Address Delivered at the African Mason Hall," (February 27, 1833) and "A
Lecture at the Franklin Hall" (September 21, 1832)                                         
Streible,Dan: Race and The Reception of Jack Johnson Fight Films                           
Stubbs, Jean: Introduction                                                                 
Stuckey, Sterling: Introduction: Slavery and the Circle of Culture                         
Stuckey, Sterling: Through the Prism of Folklore: The Black Ethos in Slavery               
Sturm, Circe: Blood Politics, Racial Classification and Cherokee National Identity: The Trials and
Tribulations of the Cherokee Freedmen                                                      
Sum, Paul E.: Race, Reform and Desegregation in Mississippi Higher Eduation: Historically
Black Institutions after United States v Fordice                                           
Swift, E. M.: Reach Out and Touch Someone                                                  
Taney, Roger B.: Orbiter Dictum on the Dred Scott case                                     
Tapper, Melbourne: An 'Anthropathology' of the 'American Negro': Anthropology, Genetics, and
the New Racial Science, 1940-1952                                                          
Taylor, Alrutheus A.: Negro Congressmen a Generation After                                 
Taylor, Clyde: The Re-Birth of the Aesthetic in Cinema                                     
Taylor, Quintard: Red vs Black: Conflict and Accommodation in the Post Civil War Indian Territory,
Templeton, Alan R.: Human Races: A Genetic and Evolutionary Perspective                    
Terrell, Mary Church: The Progress of Colored Women                                        
Terry, Don: How Race is Lived in America                                                   
Thelwell, Michael: Black Studies: A Political Perspective                                  
Thompson, Robert Farris: African Influence on the Art of the United States                 
Thornbrough, Emma Lou: American Negro Newspapers, 1880-1914                                
Thorson, Alice: AfriCobra-Then and Now: An Interview with Jeff Donaldson                   

Toplin, Robert: Between Black and White: Attitudes Toward Southern Mulattoes, 1830-1861    
Torres-Saillant, Silvio: Inventing the Race: Latinos and the Ethnoracial Pentagon          

Torres-Saillant, Silvio: The Tribulations of Blackness: Stages in Dominican Racial Identity
Tribble, Jr., Romie: A Restatement of the S-Curve Hypothesis                               
Trotter, Joe: Black Miners in West Virginia: Class and Community Responses to Workplace
Discrimination, 1920-1930                                                                  
Trotter, Joe: Proletarianization of Afro-Americans in Milwaukee, 1915-1945: A Comparative

Tucker Anderson, Karen: Last Hired, First Fired : Black Women Workers during World War II  
Tuttle Jr., William M.: Views of a Negro During 'The Red Summer' of 1919                   

Twine, France Winddance: Antiracist activism in Ecuador: Black-Indian community alliances  
Tyson, Timothy B.: Robert F. Williams, 'Black Power,' and the Roots of the African American
Freedom Struggle                                                                           
Underhill, Lonnie: Slave 'Revolt' in the Cherokee Nation, 1842                             
Urwin, Gregory J. W.: 'We Cannot Treat Negroes . . . as Prisoners of War': Racial Atrocities and
Reprisals in Civil War Arkansas                                                            
Usner Jr., Daniel H.: American Indians on the Cotton Frontier: Changing Economic Relations
with Citizens and Slaves in the Mississippi Territory                                      

Vaughan, Alden T.: The Origins Debate: Slavery and Racism in Seventeenth-Century Virginia  
Vlach, John Michael: Arrival and Survival: The Maintenance of an Afro-American Tradition in Folk
Art and Craft                                                                              
Walker, Alice: In Search of Our Mother's Gardens                                           
Walker, Alice: Womanist                                                                    
Walker, David: "Preamble" and "Article I".                                                 
Walker, David: Article II                                                                  
Walker, David “Our Wretchedness in consequence of slavery”                                 
Walker, George: Bert and Me and Them                                                       
Walker, George: The Real 'Coon' on the American Stage                                      
Walker, Vanessa Siddle: Caswell County Training School: Relationships between Community and
Wallace, Michele Faith: Passing, lynching and Jim Crow: A genealogy of race and gender in
United States visual culture, 1895-1929                                                    
Wallace, Michele: Modernism, Postmodernism and the Problem of the Visual in Afro-American
Walters, Ronald: The Great Plains Sit-In Movement, 1958-60                                 
Walton, Lester: Salome                                                                     
Ward, Douglas T.: American Theatre: For Whites Only?                                       
Ward, Francis: Black Press: Circulation and Impact Dwindle                                 
Washington, Booker T.: Atlanta Exposition Address                                          
Washington, Booker T.: Extracts from 'The Story of the Negro, 1909'                        
Washington, Booker T.: Industrial Education for the Negro                                  
Watts, Jill: These Outside Directions                                                      
Weigman, Robyn: The Anatomy of Lynching                                                    
Welbourn, Ron: A Most Secret Identity: Native American Assimilations and Identity Resistance in
African America                                                                            
Wells-Barnett, Ida B.: Lynch Law in America                                                
Wells, Ida B.: 'Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases'                             
Wesley, Charles H.: 'The Participation of Negroes in Anti-Slavery Parties'                 
West, Cornel: Black Sexuality: The Taboo Subject                                           
West, Cornel: The Dilemma of the Black Intellectual                                        

Whatley, Warren C.: African-American Strikebreaking from the Civil War to the New Deal     
White, Deborah Gray: Jezebel and Mammy: The Mythology of Female Slavery                    
White, E. Frances: Africa on My Mind: Gender, Counter Discourse and African-American
Wideman, John Edgar: Fatheralong                                                           
Wilkerson, Isabel: “Blacks Wary of Their Big Role as Troops”                               
Wilkins, Fanon Che: 'In the belly of the beast': Black Power, anti-imperialism, and the African
liberation solidarity movement, 1968-1975                                                  
Wilkinson III, J. Harvie: To Bus or Not to Bus                                             
Williams, George W: An Open Letter to His Serene Majesty Leopold II, King of the Belgians and
Sovereign of the Independent State of Congo, by Colonel the Honorable Geo. W. Williams, of the
United States of America                                                                   
Williams, Henry: Mulattoes and Blacks: Intra-Group Color Differences and Social Stratification in
Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia                                                            
Williams, Juan: Chapter Four: Hall Monitors from the 101st; The Little Rock Story          
Williams, Patricia: Meditations on Masculinity                                             
Williams, Samuel: Four Years in Liberia: A Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Samuel Williams with
remarks on the Manners and Customs of the Natives of Western Africa together with an Answer to
Nesbit's Book                                                                              
Williams, Sherley Ann: The Blues Roots of Contemporary African American Poetry             

Williams, Yohuru: No Haven: From Civil Rights to Black Power in New Haven, Connecticut     
Willis, Deborah: The New Negro Image                                                       
Wilson, August “August Wilson Responds”                                                    
Wilson, August: 'The Ground on Which I Stand'                                              
Wilson, Terry P.: Blood Quantum: Native American Mixed Bloods                              
Wolfe, George C.: “I Just Wanna Keep Telling Stories”                                      
Wood, Charles H.: Skin Color, Racial Identity, and Life Chances in Brazil                  
Woodard, Komozi: It's Nation Time in NewArk: Amiri Baraka and the Black Power Experiment in
Newark, New Jersey                                                                         
Woodson, Carter G.: "Introduction", "Chapter 1: The Seat of Trouble", "Chapter 2: How We
Missed the Mark" and "Chapter 3: How We Drifted From the Truth"                            
Woodson, Carter G.: The Educated Negro Leaves the Masses                                   
Woodson, Carter G.: The Relations of Negroes and Indians in Massachusetts                  
Yearwood, Gladstone L.: Towards a Theory of a Black Cinema Aethestic                       
Yelvington, Kevin A.: The Anthropology of Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean: Diasporic
Yinger, John: Evidence on Discrimination in Consumer Markets                               

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African journal of food, agriculture, nutrition and development                            
African journal of health sciences                                                         
African journal of international affairs = Revue africaine des affaires internationales    
African journal of international affairs and development                                   
African journal of legal studies                                                           
African journal of political science                                                       
African journal of primary health care & family medicine                                   
African journal of reproductive health =$brevue africaine de                               
African journal on conflict resolution                                                     
African philosophy                                                                         
African population studies =$bÉtudes de la population africaine                            
African research & documentation                                                           
African review                                                                             
African sociological review                                                                
African studies                                                                            
African studies quarterly: the online journal of African studies                           
African studies review                                                                     
Africana journal                                                                           
Afrika focus                                                                               
Afrikanistik online                                                                        
L'Afrique et l'Asie modernes                                                               
Afro-Americans in New York life and history                                                
Afro-Hispanic review                                                                       
Ahfad journal : women and change                                                           
The A.M.E. church review                                                                   
American legacy                                                                            
American visions : the magazine of Afro-American culture                                   
Annales aequatoria                                                                         
Arica report                                                                               
Arican transcripts                                                                         
Article 19                                                                                 
Article 40                                                                                 
ASA news                                                                                   
B. Ma : the Sonia Sanchez literary review                                                  
Bayreuth African studies series                                                            
BBC focus on Africa                                                                        
BCALA newsletter                                                                           
Bfm: Black filmmaker                                                                       
Black camera: a micro journal of black film studies                                        
The Black collegian : the career and self-development magazine for African Americans       
Black enterprise                                                                           
The Black experience in children's books                                                   
Black history bulletin                                                                     
Black issues book review                                                                   
Black masks                                                                                
Black music research journal                                                               
Black professional                                                                         
Black renaissance                                                                          
The Black scholar                                                                          
Botswana notes and records                                                                 
Bulletin of Francophone Africa                                                             
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African studies                                     
Bunche research report                                                                     
Cahiers d'études africaines                                                                
Canadian journal of African studies =$bRevue canadienne des etudes africaines                    
Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies =$b Revue canadienne des études latino-américaines et caraïbes
Caribbean geography                                                                              
Caribbean historical & genealogical journal                                                      
Caribbean journal of education                                                                   
Caribbean quarterly                                                                              
Caribbean studies                                                                                
Caribbean writer                                                                                 
CBMR digest                                                                                      
Challenge : a journal of research on African American men                                        
Child abuse research in South Africa                                                             
Childhood in Africa: an interdisciplinary journal                                                
CLA journal                                                                                      
Codesria bulletin                                                                                
Colored American magazine                                                                        
Colorlines : race, culture, action                                                               
Communicatio: South African journal for communication theory and research                        
Comparative studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East                                    
Conflict trends                                                                                  
Contours: a journal of the African diaspora                                                      
The Crisis                                                                                       
Critical approaches to ethnic American literature                                                
Critical arts                                                                                    
Current biography                                                                                
Development Southern Africa                                                                      
Discovery and innovation                                                                         
Diverse issues in higher education                                                               
Du Bois review: social science research on race                                                  
East African journal of peace and human rights                                                   
East African journal of public health                                                            
Eastern Africa social science research review                                                    
Economic history of developing regions                                                           
Electronic journal of Africana bibliography                                                      
English in Africa                                                                                
Equity & excellence in education                                                                 
Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities                                          
Ethnic and racial studies                                                                        
Ethnicity & disease                                                                              
Ethnicity and race in a changing world: a review journal                                         
The Final call                                                                                   
French studies in Southern Africa                                                                
GEFAME: journal of African studies                                                               
Ghana journal of development studies                                                             
Ghana studies                                                                                    
Global journal of humanities                                                                     
Global media journal: African edition                                                            
The Griot                                                                                        
Half century magazine                                                                            
Harvard journal of African American public policy                                                
HealthQuest : total wellness for body, mind & spirit                                             
Heart & soul                                                                                     
Hervormde teologiese studies                                                                     
History in Africa : an annual journal of method                                                  
The Howard journal of communications                                                             
Howard law journal                                                                               
Humanities review journal                                                                        
Identities : global studies in culture and power                                                 
Identity, culture and politics: an Afro-Asian dialogue = Identité, culture et politique: un dialogue afro-asiatique
Ijele : art ejournal of the African world                                                        
Indilinga : African journal of indigenous knowledge systems                                      
Institute of African studies : research review                                                   
International journal of African historical studies                                              
International journal of Africana studies                                                        
International journal of humanistic studies                                                      
International journal of Nigerian studies and development                                        
International NGO journal                                                                        
The International review of African American art                                                 
Írínkèrindó : A journal of African migration                                                     
Issues in Caribbean Amerindian studies                                                           
Jamaica journal                                                                                  
Jamaican historical review                                                                       
Jazz research news                                                                               
Jazzforschung =$bJazz research                                                                   
Journal for the study of religion                                                                
The Journal of African American history                                                          
Journal of African American studies                                                              
Journal of African cultural studies                                                              
Journal of African economies                                                                     
Journal of African history                                                                       
Journal of African languages and linguistics.                                                    
Journal of African law                                                                           
Journal of American ethnic history                                                               
Journal of Asian and African studies                                                             
The journal of Pan African studies (online)                                              
The Journal of race and policy                                                           
Journal of religion in Africa                                                            
The Journal of religious thought                                                         
Journal of social development in Africa                                                  
Journal of southern African studies                                                      
The journal of southern history                                                          
The journal of southern legal history                                                    
Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society                         
Journal of theology for southern Africa                                                  
Journal of urban affairs                                                                 
Journal of urban history                                                                 
Journal of West Indian literature                                                        
Journal of women and minorities in science and engineering                               
Journal on ethnopolitics and minority issues in Europe                                   
Koedoe: research journal for national parks in the Republic of South Africa              
Lagos historical review                                                                  
The Langston Hughes review: official publication of the Langston Hughes Society.         
Latin American research review                                                           
Law, environment and development journal                                                 
Lenox Avenue : a journal of interartistic inquiry                                        
Living blues                                                                             
Making connections: interdisciplinary approaches to cultural diversity                   
Mande studes                                                                             
Matatu: journal for African culture and society                                          
Meridians : feminism, race, transnationalism                                             
Michigan journal of race & law                                                           
Midwest journal                                                                          
Mosaic literary magazine                                                                 
N C W news                                                                               
National black law journal                                                               
The National political science review                                                    
The Negro educational review                                                             
The Negro music journal                                                                  
Negro story                                                                              
New African                                                                              
New coin poetry                                                                          
Nka: journal of contemporary African art                                                 
Nordic journal of African studies                                                        
Northeast African studies                                                                
NWIG : new West Indian guide                                                             
Obsidian III : literature in the African diaspora                                        
Opportunity : a journal of Negro life                                                    
Opportunity journal                                                                      
Palara : publication of the Afro-Latin/American research                                 
Perspectives in education                                                                
Philosophia africana: analysis of philosophy and issues in Africa and the Black diaspora 
Politikon : South African journal of political studies                                   
Popular music                                                                            
Potchefstroom electronic law journal                                                     
Poverty & race                                                                           
ProudFlesh : New Afrikan journal of culture, politics & consciousness                    
QBR : the black book review                                                              
Quarterly review of higher education among Negroes                                       
Race & class                                                                             
Race ethnicity and education                                                             
Race, gender & class: an interdisciplinary journal                                       
Research in African literatures                                                          
Research in religion and family : black perspectives                                     
Review of African political economy                                                      
The Review of black political economy                                                    
Review of southern African studies                                                       
Rutgers race & the law review                                                            
SAHARA-J: journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance                        
Shakespeare in southern Africa                                                           
Slavery and abolition : a journal of slave and post-slave studies                        
Small axe : a Caribbean journal of criticism                                             
Social and economic studies                                                              
Souls : a critical journal of Black politics, culture, and society                       
South African family practice                                                            
South African historical journal                                                         
The South African journal of economic history                                            
South African journal of education                                                       
South African journal of science                                                         
South African journal on human rights                                                    
South African music studies                                                              
Southern African feminist review                                                         
Southern African political and economic monthly                                          
Southern exposure                                                                        
Southern spaces                                                                          
The state of black America                                                               
Studies in African linguistics                                                           
Studies in dance history                                                                 
Swahili forum                                                                            
Transafrican journal of history                                                          
Transformation : critical perspectives on southern Africa                                
Transforming anthropology                                                                
Trotter review                                                                           
Tydskrif vir letterkunde                                                                 
Ufahamu: a journal of African studies                                                    
The Uganda journal                                                                       
Unisa Latin American report                                                              
Vital issues : journal of African American speeches                                      
Voice of the Negro                                                                       
Wadabagei: a journal of the Caribbean and its diasporas                                  
West Africa                                                                              
West Africa review                                                                       
The Western journal of black studies                                                     
Zambezia : the journal of humanities of the University of Zimbabwe                       

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Baltimore Afro American                                                                  
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Norfolk New Journal and Guide                                                            
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25000BC-999: Dynasties begin to assert their power throughout Africa                     
1000-1499: Rise of the Mali Empire and other African kingdoms                            
1500-1599: Slavery established in the New World                                          
1600-1699: Growth of Atlantic slave trade                                                
1700-1799: Abolitionist movement emerges                                                 
1800-1809: Great Britain abolishes slave trade                                           
1810-1819: American Colonization Society formed                                          
1820-1829: Colony for free blacks founded in Liberia                                     
1830-1839: Slavery abolished in British Empire                                           
1840-1849: Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth become active in abolition movement    
1850-1859: Sectional controversy over slavery in the United States                       
1860-1869: Civil War and abolition of slavery in the United States                       
1870-1879: End of Reconstruction in the United States                                    
1880-1889: European powers begin the 'Scramble for Africa'                               
1890-1899: Plessy v. Ferguson ruling upholds segregation                                 
1900-1909: Black intellectuals form Niagara Movement                                     
1910-1919: First World War and Great Migration to northern cities                        
1920-1929: Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age                                           
1930-1939: Nation of Islam founded and the end of the Harlem Renaissance                 
1940-1949: Second World War                                                              
1950-1959: School segregation ruled illegal and early campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement
1960-1969: Civil Rights Movement                                                         
1970-1979: Most African countries now independent                                        
1980-1989: Birth of hip-hop                                                              
1990-1999: First multiracial elections in South Africa                                   
2000-Now: War on terror                                                                  

Ali, Omar Hamid: Black populism in the New South, 1886-1898                                    
Arnold, Damon Fredrick: The experiences of African American student athletes at a predominantly White National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I institution: A critical ethnography
                                                                                                          empowerment among young men who have sex with men (Immune deficiency)
Arnold, Emily: Studying the sexual village: An ethnography of sexual culture and the potential for youth
Bates, Geraline Washington: Womanist aesthetic theory: Building a Black feminist literary critical tradition, 1892-1994
Bayoumi, Moustafa Mohamed: Migrating Islam: Religion, modernity, and colonialism (Salman Rushdie, Edward Wilmot Blyden, India, Malcolm X)
                                                                                                         of urban space in Chicago, 1850-1915 (Illinois)
Blair, Cynthia Marie: Vicious commerce: African American women's sex work and the transformation
Bowles, John Parish: Bodies of work: Autobiography and identity in Adrian Piper's conceptual and performance art
Brooks, Jason Robinson: African-American identification with and image perception of professional athletes in relation to social behavior
Bruening, Jennifer Eileen: Phenomenal women: A qualitative study of silencing, stereotypes, socialization, and strategies for change in the sport participation of African American female student-athletes
Castaneda, Angela Nicole: "Veracruz tambien es caribe": Power, politics, and performance in the making of an Afro-Caribbean identity
Chachere, Karen A.: Visually white, legally black: Miscegenation, the mulatto, and passing in American literature and culture, 1865-1933
Cooks, Bridget Rochelle: Seen and not seen: A history of Black representation and self-representation in art exhibitions in the United States, 1893-1998
Crane, Brian D.: Colono ware and criollo ware pottery from Charleston, South Carolina and San Juan, Puerto Rico in comparative perspective
David, Stephen Morris: Popular culture in South Africa: The limits of black identity in "Drum" magazine
Dixon, Kimberly Dawn: Taking place as we speak: The construction, expression and interpretation of black female identity in the careers of Regina Taylor, Anna Deavere Smith, and Suzan-Lori Parks
duCille, F. Ann: Coupling and Convention: Marriage, Sex and Subjectivity in Novels by and About African American Women, 1853 - 1948
Feimster, Crystal Nicole: "Ladies and Lynching" The Gendered Discourse of Mob Violence in the New South, 1880-1930
Fett, Sharla: Body and soul: African-American healing in Southern antebellum plantation communities, 1800-1860
Foy, Anthony Stewart: The dark brotherhood: Autobiography, ideology, masculinity, blackness (Matthew Henson, Joe Louis, Nat Love, Jack Johnson)
                                                                                                          painting, 1928-1934
Francis, Jacqueline: Modern art, 'racial art': The work of Malvin Gray Johnson and the challenges of
Gershenhorn, Jerry Bruce: Melville J. Herskovits and the racial politics of knowledge          
Harris, Rose M.: Signifying race and gender: Discursive strategies in feminist theory and politics
Hicks, Cheryl Deloris: "Confined to Womanhood: Women, Prisoners and Race in the State of New York, 1890-1935
Hofstee, Erik J. W: The great divide: Aspects of the social history of the middle passage in the trans-Atlantic slave trade
Holcomb, Lawrence: Revisiting Race: Toward an analytic social-psychological approach to racial construction
Ibrahim, Awad el Karim Mohamed: 'Hey, whassup homeboy?': Becoming Black: Race, language, culture, and the politics of identity. African students in a Franco-Ontarian high school
Jones, Hilary: Citizens and subjects: Metis society, identity and the struggle over colonial politics in Saint Louis, Senegal, 1870-1920
Jones, Keith Wayne: A study of the historical role of African Americans in science, engineering and technology
                                                                                                          South, 1919-1960
Jones, William Powell: Cutting through Jim Crow: African American lumber workers in the Jim Crow
Krauthamer, Barbara: Blacks on the borders: African-Americans' transition from slavery to freedom in Texas and the Indian Territory, 1836-1907
Long, Margaret Geneva: Doctoring freedom: The politics of African-American medical care, 1840-1910
Miller, Monica Lynn: Figuring the black dandy: Negro art, black bodies, and African-diasporic ambitions
Ogbar, Jeffrey Ogbonna Green: From the bottom up: Popular black reactions to the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party, 1955-1975
Omolade, Barbara: The culture of African American adolescent mothers                           
Pearson, Willie, Jr.: One in a hundred: a study of black American science doctorates           
Reid-Pharr, Robert Fitzgerald: Conjugal union: Gender, sexuality and the development of an African American national literature
Riordan, Patrick: Seminole genesis: Native Americans, African-Americans, and colonists on the southern frontier from prehistory through the colonial era
Rolinson, Mary Gambrell: The Garvey movement in the rural South, 1920-1927 (Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas)
Russell, Paitra Denise: Styling blackness: African American hair styling practices in late twentieth century America and the phenomenology of race
Schroer, Timothy Louis: Race after the master race: Germans and African Americans, 1945-1949
Shaffer, Donald Robert: Marching On: African-American Civil War Veterans in Postbellum America,
Smith, Elinor Atkins: A survey of perceptions of parents of Caucasian and persons of color, male and female, high school athletes in order to assess effects of family sport environment
Smith, Elizabeth Marie: 'Passing' and the anxious decade: The Rhinelander case and the 1920s (New York)
Soderstrom, Mark: Weeds in Linnaeus's Garden: Science and segregation, eugenics, and the rhetoric of racism at the University of Minnesota and the Big Ten, 1900-1945
Streeter, Caroline Anne: Ambiguous bodies, ambivalent desires: The morphing mulatta body in United States culture, 1965-1999 (Gayl Jones, Julie Dash, Dorothy West, Charles Burnett)
Taylor, Douglas Edward: Hustlers, nationalists, and revolutionaries: African American prison narratives of the 1960s and 1970s (Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver, George Jackson, Huey P. Newton)
Taylor, Eric Robert: If we must die: A history of shipboard insurrections during the slave trade
                                                                                                          and representations of them
Tucker, Linda Gail: Lockstep and dance: Containment and resistance in African American men's lives
Wallace, Barbara Elizabeth: 'Fair daughters of Africa': African American women in Baltimore, 1790-1860 (Maryland)
Ward, Stephen Michael: 'Ours too was a struggle for a better world': Activist intellectuals and the radical promise of the Black Power movement, 1962-1972
Watkins, Valethia Anne: Black feminist gender discourse (1970-the present): A critique         
Widener, Daniel: Something else: Creative community and black liberation in postwar Los Angeles (California)
Williams, Chad Louis: Torchbearers of Democracy: The First World War and the Figure of the African-American Soldier
Wright, Elisse Yvette: Birds of a Different Feather: African American Support for the Vietnam War in the Johnson Years, 1965-1969

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