Auto Bill of Sale Installments

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					Margin Statements                                                Branches Automation Special Tools (Optional)
 • Item wise Margin                                              Automatic Data Transfer to C.O. Web Server with Internet. Tools
 • Item Group wise Margin                                        will be provided to transfer the data based on Time Stamps and
 • Customer wise Margin                                          this updation at Central office server / Web Server Location at
Statutory Reports/Salestax Reports                               required frequencies.
 •   A2 Returns                                                  Remote printing options: If an Invoice needs to be printed as
 •   Form E                                                      D.C.” at Factory, it can be invoked with special set of tools.
 •   Form VI
                                                                 Uploading compatibility of Key Parameters to Essel Global View
 •   Form M
                                                                 Web-based Reporting for Senior Executives
 •   VAT Compatible reports
Branches Management                                              Backed by ESSEL Expertise
 •   Branch-wise Sales                                           Eezy+ comes from Esselsoft, a pioneer in developing and
 •   Branch-wise Outstanding                                     marketing premium quality software. Esselsoft’s comprehensive
 •   Branch-wise Analysis Reports                                support and hands-on training back Eezy+
 •   Branch-wise Consolidation Reports
                                                                 System Requirements :
Production Management                                            Operating System : Win 9x/NT 4 or Advanced
 •   Production Reports                                          Hardware         : 64 MB RAM (128MB Recommended)
 •   Process Issue Reports                                                          CDROM Drive, SVGA Color Monitor
 •   Product - wise Production
 •   Automated Bill of Materials
 •   Stock Reports across Process
                     And many more...
Network Version
Eezy+ is available in Network Version also. Network Version
supports Win 95/98/ NT/ 2000/2003 Server etc... This Version
provides users to interact with the information they want                   Software Development & Consultancy
even though several persons are working on the same                     Plot # 47, Gayatri Nagar, Behind Huda Maithrivanam,
product at a time.                                                                Ameerpet, HYDERABAD - 500 038.
                                                                                      tel : 040-55578866, 23753352
          Zooming                                                                                    •
          Eezy+ comes with powerful zooming facility on            3rd Floor, Sailok Complex, 6/1, Arundelpet, GUNTUR - 522002.
                                                                                       tel : 0863-2237799, 2237800
          screen in almost all reports. Starting from Balance                                        •
          Sheet, user can zoom down to Group Balances,             #FF4, Madhu Towers, Srinivasa Nagar Bank Colony, Ring Road,
          Ledger even up to Voucher level. If required these                              VIJAYAWADA - 520 008.
                                                                                tel : 0866-5578200 Cell : 98497 11644
          vouchers can be modified, provided user has the                                             •
          rights to modify.                                              Plot # 202, Krishna Kunj, Dwaraka Nagar, 3rd Lane,
                                                                              VISAKHAPATNAM - 16 tel : 0891-5571773
           Security                                                                                  •
           Access to Eezy+ is restricted by passwords. Besides                     Rajahmundry : Cell : 98485 24313
           sensitive information can be viewed, printed or
           changed only by using a special password.
           E-Mail your Reports Directly                                                                                                           •
            Send Invoices / Reports to your customer by                                                                                  Accounting easier
e-mail. In fact, e-mail any Eezy+ report or document as easily    web site : e-mail :                     •
as you print. Accounts reports need not be printed and                                                                                Inventory under control
                                                                               continuous development, ESSEL Software reserves                    •
posted; simply e-mail them.                                                     the right to ammend these features without notice   Analysis leads to Profitability
Essel, a pioneer in Software industry understood the needs              Friendly & Flexible                                               Inventory Reports:
of business environment created a new product Eezy+ a                    •   Graphical User Interface                                      • Registers-Sales/Purchase
revolutionary Inventory & Accounting Software solution                   •   Save Company as Template                                      • Closing Stock Statement (All/Each Stock Point wise)
compatible for 4 Column & 2 Column Accounting & Inventory                •   Online help                                                   • Stock Ledger
requirements.                                                            •   Scheduled Transactions & Reminders (Transactions can be       • Stock and Sales
Eezy+ is a scalable Application to suit the various needs of                 posted into Accounts)                                         • Items Price List
users. It is a Windows based 32-bit application with powerful            •   Decision Supporting MIS Reports                               • Stock Indent Statement
and flexible features.                                                    •   250 + Reports availability                                    • Stock point wise Reports
                                                                         •   Zoom in Facility from Statement to ledger and to              • Non Moving/Fast Moving/Slow Moving Stock Position
Eezy+ has simple install procedure and business models to suit                                                                             • Stock Movement Reports
                                                                             individual transactions
any line of business. All designed for user to get started in a quick                                                                      • Sales Analysis
                                                                         •   Automatic interest calculation date wise or due date wise.
succession. It is very easy to use and anyone can start using this                                                                         • L.R registers
                                                                         •   Income / Expenditure among Cost Centers
package within No time.                                                                                                                    • Order Management
                                                                         •   Definable documents e.g., invoice, vouchers etc.
Features                                                                 •   Selection of methods for Stock Valuation. (FIFO / LIFO /      • Stock Level Management Report(Minimum &
 • Suitable for any Business at any Level like                               MWA / LPR)                                                      Maximum)
   Manufactures / Whole Sale Business / C.A.s / Professionals /          •   Definable aging and customer statements                        • Pending D.C Reports
   Departmental Stores / Retails                                         •   Predefine Narrations, recall to use                           Sales Analysis Reports
   and more…                                                             •   Immediate update of account balances and stock                •   Quick Sales Analysis
 • Multi Company Business Accounting along with Inventory                •   Save time and Paper                                           •   Price Range Sales Analysis
   Control                                                               •   Sales and Purchase Registers – User Defined                    •   Average Sale Prices Report
 • Multi Level Security                                                                                                                    •   Price Variance Report
                                                                        Powerful Features
 • Bar Coding Support                                                                                                                      •   Group-wise Day to Day Sales
                                                                         •   Document Designer
 • Budgeting & Targets                                                                                                                     •   Salesmen wise Sales Summary
                                                                         •   User Defined Transaction Types
 • Company Consolidation                                                                                                                   •   Salesman vs Item Groups Summary
                                                                         •   Bill wise Opening Balance
 • Bank Reconciliation                                                                                                                     •   Salesman Targets vs Achievements Summary
                                                                         •   Bill To Bill Adjustments
 • General Ledger                                                                                                                          •   Customer wise Sales
                                                                         •   Credit Limit for Customers                                    •   Customer vs Item Groups Analysis
 • Net Rate Calculation
                                                                         •   Bill of Material                                              •   Supplier vs Item Groups Analysis
   Per Item
                                                                         •   Export of Reports to Word / Excel
 • Analysis                                                                                                                               Special Reports:
   (Targets & Incentives)                                                •   Auto Backup Feature
                                                                         •   Invoice as multiple Installments                              •   Salesman Analysis
 • Order to DC, DC to Invoice                                                                                                              •   Receipts and Payments
 • User Defined Charge                                                    •   Immediate update of account balances and stock
                                                                         •   Faster Printing on Dot matrix Printers for Reports &          •   Interest Calculations
 • Sets & Discount                                                                                                                         •   Day-to-Day Totals
 • Structure                                                                 Documents
                                                                                                                                           •   Receipts more than
 • Comparative Statements                                               Financial Reports                                                  •   Payments more than
   among Financial Years                                                 •   4 column and 2 column day book                                •   Way Bills Register
 • Multi Stock Point                                                     •   Cash Book and Summary                                         •   Spot collection Incentive Reports
 • Margin Statements                                                     •   Bank Book and Summary                                         •   Installments Register
 • Stock Indents                                                         •   Ledger (Customer / Supplier / General)                        •   Analysis Reports
 • Item Movements                                                        •   Journal Book                                                  •   Consolidation Reports
 • Temporary Credit Facility                                             •   Debtors list (salesmen wise, branch wise)
 • LR’s Management                                                       •   Creditors list (salesmen wise, branch wise)
 • Branch Management                                                     •   Outstanding & Payables (Aging Analysis)
 • Production Management                                                 •   Account Balances
 • VAT enabled                                                           •   Balance Sheet
                                                                         •   Trail Balance
                                                                         •   Profit and Loss

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