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                                                                                                    43.   Hardware key logger
                                                                                                    44.   Merchant mobile tracker
                                                                                                    45.   Database enterprise manager
1.   Generation of Test Cases from Output Domain & Critical Regions of using genetic Algorithms     46.   Online: Material requisition collection/ Stock handling management / Employment exchange
2.   Design of On-line Interactive Data Acquisition & Control System for Real Time Applications     47.   Real estate management system
3.   Development of A Distributed Data Collection System based on Embedded Ethernet                 48.   Accounts information system
                                                                                                    49.   Intranet multi client chatting
4.   Low Power Scheduled Alarm System Using Embedded Microcontroller with USB Interface
                                                                                                    50.   Backup & recovery scheduler automation management
5.   Network Intrusion Detection System Embedded on a Smart Sensor                                  51.   E-banking transaction system with portal for bank officials and customers/ E-shopping
6.   The design and implementation of embedded system                                               52.   Cellular banking/ mobile banking
7.   The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology                                53.   Document version controller
                                                                                                    54.   Insurance agent
8.   A Practical Approach to Performance Optimization of High-throughput Embedded Devices
                                                                                                    55.   Dealership management system
9.   Design and Performance Evaluation of a Service-Oriented Robotics applications                  56.   High resolution animated scenes from stills
10. Design of Ultrasonic Scalar Based on Embedded Microcontroller                                   57.   Image super resolution using support vector regression
11. Embedded Control System for a 5-DOF M anipulator by Means of SPI Bus                            58.   A coupled statistical model for face shape recovery from brightness images
                                                                                                    59.   Enhanced license maker for software protection
12. Non-Invasive Health Monitoring System (NIHM S)
                                                                                                    60.   Image processing
13. Embedded Microcontroller and Sensors Based Front End Loader Control System                      61.   Medical management system
                                                                                                    62.   Feature-rich, online application for the training and placement dept., of the college
                                                                                                    63.   Text file hiding in audio (wav) files using low bit encoding steganography
1.   Shunt Active Power Filter
                                                                                                    64.   Savings and credit management system.
2.   A Reduced Part Triple Voltage Half Bridge DC- DC Converter                                     65.   Airline reservation system
3.   M ulti Level Inverter - Single phase / Three phase - 3 Level / 5 Level / 7 Level               66.   Online: Healthcare system/ W eb mart system for jewelers shop/ Job provider & search portal
4.   ZVS- ZCS Full Bridge DC - DC Converter                                                         67.   Hospital management system
                                                                                                    68.   Income tax calculation
5.   Digital Combination of Buck Boost Converter to Improve the Output Transients
                                                                                                    69.   Steganography
6.   Design & Implementation of PW M Technique Sine Wave Inverter                                   70.   Enforcing minimum cost multicast routing against selfish information flows
7.   A Single phase Boost Rectifier System for Wide Range of Load Variations                        71.   Secure and policy complaint source routing
8.   Series Resonant DC - DC Converter                                                              72.   Cell breathing techniques for load balancing in wireless lans
9.   Split Capacitor Push Pull Parallel Resonant Inverter                                           73.   Wireless sensor networks: efficient clustering under the joint routing and covering constraints
10. A New Single Phase to Three Phase Cycloconverter for Low Cost AC Motor Drives                   74.   Location based system for mobile devices using RFID
                                                                                                    75.   RFID: Credit cards system/ Electronic voting
11. Single Phase to Three Phase Drive System Using Two Parallel Single Phase Rectifiers
                                                                                                    76.   Motion detection with entropy in dynamic background
12. Component Minimized AC - DC - AC Single Phase to Three Phase Four Wire Converters
                                                                                                    77.   Smart motion detection surveillance system
13. UPF Isolated 3-Phase Rectifier with 2 -Single Phase Buck Rectifier Based on Scott Transformer   78.   A fast search algorithm for a large fuzzy database
14. Single Phase to Three Phase Universal Active Power Filter                                       79.   New approach to inform passengers via SMS in airlines
15. M ax Power Energy Harvesting Scheme for Vibration Based Electromagnetic Micro generators        80.   Motion human detection based on background subtraction
16. High Gain Single Stage Inverter for Photovoltaic AC M odules                                    81.   Hacker detection in wireless sensor network using java
17. Low Cost Single Phase Semi Z Source Inverter                                                    82.   Modeling and automated containment of worms using java
                                                                                                    83.   Security-enhanced data transmission
                                                                                                        18. New Bridgeless DCM Sepic and Cuk PFC Rectifiers with Low Conduction and Switching Losses
1.    Software quality modularization                                                                   19. Phase Redundant Based Reliable Direct AC/ AC Converter Drive for Electric Vehicles
2.    Digital image tracing by multiple watermarking                                                    20. Three - Arm AC Automatic Regulator
3.    Feedback and personalized guidance for language training
                                                                                                        21. Switched Inductor Quazi - Z Source Inverter
4.    A semantic web-based approach to knowledge management
5.    Software effort, quality and cycle time: a study of CMM level 5 projects                          22. High Power Factor Soft Switched DC Power Supply System
6.    A distributed database architecture for global roaming in next generation mobile networks         23. Cascaded Multilevel Converters with Reduced Components for High Voltage Application
7.    Approximate entropy based epileptic EEG detection using artificial neural networks                24. M odular M ulti level Cascade BTB System Using Bidirectional Isolated DC/ DC Converters
8.    Learning and matching of dynamic shape manifolds for human action recognition
                                                                                                        25. M odeling and Design of a New Bi - Directional Buck Boost Cascade Inverter
9.    Secure transmission using third party authenticated protocols
10.   Virtual book store                                                                                26. Isolated Buck Boost DC/ DC Converter Suitable for W ide Voltage Input Range
11.   Online: Travels & tourism management/ Discuss Forum/ Survey tool/ Information on WAP              27. Stability Analysis of FPGA Based Brushless DC Motors/ Generators Using PWM Technique
12.   Disconnected access and a synchronized responding system (java)
                                                                                                        28. PID Controller for Non Linear Control of Boost Converters with Inductor Resistance
13.   Network grid system(java)
                                                                                                        29. M odel Predictive Control for a Full Bridge DC/ DC Converter
14.   Email tracking using PHP
15.   Content management system using PHP                                                               30. Single-Phase Bridgeless Interleaved PFC Converter for Electric Vehicle Battery Charger
16.   Detecting unauthorized modification of http communication with steganography                      31. A Reconfigurable Structure DC - DC Converter with Wide Output Range & Constant Peak Power
17.   Network file sharing between byzantine process                                                    32. Average Current Control of a Series Type Single Phase PFC with Hybrid Modulation
18.   Improving a credit card fraud detection system using genetic algorithm                            33. Classification, Terminology & Application of the Modular Multi Level Cascade Converter(M MCC)
19.   A two-phase commit protocol for mobile wireless environment
                                                                                                        34. Design and Performance of Bi - Directional DC - DC Converter for Battery Storage System
20.   Secure data collection in wireless sensor networks using randomized dispersive routes
21.   Distributed system of breast cancer in bio informatics.                                           35. Phase Control of Resonant Currents in an Inverter System for Zone Control Induction Heating
22.   Consumer behavior on data mining                                                                  36. Self Resonant Rectifier for Piezoelectric Sources Under Variable M echanical Excitation.
23.   A new data-mining based approach for network intrusion detection                                  37. Position Sensor less Control for Four Switches Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Drives.
24.   CIM DS: adapting post processing techniques of associative classification for malware detection
25.   Risk factor analysis of coronary heart events based on data mining with decision trees
26.   Research on spatial data mining based on uncertainty in government GIS                            1.   Online QOS management for multimedia real-time transmission in industrial networks
27.   Skyline query processing in p2pnetworks
                                                                                                        2.   Channel access allocation for scalable video transmission over contention-based wireless N/ W
28.   E-mart in optimal lot sizing policy
29.   Effective image retrieval system                                                                  3.   Lossless data embedding using generalized statistical quantity histogram
30.   Object sharing proxies                                                                            4.   Analysis of coordinated denial-of-service attacks in IEEE 802 .22 networks
31.   Creative thinking and brainstorming                                                               5.   Friend-in-the-middle attacks exploiting social networking sites for spam
32.   Rough sets-based search engine for grid service discovery ROSSE                                   6.   New key management approach for broadcast and multicast services
33.   M essage authentication for constrained environments
34.   Proficient tool for mobile tracking/ object path finder in movable sensor network                 7.   Robust correlation of encrypted attack traffic through stepping stones by flow watermarking
35.   A distributed approach to solve data packet mismatching problem                                   8.   Secure data collection using mobile data collector in clustered wireless sensor networks
36.   Semi fragility in watermark-based authentication systems                                          9.   Anonymous publication of sensitive transactional data
37.   Secure broadcasting using multicast key distribution                                              10. Temporal data clustering via weighted clustering ensemble with different representations
38.   Achievement of adaptive stream aggregation
39.   A forceful system stack complementary in mass level multimedia systems                            11. Automating knowledge discovery workflow composition through ontology-based planning
40.   Multi message deliver trouble in multicast communication environment                              12. A web search engine-based approach to measure semantic similarity between words
41.   Estimating source-destination traffic in network                                                  13. The client and the cloud democratizing research computing
42.   Advanced and authenticated marking schemes for IP trace back                                      14. Conditional shortest path routing in delay tolerant networks
15. Fault-tolerant mobile agent-based monitoring mechanism for dynamic distributed networks
16. Generalized Mimo transmit preprocessing using pilot symbol assisted rate less codes               1.    Car security system using CO gas detection sensor touch and micro accelerometers
17. CBRID4SQL a CBR intrusion detector for SQL injection attacks                                      2.    Speech recognition security system using a speech IC embedded with 8051 / PIC C
18. A distributed CSMA algorithm for throughput and utility maximization in wireless networks         3.    Total industrial automation and security system using RS 23 2 standards
19. Equilibrium of heterogeneous congestion control: optimality and stability                         4.    Personal radar using long range PIR sensor for home security
20. Entropy based adaptive flow aggregation                                                           5.    Apartment security system
21. Design of distributed object placement/ load balancing strategies in multimedia storage system    6.    Home alarm system
22. Dynamic routing with security considerations                                                      7.    Industrial safety measurements system
23. Continuous delivery message dissemination problems under multicasting communication mode          8.    M ulti-channel fire alarm
24. An efficient clustering scheme to exploit hierarchical data in network traffic analysis           9.    Gas leakage detector and auto dialing system
25. Probabilistic packet marking for large scale IP trace back

                                                                                                      1.    Operating total home appliance using only solar tracking energy
1.   Steganography in inactive frames of voip streams encoded by source codec
2.   Vulnerability assessment for power system transmission N/ Ws based on the fault chain theory
                                                                                                      1.    A M ilitary Security System Using Eye Ball Sensor And Finger Print
3.   Design and implementation of an intrusion response system for relational databases
                                                                                                      2.    Automated Vehicle for Physically And Visually Challenged
4.   Fault-tolerant and scalable key management for smart grid
                                                                                                      3.    Eye Ball operated pick and place Robot
5.   KTR: An efficient key management scheme for secure data in wireless broadcast services
                                                                                                      4.    Eye Ball operated wheel Car
6.   Using web-referral architectures to mitigate denial-of-service threats
                                                                                                      5.    Eye Ball operated Mouse Control
7.   M ulticast multi-path power efficient routing in mobile adhoc networks
                                                                                                      6.    Eye Ball operated walking Robot
8.   Sigfree: a signature-free buffer overflow attack blocker
                                                                                                      7.    Eye Ball operated security system
9. A hypothesis testing approach to semi fragile watermark-based authentication                       8.    Eye Ball position linked with EEG
10. Improving a credit card fraud detection system using genetic algorithm                            9.    Eye Ball operated voice output for patient care taker communication
11. A new data-mining based approach for network intrusion detection                                  10.   Three Axis vehicle control using Eye Ball position for disabled patient.
12. Detecting unauthorized modification of http communication with steganography                      11.   Six Axis vehicle control using Eye Ball position for disabled patient.
13. CIMDS: adapting post processing techniques of associative classification for malware detection    12.   Eye Ball operated car steering control for disabled.
14. M -payment between banks using SMS                                                                13.   Car security system using eye ball position correlated with secret password.
15. Sound-based multimodal person identification from signature and voice

                                                                                                      1.    Light brightness control with sunlight intensity
1.   Converge-cast: on the capacity and delay tradeoffs                                               2.    Electric power generation using foot steps
     Security implications of 3 party emergency alert systems over cellular text messaging services   3.    Three digit object counter
3.   Handling selfishness in replica allocation over a mobile ad hoc network                          4.    Entrance detector using long range infrared through beam
4.   Achieving guaranteed anonymity in GPS traces via uncertainty-aware path cloaking
5.   Optimal accounting policies for AAA systems in mobile telecommunications networks
                                                                                                      1.    Plant humidification for agriculture unit
6.   Item-level RFID in a retail supply chain with stock-out-based substitution
7.   Real Time location systems for hospital emergency response                                       2.    Soil test monitoring system using six types of special sensor
8.   Small stretch routing protocols for large wireless sensor networks                               3.    Sensing black rice from a narrow rice conveyor using infrared point sensor
                                                                                                      4.    Automatic solar irrigation system
6.    Remote access through ATM
7.    Industrial automation through SMS
8.    Wireless LAN
9.    Wireless based EB billing                                                      1.    State estimation: Sensor N/ W s with randomly varying nonlinearities & missing measurements
10.   Wireless Vehicle authentication                                                2.    Efficient stereoscopic ranging via stochastic sampling of match quality
                                                                                     3.    Image super-resolution via sparse representation
                                                                                     4.    Video-based non cooperative iris image segmentation
1.  AC motor drive (V/ F method of speed control)                                    5.    Distributed system of breast cancer in bio informatics.
         a. Single phase input-Single phase output                                   6.    Risk factor analysis of coronary heart events based on data mining with decision trees
         b. Single phase input-Three phase output                                    7.    M otion human detection based on background subtraction
         c. Two phase input-Three phase output
                                                                                     8.    The relationship among video quality, screen resolution, and bit rate
         d. Three phase input-Three phase output
2. AC motor starter                                                                  9.    Digital image authentication from jpeg headers
         A. Single phase                                                             10.   A novel key management for reinforcing compliance with hipaa privacy/ security regulations
         b. Three phase                                                              11.   Topological well-composedness & glamorous glue: algorithm for constrained front propagation
3. Cyclo converter drive for ac motor
         a. Single phase
         b. Three phase
4. Chopper drive for DC motor                                                        1.    TEXT: Automatic template extraction from heterogeneous web pages
         a. Two-quadrant operation                                                   2.    Ontology extraction for knowledge reuse: the e-learning perspective
         b. Four-quadrant operation                                                  3.    Efficient edit propagation using hierarchical data structure
5. DC motor drive (Armature voltage control)
         a. Single phase input-DC output                                             4.    Research on spatial data mining based on uncertainty in government GIS
         b. Three phase input-DC output                                              5.    Efficient skyline computation in structured peer-to-peer systems
6. Robust PID controller for DC motor                                                6.    Optimal lot sizing policies for sequential online auctions
7. PW M based DC drive for bi-directional speed control using single potentiometer
                                                                                     7.    Long-term cross-session relevance feedback using virtual features
8. Dual converter
9. Speed control by slip power recovery scheme                                       8.    QUIVER: consistent object sharing for edge services
10. Thyristorized power controller for industrial applications                       9.    Semantic ideation learning for agent- based e-brainstorming
         a. Single phase controller
                                                                                     10. Ensuring data storage security in cloud computing
         b. Three phase controller
11. Resonant inverter                                                                11. Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
12. Multi level inverter-Single phase / Three phase - 3 Level / 5 Level / 7 Level    12. Multifunctional MIMO systems a combined diversity and multiplexing design perspective

1.    Relay Co-Ordination
2.    Protective relay-V, I, V/ F protection - Single-Phase / Three-Phase            1.    A QoS Aware Multicast Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks
3.    Protective relay-Impedance relay - Single-Phase / Three-Phase                  2.    Threshold Management Scheme for M obile Ad Hoc Network Using Elliptic Curve Dlog-Based CS
4.    Protective relay-df / dt protection                                            3.    A Top-k Query Method by Estimating Score Distribution in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
5.    Voltage Regulator-single phase
                                                                                     4.    A Unified Analysis of Routing Protocols in MANETs
6.    Electronic Circuit Breaker
7.    Voltage regulation of alternator                                               5.    Universal Authentication Protocols for Anonymous Wireless Communications
8.    Prepaid energy meter                                                           6.    Novel Privacy-Enhanced Yet Accountable Security Framework for Metropolitan Wireless N/ W s
                                                                                     7.    Correlation-Based Traffic Analysis Attacks on Anonymity Networks
8.   Anonymous User Communication for Privacy Protection in Wireless Metropolitan Mesh N/ W s
9.   DCAR: Distributed Coding-Aware Routing in Wireless Networks                                       1.    Data logger - 8-bit 8 -channel / 12-bit 8-channel/ 16-bit 8 - channel
10. Decentralized Algorithms for Adaptive Pricing in Multiclass Loss Networks                          2.    Digital PID / Relay-PID / Fuzzy controller
                                                                                                       3.    Distributed Control system
11. Energy-Balanced Dispatch of Mobile Sensors in a Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network
                                                                                                       4.    Flow meter
12. Efficient N/ W Selection with M obility Pattern Awareness in Integrated W iMAX & WiFi N/ Ws        6.    PH meter
13. FleaNet: A Virtual Market Place on Vehicular Networks                                              7.    Elevator controller
14. M aximizing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor N/ Ws with Mobile Sink in Delay-Tolerant Applications      8.    Stepper motor controller
15. Efficient Multicast Algorithms for Multichannel W ireless Mesh Networks                            9.    Traffic light controller
                                                                                                       10.   Density Based Traffic System Automation
16. On W ireless Scheduling Algorithms for Minimizing the Queue-Overflow Probability
                                                                                                       11.   Level controller
17. Predicting Novel Human Gene Ontology Annotations Using Semantic Analysis                           12.   Temperature controller
18. Improved Routing Efficiency of GPSR-Like Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks             13.   Weather monitoring system
19. Real-Time Self-Organizing Autonomous Clustering for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
20. Stateless Multicasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
                                                                                                       1.    Patients care and health analysis system
21. Adaptive TXOP Allocation Based on Channel & Traffic Conditions in IEEE 80 2.1 1e Networks.         2.    Patients BP level monitoring
                                                                                                       3.    Automatic patients heart beat and temperature monitoring for remote doctors
                                                                                                       4.    Patients breathing pattern monitoring
1.   Invariant-based automatic testing of modern web applications                                      5.    Complete patients movement analysis using bionix sensor with 10 different output
2.   STAKERARE: Social networks and collaborative filtering for large-scale requirements elicitation   6.    Patients ECG monitoring
3.   New approach to quantification of privacy on social network sites
4.   Software effort, quality and cycle time : a study of cmm level 5 project
                                                                                                       1.    Two axis vehicle fire fighting / live-body-detection Robot
5.   Software quality modularization using API metrics                                                 2.    Six axis mine detector Robot
                                                                                                       3.    Plant water / Paint spraying Robot
                                                                                                       4.    Auto path finder robotic car
                                                                                                       5.    Robotic control through RF

                                                                                                       1.    Automatic vehicle speed control system using ultrasonic distance meter
         Hardware Projects in ----Embedded System( ATMEL / PIC Controllers)                            2.    Vehicle lock system if a driver is drunken which is detected through an alcohol gas sensor
                                ---VLSI (ALTERA / XILINK FPGA)                                         3.    Automatic coin operated dispensary / vehicle toll pay system
 ( Optional : PC interface, Wireless communication using Zigbee / GSM -modem / RF )                    4.    Automatic bottle filling / fuel filling system
                                                                                                       5.    Automatic elevator / lift / escalator control system
                                                                                                       6.    Automatic weighing bridge
                                                                                                       7.    Automatic change over for EB and generator
1.   Electronic voting machine                                                                         8.    Automatic boiler controller / dam shutters controllers
2.   Telephone communication for handicapped person                                                    9.    Hospital / School zone automatic horn switches off system
3.   Automatic bell system                                                                             10.   Automatic wiper / car washing / dim and dipper system for car
4.   Quiz answering network system
5.   Telephone controlled switch
6.   Function generator                                                                                1.    Wireless data transmission between PC to Microcontroller
7.   Industrial PLC                                                                                    2.    Wireless PC to PC communication
8.   Stepper motor controller                                                                          3.    Wireless printer interface to PC
9.   Automatic Train Protection System                                                                 4.    Mobile to PC communication
                                                                                                       5.    Wireless ON/ OFF control of equipment

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