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Authorization Letter for Supplier document sample

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									                          Letter of Authorization

To:      Applicable Electric Utility Company and/or Licensed Electric
         Generation Supplier

Please be advised that _________________________ (client) with headquarters
located at _______________________________ has selected Chrislynn Energy
Services, Inc. (CESI) to act as exclusive agent to obtain supplier pricing for the
attached account(s). This letter authorizes Chrislynn Energy Services, and any
other Licensed Electric Generation Supplier that they request, to obtain my
historical energy usage history and other account information for these locations.

This authorization in no way binds me to the purchase of any service or product
from Chrislynn Energy Services or any Licensed Electric Generation Supplier
and is to be used for the sole purpose of determining an offer price for electric
generation supply.

This Letter of Authorization will remain in effect until canceled by either party
upon 90 days written notice.

Company Information

Company Name:        ___________________________________

Contact Name:        ___________________________________

Title:               ___________________________________

Phone:               ___________________________________

Fax:                 ___________________________________

Email:               ___________________________________

Signature: ____________________________                     Date: ___________

Please see attached listing of electric utility accounts:

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