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Justhost vs iPage

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With so many hosting companies available, finding the right one can take some deep research.
There are constantly new providers popping up, and established hosting companies receiving
more exposure each day. Most providers are referred through word of mouth or through
advertising. Two new companies have recently gained our attention; iPage vs JustHost. During
1998, iPage first emerged and although their startup in gaining customers was slow they have
finally seen the light in advertising. They managed to climb to the top of the charts in the web
hosting industry, and make a great reputation for themselves. The Endurance Group owns
iPage and they are responsible for another company called iPower if you haven’t heard. Right
now, there hosting platforms cater to 1,000,000 websites and up. JustHost, is another
well-known company which first emerged from the UK. Right now, they also have offices in the
United States, for those of you who want to take advantage of their hosting. JustHost was
created in the year of 2008, and in as little as 3 years, they have gathered 150,000 customers
because of their aggressive advertising methods. These two web hosting companies include
shared hosting and also unlimited disk space. Right now, the only company which includes
Ruby on Rails (in case you need it) is JustHost. You’ll have access to PHP, Linux servers, and
their MySQL support as well. Web Hosting comparison of Cpanel: There is a large difference
among JustHost or iPage when it comes to the Cpanel. For example JustHost gives you an
easy to use Cpanel. The user interface is highly graphical and appeals to those who are more
visual. It also holds some of the most common features for website management, file transfers,
applications, and directories. We also like that fact that your directories will be extremely
protected, especially since backups can be made. As for iPage, they offer something called
vDeck which is very similar to the Plesk control panel. This panel is widely used by Endurance
Groups these days. The best part of all is that vDeck has the same features as your average
cPanel, except for Cron jobs. We hope that iPage will add Cron tasks in the future for us.
Customer Service Comparison: Currently, the iPage customer service team is in North
America. You will be able to call them toll free or via live chat. Also, you can send an e-mail to

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                                   them if your request isn’t urgent. Generally, it’s a better idea to call since you will be able to
                                   get a quicker response. They also have an online ticket system which helps organize customer
                                   requests and may be quicker than e-mailing them so be sure to take advantage of this. JustHost
                                   on the other hand, is available in the UK. Their representatives are available at any time, on a
                                   24/7 basis. You will be able to contact them via e-mail, online ticket system, or just by calling
                                   them at their toll free number. Final Conclusion (Summary): We’ve found that both
                                   companies handle their clients in a professional and friendly manner. If there is a problem, they
                                   take full responsibility and try their best to help you. So far, there has been no issues with iPage
                                   or JustHost. We give a high advantage to JustHost since they offer Cron tasks but if you don’t
                                   require this, you’ll have to choose between iPage and JustHost, based on your decisions. Click
                                   here to Get Highest Justhost Discount Coupons or Read Full Review ... Or click here for
                                   iPage Review and their offers ...

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