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Justhost vs Hostgator

                                   JustHost Website

                                 HostGator Website
Choosing between JustHost vs HostGator may seem like a difficult task, considering that both of
these companies are top notch. However, if you know where your values are at – you can find
the right one in no time. HostGator has rapidly climbed up the ladder, gaining thousands of
clients within the past few months. They currently have over millions of domains. Also, they
have seemed to raise their reputation in the eyes of the public. You can get dedicated hosting,
reseller hosting, or even shared here. This is by far, one of the best hosting companies out
there. JustHost on the other hand is known to provide their customers with excellent support.
They are open to all phone calls, 24 hours a day for seven days. They have the most affordable
plans available and also have servers that are highly secure. You know that when you’re
hosting with this company, you won’t run into numerous downtown issues. JustHost Features:

       You get a free domain plus free installation once you sign up.

       There are absolutely no hidden fees or costs that would show up on your bill.

       Receive unlimited GB’s of web space and transfer.

       They have an unlimited amount of e-mail accounts that you can have.

       You are able to set up as many MySQL databases as you’d like since it’s unlimited.

       Once you purchase hosting, you also receive these features; SSL, Perl, PHP, CGI,
       Ruby or RoR.

       Full money back guarantee

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                                                             Web Hosting Reviews


                                   HostGator Features:

                                          You receive an unlimited amount of disk and bandwidth space.

                                          You’ll also have ability to host unlimited websites online.

                                          They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

                                          CGI, PHP, Perl, and RoR are included.

                                          MySQL, POP, SSL, and SSH are also included.

                                          Hosting comes with a free site creator.

                                          Absolutely no hidden fee or contracts.

                                   Overall, it is a better idea to go with HostGator instead of JustHost. Why is this? For one,
                                   HostGator has a better review when it comes to customer satisfaction. Even though HostGator
                                   costs more, you might want to think about everything they have to offer first of all. Paying a few
                                   extra bucks on a monthly basis might be a good idea if it’s for a serious business you have.
                                   Besides, they always say that you get what you pay for. If you have an e-commerce store, it is
                                   crucial that your store is up all the time and HostGator has its 99.9% uptime rate. Missing on a
                                   few orders because of downtime is definitely not a fun experience. Final Conclusion: In
                                   conclusion, choosing between JustHost vs Hostgator can be somewhat difficult. By studying the
                                   many reviews we have read online, it has been discovered that HostGator is the best for you.
                                   Also, HostGator has been around for longer than JustHost and this is why there are far more
                                   individuals hosting there. If you decide to sign up for them, be sure to look for online Hostgator
                                   promo codes if you want to save some extra money on your purchase. Click Here for Full
                                   Hostgator Review & Big Hostgator Coupon Codes ... Or Here for Full Justhost Review &
                                   JustHost Coupons ...

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