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Justhost vs Godaddy

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If you are searching for a reliable web hosting company, looking through hosting reviews is the
best thing you could ever do. That’s why it’s a good idea to find hosting companies that have
been in business for some time. Many web hosts won’t make it through 1-2 years because
some don’t have 5 star customer service. The ones that have been around for some time are
the businesses which will take you seriously (as Justhost or Godaddy), and do whatever they
can to help an issue or answer any questions. Even if a hosting company is cheap, this doesn’t
mean it has bad service or is unreliable. Look at JustHost and you’ll see what we mean. Many
webmasters love JustHost because of their affordability and the fact that they are very reliable.
Over the past few months, they have quickly gained thousands of new clients. Besides
JustHost, there is another monster hosting company called “GoDaddy”. Practically everyone
knows Godaddy because they have been around ever since hosting first came out. Today we
will be comparing the two to see which one is best. Justhost vs Godaddy Comparison –
Which one is the best? Many people ask what the best host is these days, because they want
something that is reliable for their business or blog. However, this really depends on what you
value in a hosting company so the answer may vary for many of you. This is why it’s a good
idea to read through reviews. Right now, Godaddy is the best for hosting with VPS and
dedicated servers. While JustHost currently don’t offer this. For now, we recommend choosing
JustHost instead of Godaddy and here is the reason why:

       Godaddy’s servers are slightly slower than JustHost and we have been with them for
       about 4 years now, so definitely notice a difference.

       Their cPanel is easier to locate and use. Godaddy’s navigation isn’t as friendly with
       other users unless they are advanced.

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                                                             Web Hosting Reviews


                                          There is no toll free number for Godaddy. Of course, they still have a phone number to
                                          call and you are able to e-mail them.

                                          JustHost has Fantastico Deluxe which is much faster than what Godaddy offers in their
                                          hosting connection.

                                          Last but not least, JustHost is more affordable in terms of their plans.

                                   Customer Service of Justhost vs Godaddy: We have called both hosting companies
                                   (Godaddy vs JustHost) for customer service and both are great. Godaddy has more employees
                                   working for them and most of these employees, are highly technical. They know what they are
                                   doing and also know how to help you. As for JustHost, they also have some of the best
                                   representatives available. Most of their reps are friendly and stay on a professional level with
                                   each individual client.In some cases when we called, we requested that Justhost show us how
                                   to perform a task and they have done so. Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to
                                   repeat some of the tasks when it comes to hosting and this is one of the reasons why we like
                                   JustHost. They also provide a 30 day money-back guarantee so there really is nothing to lose.
                                   Final Conclusion: We found that JustHost has more advantages at less price than Godaddy
                                   for basic hosting, But if you need VPS or dedicated servers then go for Godaddy (Since
                                   JustHost don't offer them). Click Here for JustHost Review & High Discount Coupons ... Or
                                   Here for Godaddy Review & Coupon Codes ...

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