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A World Wide Training

Services Provider

    the Law and You
    The Regulations governing the Duties and Responsibilities
    of Employers and the Self Employed are becoming ever
    more complex and stringent. This is especially true when
    considering your Health and Safety obligations.
    We at Lloyds British Training Services are dedicated to assisting you maintain a safe working
    environment by achieving operator competence and heightened levels of safety awareness
    amongst your employees. Don’t compromise on Health & Safety call one of the country’s
    leading Safety Providers on 0870 197 5586.
        Plus… use the services of the UK’s leading Safety Provider and obtain…
    I   Free telephone advisory and guidance service for existing customers of Lloyds British
        Training Services, call one of our Safety Practitioners who can advise on all matters of
        Workplace Safety on 0870 197 5586
    I   A free copy of the Lloyds British Testing Company Plc L.O.L.E.R. and P.U.W.E.R guide
        “What you need to know” – which comprehensively covers the duties and responsibilities
        of the employer to ensure legal compliance


    Training Course Portfolio
    The following courses are available on request and
    can be run on your premises or at a venue of your
    General Safety                                       Working at Height
    Health & Safety for Directors                        Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
    Health & Safety for Line Managers and Supervisors    Mobile Access Towers
    Workplace Risk Assessment                            Ladder Safety and Inspection
    Display Screen Equipment Assessment                  Safe Use and Inspection of Harness
    Manual Handling Assessment                           Inspection of Tied and Fixed Scaffolding
    Practical Manual Handling - 1/2 Day or 1 Day
    Practical Manual Handling Instructional Techniques
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Office Safety                                         Construction, Design & Management
    Accident Investigation                               Planning Supervisor
    Food Hygiene                                         Safety on Construction Sites
    How to Prevent R.S.I./W.R.U.L.D’s in the Workplace   Controlling Contractors Onsite
    Permits to Work
    Pressure Systems
    Safety Reps & Committees                             Fire
    Practical Use of Chainsaw                            Fire Safety
    Confined Spaces                                       Practical Use of a Fire Extinguishers
    Portable Appliance Testing                           Fire Risk Assessment
    N.E.B.O.S.H. National General Certificate
    Violence & Personal Safety at Work
    I.O.S.H. Managing Safely
    Driver Safety Awareness
    Power Press
    Still Saw Operation
    Excavation Safety


         Training Course Portfolio
         Lifting,Slinging and Crane                                         Plant
         Operation                                                          Dumper Truck Operation
         LOLER and PUWER Requirements                                       Excavator/Digger 180°
         Lifting Equipment Inspection - User                                Excavator/Digger 360°
         Lifting Equipment Inspection - Competent Person                    Hydraulic Mini Excavator
         Lifting Equipment Inspection - Powered Hoists and Winches          Bobcat Skid Steer
         Lifting Equipment Inspection - Baskets, Containers and             Loading Shovel
                                        Cargo Carrying Units                Tow Tractors
         Pendant Overhead Crane Operation & Slinging                        Agricultural Tractor
         Overhead Crane Operation Cab Controlled                            Ride on Roller
         Inframatic Crane Operation & Slinging
         Radio Control Crane Operation & Slinging                           Truck Driving
         Slinging/Signaller/Banksman                                        Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck Operation
         Lorry Mounted Crane                                                Rough Terrain Fork Lift Truck Operation
         Rigging - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced                            Telescopic Materials Handler
         Mobile Crane Operation                                             Fork Lift Truck Sideloader
         Overhead Travelling Crane Maintenance                              Fork Lift Truck Thorough Examination
         Dockside Crane Operation                                           Narrow Aisle FLT (man up & down)
         Dockside Crane Operation Grab Duties                               Order Picker FLT
         The Appointed Person                                               Bendi Trucks
         The Crane Supervisor                                               Pedestrian Trucks
         Abrasive Wheels                                                    Industrial Tele-truck
         The Characteristics of Wire Ropes                                  Container Handling
         Passenger & Goods Lift Examination and Maintenance                 Straddle Carriers
         Inspection of Electric Overhead Travelling Crane                   Lorry Mounted FLT
         Mobile Cranes Inspection                                           Fourway Reach
         Dockside Crane Operation                                           Lorry Shunting
         Occupational Health
         Managing Work Related Stress
         Dealing with Work Related Stress

If you would prefer any of the above to be run exclusively for your staff they can be tailored to your specific requirements or needs and can be
delivered at a venue of your choice, to discuss this further call us on:

UK                                                DUBAI                                                    EGYPT
Tel: 0870 197 5586                                Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274                                 Tel: (002) 02 27546913
E-mail: training@lloydsbritish.com                E-mail:barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com               E-mail: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com

KUWAIT                                            INDIA
Tel: (00965) 4764590                              Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868
                                                  E-mail: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindia.com

    Safety Consultancy Services

    Gain peace of mind!
    Our nationwide team of Health and Safety specialists are
    available on a consultancy basis.
    If you have any issues or concerns with regard to the
    following . . . call us on 0870 197 5586
                     DUBAI           Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274
                     EGYPT           Tel: (002) 02 27546913
                     KUWAIT          Tel: (00965) 4764590
                     INDIA           Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868

Develop a Safety Policy               Appointment as Safety Consultant
Workplace Wise Risk Assessments       Expert Evidence
Training Needs Analysis               Appointed Person - Lifting Operations
Method Statements                     Crane Supervisor - Lifting Operations
Developing Permits to Work            Slinger Banksman - Lifting Operations
Accident Investigation                Pressure Testing
Safety Auditing                       Written Schemes of Examination
Workplace Inspections                 L.E.V. Testing and Inspection
Safety Policy and Procedures          P.A.T. Testing
Noise Assessment, Survey and Report


Lifting Equipment
Inspection Courses
The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment
Regulation 1998
Regulation 9 requires the “Thorough examination
and inspection of lifting equipment at the
statutory intervals.”
                                                                                          “ Thank you for the excellent
This course is designed for employees who have a responsibility for issuing,                presentation on lifting
storing, inspecting, condemning or acquiring lifting equipment.                             operations and lifting
                                                                                            equipment regulations.
                                                                                            Our members have gained
“You have a duty of care to ensure your employees are competent to carry out this
                                                                                            some valuable information
skill especially if you are appointing them as your responsible person.”

The course will cover:                                                                      from the presentation.”
The legislation related to lifting accessories.
                                                                                           P Walker
Materials                  Visual Inspection                                               Branch Secretary
                                                                                           The Institution of Occupational Safety
Lifting Accessories        Methods of Testing                                              and Health

Inspection                 Reporting

Dates and prices available on request

To book places call:
UK            Tel: 0870 197 5586            E-mail: training@lloydsbritish.com
DUBAI         Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274      E-mail: barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com
EGYPT         Tel: (002) 02 27546913        E-mail: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com
KUWAIT Tel: (00965) 4764590                 Web : www.lloydsbritish.com
INDIA         Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868      E-mail: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindia.com

This course can also be run as an exclusive for your company at a venue of your choice.


    National General Certificate
    A NEBOSH qualification will give you in-depth
    training and understanding of Health & Safety
    and, it will also, give you the recognition,
    authority and confidence you need to
    successfully carry out your Health & Safety
    duties within your organisation.
    The National General Certificate course is specifically designed for staff who need a    “ We are extremely pleased with
    very good knowledge of Health & Safety in order to carry out their responsibilities      the quality of the training
    in this area, especially personnel, general managers, engineers, quality assurance       provided by your staff, which
                                                                                             has enabled us to promote a
    managers and recently appointed health & safety officers.

    Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers              safe working environment”
    have a duty to appoint one or more competent persons to assist them to manage
    health & safety effectively.                                                            Chris Feetam
                                                                                            H R Manager
    The course will give you the knowledge to:
    • Undertake safety monitoring in the workplace, identify common hazards and
      recommend appropriate action.
    • Investigate an accident and make logical and cost effective recommendations to
      prevent a recurrence.
    • Understand Health & Safety legislation.
    • Comprehend human and organisational problems that can jeopardise a safe and
      healthy environment.

    Dates and prices available on request
    DURATION 12 x 1 day (1 day a week for 12 weeks)

    To book places call:
    UK            Tel: 0870 197 5586         E-mail: training@lloydsbritish.com
    DUBAI         Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274   E-mail: barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com
    EGYPT         Tel: (002) 02 27546913     E-mail: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com
    KUWAIT Tel: (00965) 4764590              Web : www.loydsbritish.com
    INDIA         Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868   E-mail: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindia.com

    This course can also be run as an exclusive for your company at a venue of your


I.O.S.H. Managing Safely
Managing Safely - I.O.S.H. Certificated
‘An introduction to Safety and health for Supervisors and Managers in all types of
organisations who are required to manage efficiently and effectively the activities for which
they are responsible without endangering their workforce, other people, the environment or     “ The feedback from the
the physical assets of the organisation and in accordance with the Safety Policy of the          Directors has been very
                                                                                                 positive and I feel very
organisation and Health & Safety Legislation’ - I.O.S.H.
                                                                                                 confident about the future
                                                                                                 of health and safety in the
The course teaches the manager to apply good management principles of safety and health as

part of total management strategy. It is structured in 8 modules and is available as an open
or in-company course.

The course will cover:                                                                          Shirley Dilley
                                                                                                Human Resources Manager
•   The general Risk Management approach
•   Understand why incidents involving injury or damage occur
•   Applying management principles to safety and health
•   Behavioural factors affecting safety and health performance
•   The legal framework for safety and health at work
•   Communication skills in relation to safety and health
•   Nature of important commonly occurring hazards
•   Specialised hazards

Dates and prices available on request

DURATION 4 day continuous

To book places call:
UK            Tel: 0870 197 5586         E-mail: training@lloydsbritish.com
DUBAI         Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274   E-mail: barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com
EGYPT         Tel: (002) 02 27546913     E-mail: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com
KUWAIT Tel: (00965) 4764590              Web : www.lloydsbritish.com
INDIA         Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868   E-mail: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindia.com

This course can also be run as an exclusive for your company at a venue of your choice.


     A selection of some of our clients
     Alpha Group                              Lex Harvey Group
     Anglian Water                            Linpac Materials Handling
     Arc Quarries                             London Underground
     ASD Steels                               London Waste Ltd
     BAA                                      M.O.D.
     BMW                                      Manchester Airport
     British Nuclear Fuels                    Mettis Aerospace
     British Sugar                            M-Real UK Paper
                                              National power
     British Telecom
                                              Nuclear Power
     BP Chemicals
                                              Northumbrian Water
     Bardon Quarries                          Penwith District Council
                                                                             Some of our
     Birmingham International Airport         Poole Harbour Commissioners   Accrediting &
     British Petroleum                        Powergen
     British Alcan
                                              Reel UK Ltd
     C.W.G.C                                  R.M.C Quarries
     Cadbury Trebor Bassett                   Roger Bullivant Ltd
     Caradon Group                            Rosyth Royal Dockyard
     Carlton TV                               Rolls Royce
     Centro                                   Rolls Royce Motor Cars
     Centre Design Ltd                        Royal Brunel
     Corus                                    Royal Shakespeare Theatre
     Drake and Skull                          Saudi Aramco
     Doncasters Precision Castings            Severn Trent Water
     Ducati Ltd                               SGB
     Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation
                                              Songa Offshore
     Environment Agency
     ESSO Petroleum
                                              Stanley Tools Ltd
     Everest Limited
                                              Stoll Moss Theatres
     Finning (UK) Ltd                         Scottish Power
     Ford Motor Company                       St. Regis Paper Company Ltd
     Foster Yeomans
                                              Tarmac Quarries
     Georga-Pacific                           Tate & Lyle Sugar
     Greenwich Borough Council                Technical Glass Ltd
                                              Thames Water
     Hepworth Group
                                              Timsons Ltd
     Hozelock Ltd
                                              Translift UK
                                              Unite Group Ltd
     Inco Europe Ltd
     Interserve FM Ltd                        Wolverhampton City Council
     Insys Ltd
                                              Vauxhall Motor Company
     JB & S Lees Ltd                          Vestas Celtic
                                              Whale Tankers Ltd
     L.B. Plastics Ltd

anchors away

history still in the making
In 1856, Lieutenant Samuel Brown left the Royal Navy at the request of Lloyds of London. He was instructed to set up the world’s first proving
house for wire rope cables. This was a vital task, as shipboard rats set upon the traditional
hemp ropes used by the ships of the day.
This proved to be the catalyst that led to Lloyds British opening its doors to the world. We still
offer the same professionalism and desire to succeed as Lieutenant Samuel Brown did almost
200 years ago.
Our range of services within a national network include:
G Training services.
G Examination and testing.
G Bespoke design.
G Crane service and repair.
G Manufacture and design.
G Fall arrest systems.
G Sales of lifting equipment.
G Maintenance and examination engineers on constant stand-by.
G Lift installation repair, maintenance and refurbishment.
G Power hoisting.

                                                      Testing of the Titanic anchor at Netherton proving house circa 1912.

If you would like more information on any of our products please contact us on
0870 197 5586, at any of the regional locations overleaf or visit our website www.lloydsbritish.com
UK         Tel: 0870 197 5586         E-mail: training@lloydsbritish.com
DUBAI      Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274   E-mail: barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com
EGYPT      Tel: (002) 02 27546913     E-mail: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com                                                TRAINING
KUWAIT Tel: (00965) 4764590           Web : www.@lloydsbritish.com
INDIA      Tel: (0091) 0943 3004868 E-mail: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindia.com

Training Course Portfolio
Safety Consultancy Courses

Open Public Courses
Lifting Equipment Inspection Courses
NEBOSH National General Certificate
IOSH Managing Safely

Our clients
A selection of some of our worldwide clients.
Accrediting and Corporate Bodies

See the full range of Lloyds British products
available at www.lloydsbritish.com              TRAINING
Atlas House, 4/6 Belwell Lane,
Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands B74 4AB
Tel: 0870 197 5586
Fax: 0870 197 5599
Email: training@lloydsbritish.com
Web: www.lloydsbritishtraining.com

                        GLASGOW G LONDON G MEXBOROUGH
                        WEST BROMWICH G WHITEHAVEN G WIGAN

                        UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
                        Lloyds British Testing Ltd - Dubai BR,
                        P.O Box 88098,
                        Dubai, U.A.E
                        Tel: 00971 (04) 266 5274
                        Fax: 00971 (04) 266 5275
                        Email: barry.mercer@lloydsbritishdubai.com
                                                                        KEY CLIENTS OF LLOYDS INCLUDE:
                        Lloyds British Egypt Ltd
                        Villa No.2
                        Building No.21/10 Section Three,
                        Zahraa El Maadi,
                        Cairo, Egypt, 11435
                        Tel: (0020) 2 27546913
                        Fax: (0020) 2 27539094
                        Email: sales@lloydsbritishegypt.com

                        KUWAIT                                                               BNFL
                        Lloyds British Kuwait
                        PO BOX 26436 Safat
                        Tel: (00965) 476 4590
                        Web: www.lloydsbritish.com                      Mettis Aerospace Ltd

                        lloyds Somers (India) Ltd
                        Diamond Chambers
                        4 Chowringhee Lane
                        Suit IV A, 4th Floor
                        Kolkata, 700016
                        Tel: +91 33 225 22185
                        Email: swapan.bose@lloydssomersindiaindia.com

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