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                                   Tips On How To Host Your Own Website
                                   For anyone who has a background in web-development or programming, I’m sure that you
                                   already know how to host your own website from home using your own computer. To those who
                                   don’t how, all you need to do is to just download and install web server software like Apache
                                   and connect your computer to the internet. Apache web server for example comes with a
                                   manual that you can follow to configure your computer. This will allow you to get the files from
                                   your computer wherever you may be. You can also host your own blog or gallery that can be
                                   accessed by other people. The best thing about hosting your own website on your local
                                   machine is that it won’t cost you anything. However, learning how to host your own website
                                   from your home server and turning your computer into a web server also have some risks
                                   involved. First is that, it will be more prone to attacks because it serves as an open portal for the
                                   whole world, unless you place some firewalls and passwords in order for you to protect the files
                                   in your computer. But nonetheless, there’s no better way to protect your system from attacks
                                   than by making sure that your patches and security updates are current. Another disadvantage
                                   of hosting your website on your own computer is that it won’t be as efficient if you intend to
                                   drive more traffic to your website. This is because the transfer rate and bandwidth of your
                                   computer and internet connection can be very limited. What will happen is that your webpage
                                   would take much longer to load. If you are planning to have a business website or any website
                                   that you want people to go to, then having your own website hosted in a third party web server
                                   would be a more ideal solution. This is because commercial hosting companies already have
                                   existing security parameters to keep your files safe. Their web servers are also much faster
                                   which is important if you want people to see what’s in your website. These hosting companies
                                   also checks and updates their system regularly to make sure that you’re website is always up
                                   and working properly. The cost of having your own website hosted on a third party hosting
                                   company greatly differs on the company and the features or services that come with the
                                   company’s web hosting package. The basic web hosting package can be as low as $3 per
                                   month. This is perfect for hosting your personal blog or other small scale websites that only
                                   draw a few visitors each month. But if you have a business or an ecommerce website, you will
                                   need to avail the more expensive business plans from these web hosting companies which
                                   usually come with a higher or unlimited bandwidth usage per month and bigger storage space
                                   for all your files as Myhosting company. Hosting your website through these web hosting
                                   companies instead of hosting your own website on your own server can make the task easier as
                                   some of these companies will provide you with all the tools you’ll need in order for you to
                                   update, change or transfer files to and from your website. Click here to See all Myhosting
                                   Company Features & Discount Coupons ...

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