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How to be a Web Host Reseller?
Web host reselling is one of the simplest ways to make a fixed income monthly .as becoming a
web host reseller you don’t need or run servers, all your job is to sell web hosting, so if you
have the capacity to provide a fine service at a reasonable price, you can charge whatever you
want, and you will be able to collect the customers and money every month. But, how to be a
web host reseller and what do you have to do?! Steps of becoming a web host reseller:
1- First of all, you have to choose a reliable web hosting company, a simple search on the
internet will provide you with numerous web hosting companies that provide host reseller plans,
but you have to consider that those web hosting companies is totally transparent for your
customers, If anything goes wrong with them, your customers will blame you for that, so you
must choose a reliable web hosting company from the very start, compare services and prices
offered, choose the most suitable host for your needs, make sure this host is allowing future
upgrades as you might need more space later, and if you don’t have enough knowledge about
web hosting, make sure that this company will provide you with technical services and
assistance, later you will acquire the necessary knowledge as your business starts to develop.
2- Once you have your own hosting account, the next step is to setup your website, and this
website should attract the attention, if you don’t have enough technical knowledge of
developing websites you can hire a freelance web designer to setup the website for you, you
need to attract the attention of your potential clients, the website should clearly state your
hosting charges and the benefits your clients will receive, adding useful articles on various
aspects of web hosting will help your customers and will aid in getting your website a higher
rank in search engines indices, those articles should contain all the potential keywords that any
one searching for web hosting may enter into the search engines, finally, make sure you offer
different contact ways for your customers to post their comments or consult you for your
services. 3- With a website, you can start selling web hosting. Make researches to discover the
competitive prices of the service you offer, and provide better offers to be able to attract more
customers, you will only pay a monthly fee for the hosting reseller, you can charge your

customers the price you like and make the difference.                           Reseller web
hosting is very simple business, once you have customers , you will start making money
monthly, when your customers renews their accounts, you will get your money. They will renew
their accounts as long as your services work properly. Initially you might feel that there is a lot to
learn, but once you start the business you will know that it requires a few technical skills with a
very low startup cost, keep in mind that you are only repackaging then selling what your
providers is giving you, as soon as you start the web host reseller business you have to work
on attracting more customers and make money online. One of the best web host reseller
plans is by Justhost reseller hosting, we have used it for our clients and it's very reliable with
inexpensive price, great support and many plans to choose from. I can recommend it to you with

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