Auditorium Proposal by xya58877


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									                                                          File with proposal in Proposal Notebook

                                  PROPOSAL CHECKLIST

Proposal Title

Proposal Deadline

Funding Agency

Date of President's Staff Approval

          I have reviewed the budget with the Accountant, who has initialed the attached budget

          I have reviewed the proposal with my Department Chair, who has initialed the
          attached draft.

          I have confirmed the participation of all of the individuals listed in the budget,
          including those to be supported with grant funds and those supported with College

          If the proposed project requires new faculty/staff, I have talked to HR about any new
          positions included in the proposal.

          If the proposed project requires the use of classrooms, dormitories, auditorium, or food
          service facilities, I have attached a copy of the space reservation form that I filed. This
          space reservation form notes that the program is dependent on grant funding.

                    Signature of Proposal Author                               Date Signed

This checklist must be submitted to the Foundation and Government Relations (FGR) Office
before the proposal is submitted to the funding agency!

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