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									Reporting process:

                                                  Address Correction Required

                                                                                Frankfort, KY 40601
                                                                                Suite 61 Wilkinson Blvd
                                                                                Office of Inspector General
The OIG maintains a hotline to facilitate the
reporting of allegations of fraud, waste,
abuse and commission of environmental                                                                             Office of
                                                                                                              Inspector General
crimes in the cabinets’ programs or
operations. Cabinet employees or the general
public may report allegations at 1-888-564-
0498.                                                                                                             Serves Labor, Public Protection and
                                                                                                                  Energy and Environment Cabinets.
Issues that should be reported:
   Fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement
    within and affecting the cabinets
   Environmental crimes or other
    illegal/criminal acts involving the
   Sexual Harassment and Workplace
   Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Violations
   Other Violations of Kentucky Statutes and

Callers are encouraged to provide relevant
and specific details of their complaints,
including the identity of the person, company
or organization alleged to have engaged in
wrongdoing. A description of the alleged                                                                                Waste
impropriety; contact numbers; date(s) of
alleged wrongdoing; how the caller is aware                                                                             Abuse
of the alleged impropriety; the identity of
potential witnesses and the identity and                                                                          Environmental Crime
location of supporting documentation should
also be given.

KRS 61.102 Reprisal against public
employee for disclosure of violations of law
prohibited -- Construction of statute.
                                                                                                              FACTS ABOUT OIG:
(1) No employer shall subject to reprisal, or
directly or indirectly use, or threaten to use,
any official authority or influence, in any                                                                        History
manner whatsoever, which tends to
discourage, restrain, depress, dissuade,                                                                           Mission
deter, prevent, interfere with, coerce, or
discriminate against any employee who in                                                                           Structure
good faith reports, discloses, divulges, or
otherwise brings to the attention of…….
                                                                                                                   Reporting Process
suspected mismanagement, waste, fraud,
abuse of authority, or a substantial and
specific danger to public health or safety.
No employer shall require any employee to
give notice prior to making such a report,
disclosure, or divulgence.
                                                                                                 OIG Organizational Structure
History of OIG                                    Mission Statement

                                                  The OIG is responsible for conducting          Special Investigations and Auditing
   In 1996, the Central Investigations Section                                                  Branch
    (CIS) was created within the Office of        administrative and criminal investigations
    Legal Services (Executive Order # 96-697).    involving the Labor, Public Protection and
                                                  Energy and Environment Cabinets,
                                                  including violations of environmental laws     Special Investigations Section
   In 1998, the role of CIS had grown. It was
                                                  and other violations of state statutes and
    no longer limited to environmental crimes
                                                  cabinet policies. The office provides          The Special Investigations Section conducts
    and personnel investigations. CIS was
                                                  quality audit services in an objective         civil, administrative and criminal
    evolving and becoming an entity that
                                                  manner to ensure the cabinets’ operational     investigations necessary for effective and
    cabinet management came to depend
                                                  integrity, accountability, efficiency and      efficient management of the cabinets.
    upon to address other management-
                                                  effectiveness and to determine whether         This section also coordinates with external
    related problems.
                                                  they are in compliance with the laws and       agencies involved in the investigation and
                                                  regulations of the Commonwealth.               prosecution of environmental and other
   In 1999, CIS was disbanded and OIG was
    created and attached to the Office of the                                                    crimes. Additionally, this section is
                                                  The OIG strives to prevent, identify, and      responsible for the deployment and
    Secretary. Executive Order # 99-413
                                                  eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, and             operation of remote surveillance cameras,
    created OIG.
                                                  mismanagement. The OIG is dedicated to         which are utilized in support of the open
                                                  providing accurate and impartial               dump initiative and other cabinet-related
   OIG’s creation was codified by the            investigative and audit support to cabinet
    legislature in 2000 (KRS 224.10-025). OIG                                                    incidents.
                                                  management, intra- and inter-agency
    became an office of (15) personnel.           organizations, sister states and federal
    Three sections were created within OIG:                                                      Special Investigations Auditing
                                                  authorities and to serving as a liaison with
    one to investigate criminal activity                                                         Section
                                                  the law enforcement community.
    (cabinet-related statutes), one to address
    open dumps or activities where electronic                                                    The Special Investigations Auditing Section
    surveillance was needed and one to                                                           conducts administrative and criminal
    address personnel or management-related                                                      investigative audits to ensure the cabinets’
    issues.                                                                                      operational integrity, accountability,
                                                                                                 efficiency and effectiveness and to ensure
   In June 2008, by way of Memorandum of                                                        that cabinets are in compliance with laws
    Agreement, the OIG became a shared                                                           and regulations. This section also
    service agency attached to the Labor                                                         coordinates with external agencies involved
    Cabinet for administrative services and                                                      in the investigative audits and prosecution
    shared by the Labor, Public Protection                                                       of crimes.
    and Energy and Environment Cabinets.

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