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Bluehost vs Fatcow

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When it comes time to select a web hosting provider, there are some factors you should take
into consideration such as pricing, features, support, and the uptime of the servers. These are
indeed, very important things to look at. Properly evaluating a web hosting company is the
smartest thing you could do in terms of hosting. There are many charts and graphics online
which compare certain hosting companies, so why not take advantage of these. Two particular
hosts that standout is BlueHost vs FatCow. Both of these hosting companies offer quality
hosting and today we will be comparing between Fatcow vs BlueHost. As we mentioned earlier,
both companies give you great service and you also get quality plans. A standard hosting
company will provide you with advanced applications, design tools, marketing vouchers, and so
on. BlueHost or FatCow definitely offers more than this when it comes to hosting. Here is a
comparison beweetn BlueHost vs FatCow. BlueHost Features:

       Pricing is around $6.95 monthly (may be less with our BlueHost Coupon)
       You will receive free set up
       There is unlimited disk space, bandwidth and e-mail accounts
       Host unlimited domains and subdomains
       Receive a ShopSite shop cart for your E-commerce
       Includes free search engine submission
       You’ll get advertising credits which are free
       Access to their tutorials on just about anything
       You get a user friendly site builder that comes with templates
       Choose from 4 or more open source shopping carts
       1 Click installation using 70 scripts for CMS, blogs, forums and more
       Receive a generated SSL certificate
       Features Virtual Private Server technology
       There is a 99.9% guarantee for their uptime

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                                   FatCow Features:

                                           Pricing begins at $4.67 monthly (Will Be less with our Fatcow Coupon)
                                           Includes free set up once you’ve registered
                                           You get unlimited disk space and bandwidth
                                           There is also unlimited email accounts and domains
                                           Purchase their service and receive free registration
                                           They include a website builder by CM4all (Drag and drop)
                                           Choose from different open source shopping carts
                                           The Cpanel area includes easy to use scripts
                                           They also give you free advertising credits with top search engines
                                           Receive advanced tools for SEO and also tutorials
                                           Click Installation for 70+ web scripts
                                           They are powered by using wind energy
                                           They have a 99.9% uptime for all your websites

                                   As you can see, BlueHost and FatCow are very similar in nature but do have some differences.
                                   For example, their control panels are not the same style but do give you the very same features.
                                   Website Creator Comparison: BlueHost gives you something called Concrete 5 which is a
                                   free drag/drop website creator. On the other hand, FatCow provides Weebly or the website
                                   maker from CM4all. You might take value in a site creator you are more familiar with so you
                                   might want to choose hosting based on this decision. Customer Support Comparison: As for
                                   phone support, both these companies offer a free toll free number which you can call at any
                                   time. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning – you can still call for support! BlueHost will offer
                                   their customers assistance by phone or email. FatCow also offers assistance but you can
                                   contact them via e-mail, live chat, or through their online resource section. Summary: From
                                   deep analysis and customer reviews; Fatcow is better in quality, prices and reliability. Click
                                   Here for Full Fatcow Review & High Discount Coupons ... OR Here for BlueHost Review ...

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