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                                   Best Podcast Hosting Service
                                   In case you are planning to make use of hosting services that is very much bigger as compared
                                   to HTML web pages and includes lots of images, then best podcast hosting websites is the right
                                   solution especially if you plan to add mp3, mov files and wmv files to your webpage. One of the
                                   main reasons to select this podcast hosting service is because these files always occupy more
                                   storage space. By selecting podcast hosting site you can also make use of different media
                                   options and changes that you can integrate. Before you make any decision it is important
                                   that you should be aware of many factors which include: 1- That podcast is handling mp3
                                   files. 2- Enough Disk Space: even if you are making use of compressed files still you need a
                                   large amount of space to execute these files. 3- This is a factor that depends a lot on the length
                                   of your podcast. 4- Selecting a paid service is best option as you can make use of much higher
                                   bandwidth. 5- Fast Connections and Loading: in case your website is receiving too much of
                                   organic traffic then there are chances that you might experience slow connection in some
                                   podcast hosting companies. if you have not selected the best podcast hosting then you might
                                   also experience shut down of your website when more visitors try and log on to your website.
                                   Even if this is a temporary problem still you can loose many potential customers. 6- Selecting a
                                   dedicated service is good option so you are sure that you can make use of maximum
                                   bandwidth. 7- Podcast hosting should guarantee that you offer your customers with best
                                   performance. 8- A genuine host is capable of handling huge volumes of traffic making use of
                                   best servers, tools and resources. 9- Inexpensive Price: it’s best to look for cheap podcast
                                   hosting service provider which is offering you with affordable prices, so you might also don’t
                                   have to pay monthly fee for each of the uploaded material. 10- Internet offers you with many of
                                   best podcast hosting plans,so select from plans which offer you with audio video hosting plans
                                   to use different features in a single plan. 11- Reliability: when you select reliable podcast
                                   hosting plan you might never have to make additional investment to get the files transferred, or
                                   handling large volumes of customers. 12- Select a package that is also user friendly and offers
                                   with different blogging features. 13- There are a number of podcast hosting service providers
                                   who may also offer you with additional features like making use of telephone support line and
                                   voice message services. 14- Best podcast hosting service provide best selection of business
                                   versions. This is a feature that you can make use of for handling more than one podcast. What
                                   is Best Podcast Hosting Service? We have tried many of which called best podcast web
                                   hosting services, none of them really offered us the best features except 1and1 hosting
                                   company, which we can fully recommend to our users. In addition to the above features, 1and1
                                   company offer highest uptime guarantee, reliability, best customer and technical support, best
                                   prices, and best of all their 90 days money back guarantee (the highest in the industry). Click
                                   here to see all 1and1 features & and get best discount >>>

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