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									                                           Old Dominion University                 Policy B-7
                                        Office of the University Auditor           Established Date: 3/01/01
                                                Audit Manual                       Revision Date:


Objectivity is an independent mental attitude which Internal Auditors should maintain in performing audits.
All department audit methods and procedures are designed with the objective of fostering objectivity.
University Internal Auditors are to maintain an independent mental attitude when performing audits and are
not to subordinate their judgment on audit matters to others.

Objectivity requires Internal Auditors to design audit programs and perform audits in such a manner that they
have an honest belief in their work product and that no significant quality compromises are made. Internal
Auditors are not to be placed in situations in which they feel unable to make objective professional judgments.
Appropriate supervisory involvement takes place to ensure audit objectives are met and that objectivity is

Staff assignments are made so that potential and actual conflicts of interest and bias are avoided. Internal
Auditors complete the standard Commonwealth of Virginia Conflict of Interest forms at appropriate intervals.
Auditors are expected to report conflict of interest situations to their Supervisor. The University Auditor
(Audit Director) will consider the conflict situation and reassign Auditors as appropriate. Auditors will
routinely be rotated among audit subjects and locations to enhance training, career development, and reduce
conflict of interest risk.

Internal Auditors do not ordinarily assume operating responsibilities. If, on occasion, Internal Auditors
perform non-audit work, it is understood that they are not functioning as Internal Auditors. Auditors do not
audit any activity for which they had authority or responsibility in the prior 24 months.

Persons transferred to, or temporarily engaged by, the Internal Audit Department should not be assigned to
audit those activities they previously performed until a reasonable period of time has elapsed. Such
assignments are presumed to impair objectivity and should be considered when supervising the audit work
and reporting audit results.

The University Auditor (Audit Director) is responsible for reviewing all audit work before final reporting to
ensure objectivity was in place.

Audit personnel do not design, install or operate systems or draft operating procedures. It is expected that
Audit personnel, however, shall be available to provide control guidance to operating employees. This
process shall be carefully performed, documented, and subject to secondary review.


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