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									1. Name                 :   JITENDRA SINGH
2. Designation          :   READER
3. Address
i) Divisional : Phone #     91-11-26864801-10 Extn: 220
ii) Personal : Phone #      91-11-26535328
                E-mail #    Jiten8454 @Yahoo.Com
4. Languages Known:         English, German, Hindi, Punjabi

5. i) Academic Qualifications :
      Ph.D.(Neurophysiology), 1991, NIMHANS, Bangalore
      M.Phil. (Life Sciences), 1984, JNU, New Delhi

 ii) Professional Qualifications :
     M.Sc. Ed. (Life Sciences), Utkal University, Bhubaneswar,1981
     Diploma in German, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 1979
     National Testing Examination (UGC), 1984
     Special Four-week Training Course in ETV Script Writing and
     Production, Feb. 15 - Mar 12, 1996, CIET, NCERT, New Delhi
     Multimedia in Science Education - Professional Education Course
     Jan. 29-31, 1997, National Centre for Software Technology, Mumbai
     Developing Multimedia Courseware - Professional Educational Course
     Nov. 24-28, 1998, jointly conducted by National Centre for Software
     Technology (NCST) & Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia
     (CEMCA),National Centre for Software Technology, Mumbai
     E-Learning-Demystified and Deconstructed Jan. 30-Feb.3, 2006, jointly
     conducted by Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia
    (CEMCA), Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET),
     National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), New Delhi
    Orientation Course in Natural Sciences
    Refresher Course in Education and Psychology

6. Area of Specialization:
    Science Media and Communication
    Science / Biology Education
7. Experience:

i) Prior to joining NCERT : 8 years
   From 1991 to 1995, PGT (Biology) at JNV, Theog, Shimla
   From 1976 to 1979, Technician Grade II (documentation)
   Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh

ii) After joining NCERT     : 13 years
    Since May 2005, Senior Lccturer, SDTD, CIET
    November, 2001 to May 2005; Senior Lecturer (Biology), DESM, NCERT
    November, 1995 to November, 2001; Lecturer (Science - Educational
    Technology), CIET, NCERT

8. Awards
   National Merit Scholarship of 27th rank in school final examination
   University & Sarat Sulata Gold medal for First rank in M.Sc. Life Sc. Ed
   Second prize for best science Radio programme at the All India Educational
   Audio Video Festival (2007)
   Best primary science TV programme (2000)
   Second prize for best secondary audio science script at the All India
   Educational Audio Video Festival (1998)
   Commendation certificate for best result in the northern region of Navodaya
   Vidyalaya Samiti (1994)

9. Work done on major projects

i) Researcher
   Innovative experiments in biology for senior secondary students
ii) Training & Extension
   Teaching Five batches of students of Class Xth (Science) and
   Class XI & XIIth (Biology); Some of them obtained rank and distinction.
    Training of School teachers in Biology/Multimedia courseware;
   "Incorporating Environmental Issues in Science Education" (UNESCO)
    Seminar in "Science and the Media" held at Inter University Centre of
    Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune from 28 Feb to March 2, 1999
    "Impact of modern methods in making science programmes”.
    Resource person in the workshop “Visuals in Science Communication” at
    Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (conducted by DST) March, 2000
    Repotour in many NCERT programmes of curriculum framework and
iii) Development
     Curriculum and instructional design with special emphasis on educational
     media technologies in the broad subject of Science and Technology
     including biological/life sciences;
     Design and development of instructional material, curriculum and
     instructional design in the broad subject of Science and Technology
     including biological/life sciences;
     Research, Story boarding and Graphic design for more than 50 programmes
      Script writer (Video)
      Written scripts and coordinated more than 100 episodes of educational
      science TV programmes . The important series are
        Series: "Exploring the Universe"; 12 scripts
        Series: "Space Exploration and Technology"; 3 scripts
        Series: "Earth System": 4 scripts
        1. Restless Earth
        2. Inside story of the Earth
        3. Earthquakes
        4. Tsunami
        Series: "Environmental Pollution"; 7 scripts
        1. Air pollution: Slow poisoning
                           Early action counts
        2. Noise pollution: More than meets the ear
        3. Water pollution: Seeping sickness
                              How to check and prevent?
        4. Soil pollution: Storing up the trouble
                           Time to art
        Series: "How Reshma’s brain works" 3 scripts
        1. How Reshma’s brain works: Our sense of self
        2. How Reshma’s brain works: Signs and signals
        3. How Reshma’s brain works: Uniqueness of human brain
        Series: "Biodiversity"; 4 scripts
        Series: "Plant life".2 scripts
        Series: "Gene technology"; 7 scripts
        1. Genetic engineering: Changing life’s genetic blue print
        2. Genetic engineering: Medical applications
        3. Genetic engineering: Agricultural and environmental application
        4. DNA profiling: The new science of identity
        5. Cloning in focus
        6. Human genome: Cracking the code of life
        7. Your stem cells could save you one day
        Series: "Wars within Our Bodies"; 5 scripts
        1. First line of defense
        2. Second line of defense
        3. Third line of defense
        4. When immune system fails
5. Prevention is better than cure
Series: "Vision"; 7 scripts
1. Gift of side: The sense that receive the most of the information
2. Vision: Our foremost sense
3. Seeing is believing
4. Quest for colours
5. Vision is colour
6. Optical illusions
7. Visual defects
 Series: "Audition"; 4 scripts
1. Sense of hearing
2. Your sense of balance
3. Listening vs hearing: The sense that is always on
4. Hearing disorders
 Series: "The story of Chick"; 2 scripts
 Series: "Doing and deciphering: Connections"; 6 scripts
 Series: "The Story of Writing"; 4 scripts
1. History of writing material
2. Alphabets: Symbols and Science
3. Printing revolution: Books will do it
4. calligraphy: Disappearing act
Series: "Beat goes on"; 5 scripts
1. Heart- the living pump and pipes: Nature’s master piece
2. The beat goes on
3. Heart control and regulation
4. When hearts fail
5. How to keep your heart healthy
 "Bodies in motion"; 1 script
Academic/Subject Coordinator
Series: "Agriculture and Animal Husbandary” (Secondary ts); 6 scripts
Series: “Water for Life” series ( Primary); 9 scripts
Interviewed 12 nationally selected participants in the INTEL-Discovery
Talent Search 2000 for the programmes in the science series
Script writer(Audio)
Written scripts and coordinated more than 50 episodes of educational
science radio programmes
16 scripts on the stories of great innovators/inventors that contributed
 significantly for the welfare of humanity. Important titles are
“The Story of Radio”; “The Story of Gramophone”; “The Story of
 Telephone”; “Kalaam ki parvaz” “Loiu Pasteur ki manavat ko denn”;
 “Kalpana jo sitaro me kho gayi”
Academic/Subject Co-ordinator
Gyan-Vigyan Series of Science Educational Programmes :
13 programmes based on EVS competencies for primary;
"Conservation of Water Resources" in the Environment Series.
     Presenter in the Radio programme "Rangoli".
     Rhymes and songs from Marigold English text book for Class I and II
     Rhymes and songs from Marigold English text book for Class III and IV
     (in the process of production):

10. Memberships and Affiliations :

Editorial committee member of Indian Educational Review
CIET representative of National Science Centre, New Delhi
CIET Member of Minority Cell of NCERT
Media selection committee member of Department of Science and
Technology, Government of India
Indian Science Congress

11. Publications :
i) Books and articles in books
Opioid peptides: An Update, NIDA research monograph (international), 1988
Drug Research perspectives: A CDRI Series, V.17, 1994
Towards a Media Curriculum : Briefs for Educational Media Programmes based
on Primary School Curriculum-Educational Studies, CIET, NCERT, INDIA, 1997
ETV programme briefs in science for secondary level,
CIET, NCERT, INDIA (imeographed),1998
Biology textbook for class XI ( Chapter 15), 2001
Biology textbook for class XII ( Chapter 10, 11, 26),2002
Lab Manual in Biology for class XI & XII, 2003

ii) Articles in professional journals/year books
Cytobios (international) 55(221), 1988: 95-103
Physiology & Behavior 55(4), 1994: 627-632
Brain Research Bulletin 41(6), 1996: 399-408
Physiology & Behavior 61(3), 1997: 411-418
Pharmacology, Behaviour & Behaviour 58(4), 1997: 893-898
Behavioural Brain Rerearch 86(1), 1997: 171-179
Staff and Educational Development International 20(1): 95-104, 1998
School Science: Grains of Hope: Debate on Pros and Cons of Golden Rice in
Biology Classroom, 43(4), 2005: 16-21
School Science: Nanotechnology -A Primer with FAQ 44(4), 2006: 8-17

Milestones in Genetics, CD-ROM, DCETA, NCERT, INDIA, 2004
Restless Earth (Part I, II, III), CD-ROM, CIET, NCERT, INDIA, 2005
Water: A Wonderful Molecule, CD-ROM, CIET, NCERT, INDIA, 2005
Colloids and Solutions, CD-ROM, CIET, NCERT, INDIA, 2005
Restless Earth (Part I, II, III), CD-ROM, CIET, NCERT, INDIA, 2005

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