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									                     COMPUTECH INFO SOLUTIONS

                         Oracle Apps 11i Financials - Functional

                                        Course Curriculum
Setup Multi-Org Structure             AIM Methodology                         Procure-to-pay process

Oracle General Ledger                                     Oracle Assets
Oracle Receivables                                        Oracle Cash Management Overview
Oracle Payables                                           Sys-admin Basics
Oracle Purchasing

                                          Course Contents

Oracle General Ledger:
Define Period types                                       Create Budgets
Accounting Periods                                        Security rules
Accounting Calendar                                       Cross-validation rules
Transaction Calendar                                      Define Set of books
Define Value sets                                         Multiple reporting currencies (MRC)
Define Flex fields                                        Consolidation
Define Segments                                           Translation
Chart of accounts                                         Revaluation
Currencies                                                FSG reports – Overview
Create Journals

Oracle Account Receivables:
Customer Creation                                         Reversing a Receipt
Customer Profile Classes                                  Cash / Miscellaneous Receipt Process
System Options                                            Chargeback / Adjustment Receipt
Setup Sales Tax Location and Territory                    Receipt batches
Flex fields                                               Auto accounting
Salesman Creation                                         Auto invoice process
Manual Invoice Process
Debit Memo / Credit Memo                                  Setting up transaction types and sources
Deposit / Guarantee                                       Dunning Letters
Apply Receipt to invoice                                  Aging Buckets

Oracle Purchasing:
Requisitions                                              RFQs and Quotations
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                     COMPUTECH INFO SOLUTIONS
Purchase Orders                                           Automatic Document Creation
Receiving                                                 Approved Supplier List
Receipt Routing                                           Sourcing Rule
Receiving Tolerances                                      Defining Suppliers
Document Types                                            Supplier Site
Document Approval - Jobs and Positions                    Matching (2 way, 3 way, 4 way)
Define Approval Groups and Assignments                    Financial Options
Defining and Maintaining Items                            Purchasing Options Information

Oracle Payables:
Choose SOB                                                Employee Advances
Setup Financial and Maintenance                           Employee Expense Report
Supplier Creation and Maintenance                         Recurring Invoice Cycle
Supplier Merge Cycle                                      Fixed Assets Invoice Process
Payment Terms Maintenance                                 Invoice Cancellation
Banks Maintenance                                         Invoice Batch Cycle
Standard Invoice Process                                  Single Payment Cycle
Invoice Matching With PO and GRN                          Payment Batch Cycle
Debit/Credit Memo Process                                 Stop and Void Payments
Payment Process                                           Supplier Balance Enquiry
Prepayment Process

Fixed Assets;
Definition of Asset Categories                            Asset Quick/Detail Additions
Definition of Asset Books                                 Adding New Asset Categories
Definition of Asset Locations                             CIP Assets
Definition o Accounting Calendar                          Asset Transfers
Definition of Depreciation Methods                        Asset Reclassification
Definition of Prorate Conventions                         Asset Mass Additions through PO/AP

Creation of Users
Creation of Responsibilities for Menus and Functions
Setting-up of Profile Options
Definition of Document Sequences

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