Chapters 9-12 by huanghengdong


									Grade 12 A2                                                       In the Time of the Butterflies
Ms Berkers                                                                       Chapters 9-12

Chapters 9-12

Discuss the following:
1. '"I followed my husband. I didn't get involved.'...Then as if to redeem herself, she adds,
'I didn't get involved until later...when it was too late.'"
2.What effect is created through Minou taking over the role of the interviewer? (174)
3. "So when she saw her three sisters coming down the path that afternoon, she felt pure
dread. It was as if the three fates were approaching, their scissors poised to snip the knot
that was keeping Dede's life from falling apart."
4. Why does Dede avoid her sisters for a while? (177)
5. "True to her nature, Dede had made the best of things, eager for order, eager for
6.what is Dede's secret rebellion?
7. Why does Dede not leave Jaimito once she has decided to do so?(182-185, 194)
8. "You're plenty brave...One struggle at a time, sister."
9. Who is the first to be arrested? and the rest in what order?
10. "But why? Why? ...Leandro's a serious boy, an engineer!"
11. Discuss the symbolism of the SIM tearing apart the house, the fields and carrying
pieces away before burning the rest.

12. Note the motif of the resurrection in chap 10. How is it used and to what effect?
13. All at once, I lost my home, my husband, my son, my peace of mind.
14. And on the third day He rose again…
         On my third day at Mama’s, instead of a resurrection, I got another crucifiction.
15. I saw tiny cells with very little air and no light. I heard doors open, I saw hands
intrusive and ugly in their threats. I heard the crack of bones breaking, the thud of a body
collapsing. I heard moans, screams, desperate cries.
16. ‘I’ve been good,’ I’d start screaming at the sky, undoing the “recovery.”
17. I don’t know if that is how it started, but pretty soon, I was praying to him, not because he
was worthy of anything like that. I wanted something from him, and prayer was the only way I
knew to ask.
18. So, I thought, why not? Treat him like a spirit worthy of my attention, and maybe he would
start behaving himself.
19. Take me instead, I’ll be your sacrificial lamb.
20. I had let go of my hard feelings, for the most part, but there was some lingering bitterness.
For instance, I had offered myself to El Jefe to do with as he wanted, but I hadn’t extended the
same courtesy to God.
21. Three times, Dede and Mama and Jaimito had been down to headquarters, only to be told
that there was no record of our prisoners.
22. I found Minou digging a hole in the ground and burying all the candies Pena had brought.
When I asked her why she was wasting her candies, she said she was burying them like the box
her Mama and Papa had buried in their yard that was bad to touch.
23. No one knew that the Voice of God would speak from the pulpit that day. None of us would
have expected it from Padre Gabriel, who was, we thought, a stooge substitute sent in after
Padre de Jesus was arrested.
24.Who becomes the conduit between the Mirabal sisters? What is the irony and the
significance of this?
Grade 12 A2                                                       In the Time of the Butterflies
Ms Berkers                                                                       Chapters 9-12

25. Then I added the words I found hard to wrench from my prideful heart. “Patria Mercedes, to
serve you.”
26. He was a true angel all right. He had come through for us … at a time when most people
were avoiding the Mirabals.
27. That’s when it struck me. This devil might seem powerful, but finally I had a power stronger
than his. So I used it. Loading up my heart with prayer, I aimed it at the lost soul before me.
28. The devil I was so used to seeing disappeared, and for a moment, like his tilting prism, I saw
an overgrown fat boy, ashamed of himself for kicking the cat and pulling the wings off
29. The truth was the devil was the devil even in a halo. But I knew it was more complicated
than that. He was both, angel and devil, like the rest of us.
30. I don’t know, I wanted to start believing in my fellow Dominican’s again. Once the goat was
a bad memory in our past, that would be the real revolution we would have to fight: forgiving
each other for what we had all let come to pass.
31. The audience was as much for the press as for us. We were part of a stage show.
32. But I know a godly voice when I hear one. I heard Him all right, and He called my name.

33. And suddenly, you start feeling, like maybe you are going to make it through this hell with
some dignity, some courage, and most important –never forget this, Mate –with some love still
in your heart for the men who have done this to you. (241)
34. How has Mate’s attitude towards others changed in prison? In what way is it still the
35. I never was good at understanding that difference so crucial to my sister. Everything’s
personal to me that’s principle top her, it seems.
36. Mate and innocence have been a popular topic of conversation throughout the story.
How does Chapter 11 add to this conversation of innocence as a motif in the novel?
37. Magdalena and I had a long talk about the real connection between people. Is it our
religion, the colour of our skin, the money in our pockets?
38. I can’t bear to tell you the story yet.
39. But victims can do a lot of harm. And this isn’t personal, Mate, she adds. This is principle.
40. Did the imprisonment have a larger emotional impact on Minerva or Mate?
41. Then one day, you’re out of here, free, only to discover you’ve locked yourself up and thrown
away the key somewhere too deep inside your heart.
42. How might the lives of the girls have been different had they accepted the pardon?
43. Comrades, we have suffered a setback but we have not been beaten. Death or Liberty!
44. But it raised my spirits so much, the generosity of these girls I once thought were below me.
45. How does Mate transform from a child-like girl to a woman in this chapter?
46. What evidence can you cite in this chapter of a shift in the power paradigm between
Minerva and Mate?
47. Sometimes I think ---- (can’t read handwriting) had become something of a habit for
48. I was left alone in that room with a handful of guards. I could tell they were all ashamed of
themselves, avoiding my eyes, quiet, as if Jonny was still there. (256)
49. Why do you think Alvarez wrote this particular chapter in such a descriptive manner?
What is the effect?
50. El Jefe cannot afford any more international trouble right now.
Grade 12 A2                                                       In the Time of the Butterflies
Ms Berkers                                                                       Chapters 9-12

51. How would the events that occurred prior to the incarceration of Minerva and Mate have
led to international trouble?
52. May I never experience all that it is possible to get used to. (235)
53. Everything is for sale here, everything but our freedom. (231)
54. You think…with some love still in your heart for the men who have done this to you.
55. Minerva initially tells Mate the diary is a way for her deeper her soul. This is the last book
Mate writes in; have her diaries served their intended purpose?

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