Blending the style of Bryan Debate and Acting by gokmamualita


									Blending the style of Bryan Debate and Acting
   Blogging the world of acting brought her 'debater' achievement to the
                                world stage.

                                 Asa adinda

  MALE 22 years is a lot of competition following the debate.However, he
admitted the film and the acting is his dream.Apparently it has become one
of the key achievements that support success in the world Bryan Gunawan

 Bryan made it into the top 10 best speakers Classic category as a Foreign
Language (EFL) in a debate competition antaruniversitas world level. In the
middle of his lecture, the former President of Bina Nusantara Classic Club is
also actively teaching English at several high schools in Jakarta, including a
                           call to teach out of town.

     Bryan felt very grateful to both parents who are very focused on
 education. That is why even liked the movie, she went to college majoring
                  in accounting for the wishes of parents.

But about the ideals, Bryan specify bold attitude. He did not want to impose
   something that is not a dream. Hence, he rejected when received at a
                        prestigious accounting firm.

                How the world's first foray into the debate?

Initially just love learning languages. My mum is also very concerned about
 the same language since elementary school. I also learned to speak French
and Mandarin. Many entered a competition like speech, story telling, and at
most in the debate, because it's the complete package. There is persuasive,
   stage act, public speaking, too, learn analysis and critical thinking. But
                      basically I like to look really, hahaha.

  Can ceritain about participation in the debate competition on the world

  World level debate competition and the first time Indonesia entered and
  can be the best 10 people. I get into the top ten of his best speakers, and
 ranking sixth in the world. Funnily enough, came there a blue batik wear,
  but dress code is black and white.But, insisted tetep wear blue batik. At
that time there were many participants who come to it. Because, the system
           is not per country, but a university, in 2010, in Turkey.

                     What do you like from the debate?

 What is interesting is that we will be in the opposite position and morally
  unprofitable. For example ever disband FPI debate, but we are in the
position of the opposition. In the end, we truly understand both sides of an
           issue, and because of that same person can empathize.

                Do you think the debate is acting or neutral?

  There are also real acting, because if in the form of the race so, baseball
         would want us to do is persuade people yes, for a vision.

              There is an applied science debate into acting?

   There is really hell. If I again debate, science often use the theater for
  people who want to live up to my defense. Conversely, improvisation in
acting when the debate was very influential, or the script is less, I must add
the actor again. We're used to thinking logically, now in the drama that we
can use let me make sense. But, the science debate ngebantu where-where,
                               even exams.

For example, economics or accounting exam, there are essay questions that
 'according to you ...,' even though the answer is baseball fitted, if written
with a sequential reason, did so more readable, and you terselamatkanlah,
                              so to speak, hahaha.

            How to cope with something that you like baseball?

Although this accounting lecture parental guidance, rather than purely my
 choice, I still feel that it's baseball wrong. We see the bright side, there's
 always a good side. What do we do these days, lo baseball will know the
                                benefits in the future.

 If I had not a science high school, baseball may be as sharp as I was in the
     debate. Accounting, sometimes like sometimes baseball. Yes most if
nascent baseball joy, I'm talking to myself, "Okay udahlah yes, do it for your
       parents". I will willingly do that to someone else who I sayangin.

                   Then how you distribute your favorite?
Recently I played in college theater. Accustomed debate helps in acting. I'm
      not part of this theater group, but an outsider who audition and
   entrance. So one of the main cast name Bannerman, children who are
 looking for a missing father. In this lecture rarely really can not act. New
    recent years become active again. I think that it liberates the soul of
 acting. When you get there and you play there, really feel to be someone
          else.Automatic can understand life from the other side.

                            What is your desire?

 First entry IKJ wants. Could still be ngerjain accounting, but do not like to
      work behind a desk. It's time to pursue a dream, when else if not
   now. Although high schools also took IPA, basically cabangannya two
        wrote, the one presenting and debate, and the latter is acting.

                  What would you do with the film world?

 Development of self and society. I want to get into the world of acting and
film. Take a film school, studying film, acting, because it emang my dream,
to become an actor will eventually make a continuous film. Want to make
                          impact to the community.

 Therefore, the film is one that can provide inspiration to the community,
 can change people's lives everyday. The second film was one of the media
   are very popular and very touching people.Nah too seriously, but can
                          change people seriously.

                             Project the future?

  Because now the debate has been no formal community, are now again
 making debate Debate Institute for the development of Indonesia. Me and
 friend are conceptualizing it. Anyway is in the process, doain wrote. This
month I decided to finish the thesis and thesis accounting debt first so it can
                               be closed. Hehe.

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