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					      AvaTax ST
 The fastest, easiest, most accurate
and affordable way to calculate and
      file sales and use taxes.
   • Intro to avalara
   • Tax Market Overview and Issues
   • AvaTax ST- Product and Pricing
Intro to avalara
  • Founded in 1999 by a world leading team of Tax,
    Accounting, and Security Experts.

  • Focused on creating a sales tax engine that anyone
    can use, and everyone will want.
  • Perfect for Small and Medium-sized business
  • Beats manual methods by miles

      No Down Time,
      and Help Desk
      issues are over

  • No installed software or maintenance
  • Easy to deploy because there’s nothing to install
AvaTax ST
 • AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax, and
   generates reports for any jurisdiction in the U.S. and Canada.

 • Enterprise class technology at a price everyone can afford.

 • Any company of any size can realize the cost saving benefits.

 • AvaTax ST is the easiest, most accurate and affordable way to
   calculate and report sales and use taxes.
Customer Priorities
Priorities should evolve as technology improves

   Effort and Investment
   •Customer Set-up
   •Tax Schedule and Detail Set-up                    Traditional Tax
   •Tax Detail Maintenance                            Recording just does
   •Audit Risk                                        not cut it anymore

   •Real-time Address Validation                    •Accurate Tax Info
   •Auto Jurisdiction Setup w/zip + 4               •Up to Date Records
   •No more hassle w/tax tables                     •Saves Time and Money
   •Ease Of Filing and Reduced Audit Risks          •Audit Protection !!!

             A few years ago this could not have existed!
AvaTax ST
  Creates ONE schedule for all your customers.
  Address Validation determines the correct rate for customer transactions.
  Tax table maintenance is a thing of the past. NO MORE ERRORS!!

                         ZIP +Four
The AvaTax ST Solution
• Easier and more accurate.
  – No more research or having to choose the right

   With One Simple Click ……

   -Hundreds of hours of research go to zero hours.
   -No more tax details and schedules
   -Thousands of jurisdictions and changes are
    updated instantly
   -Addresses are validated and corrected.
Infinitely easier
 Maintain tax rates on
 regular basis.

 Constant research
 and update of tax

 Scaleable pricing
 makes AaTax ST a        Research goes
 good investment         away, we do not
 regardless of           populate your
 business size or        tables, you read
 transaction volume.
    Problem!!        The Auditor just came in the door !

Protects you in an
audit. Complete
details for every
transaction stored
and instantly
available for
    The AvaTax ST Advantage
                                       Traditional Manual Systems                                  AvaTax

                              * Time Consuming                                 Provides Validation certified by the USPS
Address Verification          * Riddled with Data Entry Errors

                              * Done by Internal Resources                     Automatic-We do the hard work for you
Research                      * Expensive Subscription Services required for
                              jurisdiction updates

                              *Manual configuration and changes to tax         Automatic-We maintain it for you
Maintaining Rate Changes      schedules, details and customers

                              *Accurately picking the correct tax schedule     Automatic-We determine the exact
Customer Setup and Ongoing    from thousands                                   jurisdiction based on the street address
Maintenance                   * Requires constant maintenance because          (zip+4)
                              of jurisdictional changes

                              *Manually have to combine multiple reports       Real Time reporting and Excel Exporting
Reporting and Analysis        with incomplete data                             capabilities

Filing Time and Effort        * Long and Difficult at best                     Easy to use tax filing reporting

                              * Most ERP systems do not capture audit trails   Provides a complete detail of an Audit Trail
Audit Trail                   or details

                              * Internal Resource Costs                        Drastically reduced with
                              * External Resource Costs                        * Complete Audit Trails
                              * Legal Costs, Penalties, Re-Imbursements        * Correct Jurisdictions based on CASS
Audit Costs due to            * Loss of Productivity                           certified address validation
inaccuracies and incomplete   * Cross Jurisdictional Mistakes                  * Real-Time jurisdiction assignment based on
audit records                 * Incorrect Address and Tax Schedules            street address.
                              * Incomplete Customer Audit Trail
     AvaTax ST Pricing

Scalable and
transaction based to fit
your business

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