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                                ―However sincere men
                          may be in their views, they
                          cannot gain salvation by
                          worshiping idols, images, or
                          false gods of any kind.
                          Eternal life is attained
                          through a knowledge of "the
                          only true God, and Jesus
                          Christ whom" he hath sent.
Elder Bruce R. McConkie
                          (John 17:3.)‖
                                   Mormon Doctrine, p.374
                               ―Carnal man has
                           tended to transfer his trust
                           in God to material
                           things….. Whatever thing
                           a man set his heart and
                           his trust in most is his god;
                           and if his god doesn‘t also
                           happen to be the true and
                           living God Israel, that man
                           is laboring in idolatry.‖
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball      ―The False Gods We Worship,‖
                                    Ensign, June 1976, 45
    ―During the days of ancient Israel, the people of
the Lord were an island of the one true God,
surrounded by an ocean of idolatry. The waves of
that ocean crashed incessantly upon the shores of
Israel. Despite the commandment to make no graven
image and bow down before it, Israel seemingly
could not help itself, influenced by the culture of the
place and time. Over and over again—despite the
prohibition of the Lord, despite what prophet and
priest had said—Israel went seeking after strange
gods and bowed down before them.
    ―How could Israel have forgotten the Lord, who
brought them out of Egypt? They were constantly
pressured by what was popular in the ambience in
which they lived.‖ (Italics added)
                                 Elder David R. Stone
                                 Ensign, May 2006,90
                              ―In addition to their
                          national citizenship, members
                          of the Church are also citizens
                          of God‘s kingdom. Their
                          commitment to it, however,
                          may be variable…. Some allow
                          their allegiance to God and His
                          kingdom to slip below that of
                          other interests in life…..
                              ―If we break God‘s first
                          commandment, we cannot
                          escape retribution. If we allow
                          any other person or cause to
Elder Russell M. Nelson   come before allegiance to Him,
                          we will reap a bitter harvest.‖
                                         Ensign, May 1996,14
                         ―A common sin is
                     rebellion against God.
                     This manifests itself in
                     wilful refusal to obey
                     God's commandments
                     ……. in the deliberate
                     word or act of
                     disobedience to God's
Spencer W. Kimball
                          Miracle of Forgiveness, 42
    ―The idolatry of those days, both in Canaan
and throughout the Near East, was especially
pernicious because it combined immorality with
    ―Idolatry in those centuries actually was a
glorification of sexual deviations through
religion. It combined a rejection of the true
God, by turning to idols, with a repudiation of
the laws of virtue laid down by the Lord.‖
                  Elder Mark E. Peterson
                  Joshua: Man of Faith, p.7-8
      ―The word ―adultery‖ and
the word ―idolatry‖ were originally
one, that is, they sprang from the
same root, and mean essentially
the condition of being false to a
solemn covenant.‖
             James E. Talmage
             CR October 1930, p.71

       ―The Lord compared himself--though in
    terms of rebuke--to the Israelites of old, as
    their husband. ‗I am married unto you,‘ he
    said; and further, in effect: ‗O recreant Judah,
    backsliding Israel. I am married to you. I love
    you as a husband loves his wife, and yet you
    go after strange gods and desert me, with
    whom you have made covenant.‘‖

                       Elder James E. Talmage
                       CR, October 1930, 71
                                ―Now, in conclusion, this leads
                           to a related matter I wish to
                           mention, and that is the sexual
                           adventurism which is spreading
                           like another plague across the
                                ―To the young men who are
                           here tonight I wish to say that the
                           Lord has made it clear, and the
                           experience of centuries has
                           confirmed it, that happiness lies
                           not in immorality, but rather in
                           abstinence. The voice of the
                           Church to which you belong is a
Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley   voice pleading for virtue. It is a
                           voice pleading for strength to
                           abstain from that which is evil. It
                           is a voice declaring that sexual
                           transgression is sin……
                               ―For your own sakes, for your
                           happiness now and in all the years to
                           come, and for the happiness of the
                           generations who come after you,
                           avoid sexual transgression as you
                           would a plague.
                                     ‗Reverence and Morality‘
                                     Ensign, May 1986, p.45

Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley
                                ―I recently read that
                           pornography has become a $57
                           billion industry worldwide. Twelve
                           billion of this is derived in the
                           United States by evil and
                           ―conspiring men‖ (see D&C 89:4)
                           who seek riches at the expense of
                           the gullible. It is reported that it
                           produces more revenue in the
                           United States than the ―combined
Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley
                           revenues of all professional
                           football, baseball and basketball
                           franchises or the combined
                           revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC‖
                           (―Internet Pornography Statistics:
                           2003,‖ Internet,
                               ―It robs the workplace of the time
                           and talents of employees. ―20% of men
                           admit accessing pornography at work.
                           13% of women [do so]. … 10% of
                           adults admit having internet sexual
                           addiction‖ (―Internet Pornography
                           Statistics: 2003"). That is their
                           admission, but actually the number may
                           be much higher.
Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley       ―The National Coalition for the
                           Protection of Children and Families
                           states that ―approximately 40 million
                           people in the United States are sexually
                           involved with the Internet. …
                               ―One in five children ages 10–17
                           [has] received a sexual solicitation over
                           the Internet. …
                               ―Three million of the visitors to
                           adult websites in September 2000
                           were age 17 or younger. …
                               ―Sex is the number 1 topic
                           searched on the Internet‖ (NCPCE
                           Online, ―Current Statistics,‖ Internet,
Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

                                          Ensign, Nov 2004, 59
                               ―I am grateful that the Lord has
                           blessed us as a people with
                           temporal blessings unequaled in the
                           history of the Church. These
                           resources have been given us to do
                           good and to permit our work on
                           earth to accelerate. But I fear that
                           through prosperity many of us have
                           been preoccupied with what Daniel
                           called ―gods of silver, and gold, of
President James E. Faust   brass, iron, wood, and stone, which
                           see not, nor hear, nor know.‖
                           These, of course, are idols….
                               ―.....During most of the
                           world‘s history, mankind has
                           labored much in idolatry, either
                           worshiping false gods or
                           becoming preoccupied with
                           acquiring the material opulence
                           of this world…..
                               ―The requirement that we
                           should love the Lord above fish,
                           bank accounts, automobiles, fine
                           clothing, stocks, bonds,
President James E. Faust   certificates of deposit, or any
                           other possession is total; it is

                                      Ensign, May 2001, p.45
                               ―Modern idols or false
                           gods can take such forms as
                           clothes, homes, businesses,
                           machines, automobiles,
                           pleasure boats, and
                           numerous other material
                           deflectors from the path to
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball   godhood.‖
                                Miracle of Forgiveness, p.40-41
                            ―I would as soon
                          see a man
                          worshipping a little
                          god made of brass
                          or of wood as to see
                          him worshipping his
President Brigham Young
                               Journal of Discourses 6:196
    ―American Mormons, and Americans generally, are
threatened at a more fundamental level by the
material prosperity of this country. It is a curse in
disguise. Prosperity per se is not an enemy to religion,
but prosperity may often lead to idolatry. The danger
of all progress is idolatry, because the temptation all
of the time is to set up something in the place of God.
And the more tempting the progress is—and material
prosperity is tempting—the more dangerous it is.
Think of the idols of prosperity: the car, the camper,
the boat (bane of bishops), the color TV, the football
game, two weeks of hunting. These become idols
when more enthusiasm and time are given to them
than to the worship of God.
                                        Arthur Henry King
   (as quoted by Elder Dallin H. Oaks in Pure in Heart, 82)
                               ―Many people spend most of
                           their time working in the service
                           of a self-image that includes
                           sufficient money, stocks, bonds,
                           investment portfolios, property,
                           credit cards, furnishings,
                           automobiles, and the like to
                           guarantee carnal security
                           throughout, it is hoped, a long
                           and happy life. Forgotten is the
                           fact that our assignment is to
                           use these many resources in
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball   our families and quorums to
                           build up the kingdom of God—
                           to further the missionary effort
                           and the genealogical and
                           temple work;
                               ―to raise our children up as
                           fruitful servants unto the Lord; to
                           bless others in every way, that
                           they may also be fruitful. Instead,
                           we expend these blessings on our
                           own desires….‖
                              ―The False Gods We Worship‖
                              Ensign, June 1976, 45
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball
                            ―A few of our wonderful
                        youth and young adults in the
                        Church are unstretched. They
                        have almost a free pass.
                        Perks are provided, including
                        cars complete with fuel and
                        insurance—all paid for by
                        parents who sometimes listen
                        in vain for a few courteous
                        and appreciative words. What
Elder Neal A. Maxwell   is thus taken for granted …
                        tends to underwrite
                        selfishness and a sense of
                              BYU devotional, 12 Jan. 1999
                             ―Selfishness is actually the
                        detonator of all the cardinal sins. It
                        is the hammer for the breaking of
                        the Ten Commandments, whether
                        by neglecting parents, the
                        Sabbath, or by inducing false
                        witness, murder, and envy. No
                        wonder the selfish individual is
                        often willing to break a covenant in
                        order to fix an appetite…….
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
                             ―Some of the selfish wrongly
                        believe that there is no divine law
                        anyway, so there is no sin (see 2
                        Ne. 2:13).
                            ―Situational ethics are thus
                        made to order for the selfish. So
                        in the management of self, one
                        can conquer by his genius and
                        strength, because there really is
                        no crime whatsoever (see Alma
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
                                      Ensign, May 1999, 23
                          ―Seduced by our culture,
                       we often hardly recognize
                       our idolatry, as our strings
                       are pulled by that which is
                       popular in the Babylonian
                       world. Indeed, as the poet
                       Wordsworth said: "The
                       world is too much with us"
                       ("The World Is Too Much with
                       Us; Late and Soon," in The
Elder David R. Stone
                       Complete Poetical Works of
                       William Wordsworth [1924],
                                  Ensign, May 2006, 90

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