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					                                           Kaitlyn Newell

       “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This

quote is from Nelson Mandela. The reason I dream to educate children is I want to make a

difference in their lives. My past experience with hobbies, jobs and life is what inspired me to

become an educator.

       My experiences all started when I was born in Dallas, Texas in 1989, but I was raised in

Lake Charles, Louisiana. My family and I have lived in Lake Charles since I was five years old.

My mother, Sheila Babineaux, was born and raised in Lake Charles. She has a fairly large family

that was raised here with her. She has a mother, father, one sister, and three brothers who all

have at least three children. Another part of her family that is very close to us is her mothers

brother and his eight kids and now there children. They are the Ange’s. My father, John Newell,

on the other hand was raised all over the United States because his dad was in the Air Force, but

he was mainly based in San Diego, California. He too has a large family that consists of five

siblings and all have at least three children also. I have two sisters. Sadie is sixteen and she was

born in Houston, which is where we lived for about two years after Dallas and before we came to

Lake Charles. The other is ten, her name is Jaquelyn and she was born in Lake Charles. The

main thing that both of my sisters and I have in common is dance and cheerleading. I was a

cheerleader for my elementary school, Our Lady Queen of Heaven, and for my all of my high

school years at Saint Louis Catholic High School. I competitively danced at Tammy Palmers

Center Stage for thirteen years. I quit when I was a junior in high school but my sisters are still

competing. Dance and cheerleading are my two best talents and the things I love doing the most.

Being competitive in dance consisted of a lot of traveling. For the main competitions we traveled

to Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. The national competition, which is the last and
largest competition of the season, is when we traveled far away. We would travel to Florida,

West Virginia, California, Arkansas, Missouri and many other places. Dance had a great effect

on my life and what I wanted my profession to be, and it also gave me my first job.

       I have had many jobs dealing with kids and work experience related to education and

some that did not deal with education. I started working when I was fourteen. My work

experience that is not related to education started at McAllister’s Deli and The Lake Charles

Country Club working as a waitress. For a summer job I helped my grandparents rebuild and

paint there house after hurricane Rita hit. And currently I am working at a credit union which is

called CSE Credit Union and I have been there for seven months. My first job consisted of

teaching young children. I was a dance teacher when I was fourteen years old at Tammy Palmers

Center Stage, and I taught for about two and a half years. I taught mainly three to eight year olds

and I just taught them the basics of dance. I also did private lessons, which was a one on one

class betwwen a student and a teacher for thirty minutes. Doing this is what showed me that I

love kids and interacting with them, which is why I want to be an elementary teacher. Another

educational job I had was babysitting at the Family Life Center. Although I have never really

tutored I have helped my little sisters with there homework many times. Interacting with children

has happened all of my life from having jobs dealing with them to taking care of my little sisters,

and being a educator for children and making a difference in their life is my next goal.

       Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a teacher. I can remember playing

teacher and house with my friends when I had a sleep over. Now I am making those dreams

come true. I am currently in a relationship that I am hoping to start a family out of some day. I

am only eighteen but I have been with my boyfriend for two and half years now. I have always

dreamed to have a husband by the time I am twenty-one, be a teacher by twenty-five, and build a
house and have kids shortly after that. Another long term goal I have is to be a cheerleading

coach at the school I am teaching at. These goals and dreams will only come with time, but my

first short term goal is to be accepted into the college of education program and graduate from

college with a teaching degree.

       I chose teaching as a career because of the first job I had when I was fourteen which was

teaching children how to dance. I loved interacting with them and I loved there personalities and

the funny things they did. I also loved to teach them because it made me feel good when I knew

they learned something from me and they had fun doing it. I know dancing and teaching is not

the same thing but I would love to make a difference in children’s lives and what better way to

do that then to be there school teacher.

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