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									Want to Earn $100 an HOUR Working
  From Home? Do THIS Everyday
          (Starting Now!)

How would your life be different if you could earn $100 an hour
working from the comfort and convenience of home? Would you spend
more time with your family and friends? Would you pursue other
passions and enjoy much more free time... or would you work harder,
and reinvest your income (and your energies) in building up a business
that was REALLY, really big?

The truth is, most of you reading this, probably think that the idea of
earning $100 an hour is far fetched, hype and "marketing speak"
designed to get you to buy something you can't afford, or don't need. Or,
that you need to follow some "guru", buy some gadget, or promote some
gimmick that is unethical instead.

With all due respect... you'd be WRONG.

And I'm going to share with you a super simple strategy below, along
with the common questions that many folks ask when they first
understand how truly easy it really can be. (and you can prove all of this
to yourself, starting THIS weekend... from the comfort of your own

Again, I have limited space here to flesh out the whole strategy of
course, but I'm going to give you the finer points below, and you can
certainly implement all of this with expeditious ease, and without having
to invest any money to boot.

Okay... so what do I need to do to earn $100 an hour?
Very simple. I call this the "Strategy of Straight Lines" and it involves 3
simple steps.

Articles (content much like what you are reading right here)
Opt In's (a newsletter or sign up form)
Offers (a product or service that you can sell, preferably of your own...
OR, an affiliate recommendation if you don't, although long term I don't
recommend this for best results)

The SECRET is... it's more about MATH than marketing!

How so? Let me give you an example in my own business, I have a
$1500 business building program. Historically, I know that about 1% of
my subscribers will sign up for this at some point in our relationship.

I also know that if I write 4 articles per hour, on average... those articles
will generate about 25 subscribers for my business.

Therefore, 4 hours of consistent content creation will yield, on average...
about 100 new subscribers.

And over the next year... through a series of relationship, rapport and
trust building communications, 1 of those people WILL buy the $1500
training program.

(and if I do my job right, many of those people will go on to invest in
even higher end services and programs we offer)

So for me, from a math standpoint, each hour that I focus on generating
CONTENT that is designed to build my COMMUNITY is worth about

And the SAME will be true for YOU. (your math may be different of
course, but the idea is exactly the same in every niche, market or
industry under the sun)
I challenge you to get GOOD at the simple sequence of steps above...and
watch as your brand, your business, and your bank account grows THIS
year, and for a long time to come!

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