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					Collectible Gifts for Father’s Day

Fathers want something they can place on the shelf and admire a few years
down the line, and collectible gifts top this list. These represent items
they loved from one period in their life and they still hold the memories
of the joy they brought. For instance, most baseball teams produce
baseball cards their fans can buy to remind them of certain games. These
items sell by the thousands and they can pass down memories from one
generation to the next. In addition, a man who loves action figures can
get pieces carved in the image of the action figure or the superhero such
as Rambo or Spiderman. Some clubs begin when a group of people come
together because of their love for certain pieces and they organize shows
to flaunt their collections and buy from each other. If your father has
an attachment to a period of his life such as military work, to an action
figure or a hobby, you can get him items that will become part of his
collection. He will remember that part of his life by collecting several
pieces from that era or a recent one.

A favorite for most fathers is the collectible gifts that involve a
sport. Find out which pieces are available in the sport your father
loves. Most of the sports played internationally have pieces of
memorabilia that fans can keep in their collection. This is one of the
booming businesses especially after or before a tournament. From hockey,
football, cricket, golf to boxing and tennis, the items can include
balls, gloves, flags, helmets or t-shirts and in most cases, autographed
by the players. The prices depend with the item, the team, game and the
player who used the piece. Expect to spend around $30 for cards and
between $100 and $1,200 for the gloves. Another type of collectible item
are the action figure pieces. If your father loves film or cartoon action
figures, this is the best time to show that you care about what he loves.
These are miniature pieces of the main characters in the production and
they can fetch a steady sum especially when they are of characters in
world acclaimed productions such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry

You can check online auctions for offers of collectible gifts of action
figures. Consider the price and the age of the collection because the
older it is, the higher the probability that it might come with some
defects. Find pieces that have value and are classic. In addition, you
can get sculptures made of bronze. These are ideal for a father who
appreciates art. The sculptures may symbolize the life he may have spent
such as the sculpture of a soldier or a hunter with his dog, horse racing
or other types. These pieces are strong and they may last longer than
pieces made of other materials. The prices will depend on the piece. A
bronze sculpture of a horse may cost about $100 while one of a horse with
a rider may fetch for around $170.

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