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									How To:
Increase Sales with Food Management Companies
Understand the Segment: Foodservice Management Companies (FSMs) are companies that
contract out to run the foodservice operations of captive venues like employee/corporate
cafeterias, hospitals, universities, schools, arenas and other sporting venues. While the
Mushroom Council works with large national FSMs, there are probably local FSMs in your
market or in the markets where you compete. Search those out. The major FSMs like Compass,
Sodexo, Aramark and others have regional offices with promotional staff. Plus, they all buy
their fresh products regionally/locally through distributors.
Pick Your Partner: Identify these local FSMs as well as the regional offices of the national players. You can call
on them directly, or identify them through your distributor who is already selling them mushrooms.
Promote Specific Items: Remember, these FSMs are one the biggest users of mushrooms, so they are already
menuing mushrooms in pizzas, salads, vegetable bars and sandwiches. If you promote with them, you should be
trying to ADD more mushroom items to their menus. Work with them to promote specific new items. It doesn’t
move that many more mushrooms to promote an item they already have. With new items on the menu, you help
them sell more mushrooms in more different places.
Developing Those Items to Promote: FSMs are always promoting. They constantly develop new items to fit
those promotions. If they know you want to support their efforts, they will add more dishes with mushrooms.
Still, it is always good to be proactive, so if you need ideas to suggest to them, look on the Mushroom Channel
Web site (

                                      Help Them Develop Materials: FSMs like to promote, but they also like to educate
                                      their chefs, food & beverage directors and guests alike. Provide them with
                                      information and education they need about mushrooms. Then work with them to
                                      develop the right set of both educational and promotional materials around the
                                      items. These FSMs might also want to run promotions that encourage guests to eat
                                      more vegetables. Some even have punch cards or loyalty cards to encourage
                                      people to order more. You have information about the importance of eating
                                      vegetables in general and mushrooms, specifically. Use it. They will appreciate all
                                      the help you can provide.

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