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Making New Words Your Own


        Kathy Adams
   Context, Structure, Sound, Dictionary Strategy    CSSD

             Example of Wordbusting Strategy

Transcribe - After listening to her interview on audiotape, Tressa
           decided to transcribe it so she could accurately
           write her feature article.

            Context                           Structure                        Sound
 Tressa decided to transcribe              trans + scribe                   trans skrib'
the interview after listening to it        trans is "over"         sounds like the word transcript
         on audiotape.                scribe means "to write"   It may be something written down.

           Dictionary: “to write or type out a copy of, as
                     from a speech or notes”
             Hints for figuring out unknown words.

Hint # 1 - Context: Look for clues to the meaning of the word in
the sentence. For example, after signals cause and effect and
helps reveal the meaning of transcribe.

Hint # 2 - Structure: Examine the word parts for roots, prefixes
and suffixes that you know.

Hint # 3 - Sound: Say the word aloud and listen for any word
parts you know.

Hint # 4 - Dictionary: If you cannot determine a word’s
meaning from applying context, structure, and sound strategies,
look up the unfamiliar word in a dictionary. Read all the
definitions and choose one that best fits the given sentence.
                  Context Clues
            How to answer context clue exercises.

Hint # 1 Read Column B first, and look for clues to the meaning
         of the word.

Hint # 2 You should scan Column A for a likely definition of the

Hint # 3 As you write the word in the blank, say it to yourself
         to get a sense of the sound of the word.
        Sentence Completion

Sometimes you are asked to supply the missing vocabulary
word or words in order to create a sentence that makes sense.

Hint # 1 Think about the logic of the sentence.

Hint # 2 Substitute the words in choice (A) through (E) in the
         sentence to see which pair of words completes the
         logic of the sentence.
  As you complete these
 three types of exercises,
you will develop the ability
   to make an educated
 guess about the meaning
   of a word by thinking
     about its context.

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