The Cold WAR by JamieKennedy2

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									The Cold War Happened
 during the years 1945
     through 1991
    The Cold War was
 Between Russia and our
beloved United States. The
 cold war was not a real
The Cold War was a
competition to see who
got to dominate the
The outcome of The Cold War the
Soviet Union fell apart in the
early 1990s. People say it was
because their system could not
keep people happy, it did not give
them rights or material wealth.
On April 17, 1961 about 1,200 U.S.
 backed refugees attacked Cuba at
 the Bay of Pigs. The attack was an
 attempt to over throw Fidel
 Castro. The attack at the Bay of
 Pigs Failed dramatically and
 strengthen Castro’s power over
 Cuba and the bond with Russia.

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