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					How to ensure that Paintball will not be bad for the Players

Many people think that playing paintball games is so risky and dangerous that a person might be hurt or
injured. There are standard rules that are applied to the sport at this time. They ensure the safety and
convenience of a person that will try to experience the game. Before, the sport was categorized as a war
game where many people that played were injured from paintball pistols and air guns.

In the early version of the game non-powder guns were used for this type of war game. It was in the 1970s
that these powerful paintball pistols and air guns were the weapons used to activate and launch paintballs. It
was reported that 21,000 Americans were injured playing this sport when it was new to the curious public.

The Skirmish, one of the first paintball fields in America, called war games “friendly games” in their slogan.
Consider the War Game Products, which introduced the paintball capsules that were launched by pressured
air or CO2. These are non-powder guns, which are safer and less dangerous for a person who is hit by a

In the statistics of the Associated Press, there were 21,000 injuries reported each year since it was
introduced. A recent survey was conducted by American Sports Data Inc, which reported that 8,700,000
people played the sport in 2002 and there were fewer reported injuries during that time. The reason for this
is that the safety rules governing the sport have been standardized and enforcement is a priority. Many say
that it is safer than playing basketball or baseball where there are more reported injuries

The number of people participating in paintball games has surpassed the number of people who try
snowboarding according to the American Sports Data Inc. survey. It is now considered the fourth largest
alternative sport in America and it is still growing because of the number of people that are interested and
curious about the sport.

There are newly developed rules and guidelines which regulate the sport. It is now one of the safest sports
played because it requires the use of new types of safety equipment. This sport is not so bad after all! It is a
great loss for those who have not yet tried the sport so that can experience the thrill and fun of paintball

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