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					   item-is-marketplace      product-id          product-id-type           item-condition                  price
                     Y     B00005RIH0                                                  3                     13
                      Y      0747554323                        1                         2                12.87
                      Y      0099429799                        1                         8                     4
                      Y 4018996100624                          3                         2                    12
                      Y      0316859869                        1                        11                    12
Compulsory field for    Compulsory         Compulsory field       Compulsory field for       Compulsory
Marketplace listings - field for           for Marketplace        Marketplace listings -     field for
Put a 'Y' here if the   Marketplace        listings - type of     1 = Used; Like New         Marketplace
product should be       listings - an      product.               2 = Used; Very Good        listings - price
loaded as Marketplace ISBN, ASIN or        1 = ASIN               3 = Used; Good             should be
                        EAN / UPC          2 = ISBN 10 digits     4 = Used; Acceptable       entered in
                        should be          3 = EAN 12 digits /    5 = Collectable; Like      pounds e.g. 6.50.
                        entered here as    UPC 13 digits Please New                          Please note that
                        a single number,   see link to Help       6 = Collectable; Very      NO £ sign should
                        without hyphens    condition type         Good                       be entered (this
                        or spaces 7 = Collectable; Good         causes errors)
                                  8 = Collectable;           and only a
                                           ores/browse/-          Acceptable                 decimal point
                                           /help/909206 for       11 = New                   should be
                                           definitions of these                              entered for
                                           terms                                             denoting pence.
           sku          item-note                will-ship-internationally                          item-name
          1258 CD perfect condition                                      3         New Year's Day Concert 2002

     wer-tzr-876        cover damaged                                      4        John Irving - The Fourth Hand
            1235                                                                          Ian Mcewan - Atonement
            6543                perfect!                                   5        Peter Hamilton - Fallen Dragon
       t-er-0987                                                           6               John Mcenroe - Serious
Compulsory         Optional                Optional field - If you wish to     Compulsory for zShops - up to
field for          Marketplace field -     ship internationally you can        80 characters can be entered
Marketplace        Here a short note       specify this here. Entering a 3,    here. If you want your item to go
listings - the     about the item can      4, 5, 6 means that the seller       into zShops and we do not have a
SKU (Stock         be included, for        will ship to:             3 - UK    detail page, the author/artist and
Keeping Unit)      example 'CD cover       only                     4 - UK     title should be input here. (Please
is your            slightly damaged        and EU only                 5-      note that this information is
proprietary ID     otherwise VGC' or       UK, EU and US                       only used for listings that do
for each item      'collectable signed,    6 - UK, EU, US and Rest Of          not go into Marketplace)
and identifies     first edition'          World                    Please
the items in                               note: If you do not populate
your inventory                             this field, then the default is
                                           set to 'Not Ship Internationally'
        item-description            category1                     image-url         shipping-fee           comments
              description                68329                                                             CD perfect                              3.99            condition
              description                68296                                                  5      cover damaged
              description              292147                                                    2             perfect!
              description              173468                                                    3
Compulsory for            Compulsory for       Optional zShops field -        Optional zShops        Optional zShops
zShops - a description zShops - this is        images can be included         field - a seller can   field - Here a
of the item should be how the item will        here as long as each image     include a shipping     short note about
included here. 4000       be categorized on is less than 300 x 300            fee for individual     the item can be
characters are allowed. our site. (Please      pixels and 20 KB in            items in this          included, for
(Please note that this note that this          memory. Please click on        optional field.        example 'CD
information is only       information is       this Link to help page         (Even though the       cover slightly
used for listings that only used for           explaining how to do this      seller includes        damaged
do not go into            listings that do      their shipping fee     otherwise VGC' or
Marketplace)              not go into          xec/obidos/tg/stores/brows     information in         'collectable
                          Marketplace) A       e/-/help/909304/202-           their Customer         signed, first
                          link of the category 4019545-1218242                Service Policy,        edition'. Please
                         codes can be                                         they can also (if      note: The
                         found under the                                      they wish)             information from
                         following link:                                      include their          item-note should
                                                  shipping fee           be duplicated
                                                  information in         here. Comments
                         ubst/home/categori                                   this column).          appear for
                         es-                                                                         zShops listings,
                         cheatsheet.html/                                                            item-note for
        quantity             add-delete

                   3                   d
                   1                   d
Optional               Optional
Marketplace            Marketplace and
and zShops             zShops field - If
field - The            you wish to delete
default quantity       an item from your
is always 1 but        inventory a 'd'
sellers can            should be entered
specify a              here. This column
number                 defaults to add,
between 2 and          unless stated with
999.                   a 'd' (our system
                       the data we hold
                       for your inventory
                       using your 'sku'
                       and the product

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