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She was educated at the Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College at Bangalore - Copy


									She was educated at the Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College at
Bangalore. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Bangalore
University in 1973, she went to Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education (now University
of Ballarat), Australia to study brewing and qualified as a master brewer in 1974. Kiran
Mazumdar Shaw started her professional career as trainee brewer in Carlton & United
Beverages in 1974. In 1978, she joined as a Trainee Manager with Biocon Biochemicals
Limited in Ireland.

[edit] In Biocon
Collaborating with the same Irish firm, she founded Biocon India with a capital of Rs.
10,000/- in 1978. The initial operation was to extract an enzyme from papaya. Her
application for loans was turned down by banks on two counts – biotechnology was then
a new word and the company lacked assets. Over the years, the company grew under her
stewardship and is today the biggest biopharmaceutical firm in India. In 2004, Biocon
went for an IPO and the issue was over-subscribed by over 30 times. Post-IPO, Shaw
held close to 40% of the stock of the company and was regarded as India’s richest woman
with an estimated worth of Rs. 2,100 crore (~U.S. $ 480 million).

[edit] Personal life
She is a civic activist, especially with respect to municipal administration in Bangalore.
She is also an art collector. She has authored 'Ale and Arty,' a Coffee table book about
brewing beer illustrated by paintings of some of India's renowned artists. Famous
brewing families and beer firms are the subject of the book. In 1998, she married John
Shaw, an expatriate manager and Indophile from Scotland at Madura Coats. John Shaw
resigned as the managing director of Madura Coats the same year and joined Biocon as
its Director for International Business and the Vice Chairman of the Board. He is also a
great enthusiastic trekker.

In an interview with the Deccan Herald dated September 9th, 2003, Ms. Shaw revealed
pride in Bangalore, the city where she was born and brought up and her disappointment
about the changing beauty of old Bangalore she knows. In her interview, Ms. Shaw
lamented at the crumbling beauty of Bangalore that was at one time a paradise city with a
soul. She felt that Bangalore has a unique culture of its own and the infrastructure had not
kept pace with development and hence led to decay in the beauty of the city. She felt that
Bangalore culture includes its own theatres, food, music, academics, architecture. "There
are very few cities in India where academicians and scientists are glorified the way they
are in Bangalore", she said.

In her effort to preserve the character of Bangalore, she has been proactively involved in
various city improvement plans like the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF). Being a
lover of art and arty things, her office is adorned with artifacts and paintings by Yusuf
Arakkal and various other artistes reflect her feelings. She has been a trustee of the
Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat as well.
Ms Shaw holds very dear the MV Memorial Award she was given (MV popularly
stands as a nick name for the great visionary Sir M Vishwesharaiah, architect of modern
Karnataka). According to Ms. Shaw, she personally knew Sir MV and they were good
family friends. The award reminded her of her childhood days and she felt honoured to
receive it.


[edit] Recognition
She was termed India's Biotech Queen by The Economist and Fortune, and India's
mother of invention by New York Times. Some of the major awards won by her are: -

      Nikkei Asia Prizes - Regional Growth by Nikkei Inc. (2009)
      Interviewed by Channel NewsAsia in programme Conversation with Kiran
       Mazumdar-Shaw, series 3

Episode 1 (2008)

      Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award (2006)
      Padma Bhushan (2005)
      Honorary Doctorate from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
      Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Chamber of Commerce (2005)
      Honorary Doctorate of Science, from Ballarat University (2004)
      The Economic Times Business Woman of the Year Award (2004)
      Whirlpool GR8 Women award for Science and Technology (2004)
      Australian Alumni High Achiever Award from the IDP Australian Alumni
       Association (2003)
      Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare & Life Sciences
       Category (2002)
      Woman of the Year from the International Women's Association, Chennai (1998-
      Padma Shri (1989)
      Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees (1987)
      Rotary award for the Best Model Employer (1983)
      Outstanding Contribution Award (AWAKE) (1983)
      Gold for Best Woman Entrepreneur, Institute of Marketing Management (1982)

[edit] References

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