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What is Life Insurance?
 Life insurance is a backup of providing a financial
  support to your family even after you pass on.
 It is a way of proving that you have a sound financial
 There are multiple life insurance plans available today.
 Opting for a good plan will protect you and your family
  from unexpected situations and also help you achieve
  your long term goals.
Categories of Life Insurance
 Life based insurance generally falls into two major
 Protection Plans : Structured to provide benefits in the
  case of specified event. For example – Term Insurance
 Investment Plans – Structured to provide good benefit
  of capital by premiums(either regular or single
  premiums). For example – Whole Life Policies.
What is Life Insurance Premium?
 Life insurance premium is an amount that you pay to
  the insurance company to purchase any policy.
 In return to this, the insurance company pays your
  nominee certain sum of money after you pass on.
 However, in situations of unfortunate accidents, if you
  become permanent disable, then the company does
  the payment to you, and usually they pay this in
How is Life Insurance Premium
 The factors considered for calculating life insurance
  premium are age, gender and health.
 Basically, a younger person has more age span so they have
  longer maturity and the premium is also cheaper.
 Medical history of the family also play very important role.
  Suppose the person’s family members suffer diabetes,
  blood pressure or any other illness, then the concerned
  person is asked for medical checkup and is put under the
  category of high risk buyer. Later, the insurance company
  does a complete study on his health reports and plans with
  the team whether to insure the person or not.
Life Insurance Tips
         Consult Your Friends
 Usually, many people believe in the power of insurance
  policies and definitely your many friends must have
  opted for some plan.
 Immediately consult your friends on this – Ask them
  which insurance company is good to rely on, what are
  the multiple benefits that will help you, how long they
  have been associated with a particular policy and
  company, etc.
             Online Insurance
 Bang on! Online insurance is definitely the best track
  route about multiple insurance companies.
 You can find all the relevant information about any
  company, their plans, their branches, etc.
 You can compare their insurance plans, get free quotes,
  speak to their agent online.
Take Good Care of Your Health!
 As mentioned earlier, medical records are very
  important while getting insured.
 The better you are in health, the cheaper your rates
  will be.
 So, quit smoking, tobacco chewing and get in shape.
 Monitor your eating habits daily. The more you are in
  shape, the more you will enjoy healthy lifestyle.
Buy Your Life Insurance Early
 In the young age, we never get time to wonder or think
  about things like insurance.
 However, this is the best time to buy a life insurance
  policy for yourself.
 The younger you are, cheaper are your policies.
Renew Your Coverage on Time
 If someone is already using a life insurance policy,
  then, make sure that you renew your coverage
 You never know when the circumstances and
  requirements of your life changes.
Ask About Payment Discounts
 Instead of paying your insurance premiums monthly,
  check whether your company offers you discounts for
  paying them annually.
 Normally, many companies do and one should grab
  this opportunity.
Know The Different Life Insurance
 There are multiple life insurance plans available across
  multiple insurance companies.
 They offer term life, whole life or universal life.
 As part of your duty, it becomes important that you do
  proper inquiry on all the plans available.
 Basically, every plan is designed to cater multiple
  needs and requirements. So depending on your
  current need opt for the right plan.
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   Centers spread across 118 cities in India.
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