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									                                You are officially invited to the

                     11th Planet        Rhythmics Invitational
                                     March 17th-18th, 2012
                                    Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Host Club:             “Planet Rhythmics” (visit our website: www.planetr.ca)

Competition Venue:     Creekside Community Centre at the Vancouver Olympic Village.
                       (#1-Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC). 10m High ceiling. Certified “Mitufa” Carpet.

Meet Director:        Alla Krivchun (Tel: 604-317-1687); E-mail: akrivchun@yahoo.com)
Meet Coordinator:     Adrianna Donaldson (Tel: 604-961-1724; E-mail: adriannabd@yahoo.com)
Judge Responsible:    Kamena Petkova (Brevet Level). All questions regarding judging, please contact
                      Natasha Korkh (Tel: 604-728-6351; E-mail: natashakorkh@hotmail.com)

Entry Fees:            1 routine - $40; 2 routines - $60; 3 routines - $80; 4 routines - $100
                       Entry fees are non-refundable.

Deadline:              Registration forms and fees must be postmarked no later than
                       February 25th, 2012. Late registration fee is $50.00 per athlete.
                       Please make cheque payable to “Planet Rhythmics”. Only one cheque per
                       Club, please. Registration forms and fees should be mailed to
                       #411-3980 Inlet Cr.,
                       North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7G 2P9

Scripts:              4 D1/D2 copies per routine should be mailed to “Planet Rhythmics” AT
                      #411-3980 Inlet Cr.,
                      North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7G 2P9.
                      Deadline - March 10th, 2012.

Awards:              We are very pleased this year to offer special prizes of
                     -an iPad to our Junior and Senior Champions and
                     -an iPod Nano Touch to our Novice and Pre-Novice Champions!
                            Ribbons will be given to 1-8 places in each routine, in each category.
                            Medals will be given to all gymnasts in All Around, in each category.
                            Special Judges Awards for “Best Trick,” “Miss Flexibility,” “ Miss Smile”, etc.
                            All gymnasts will receive memorable goody bags.
Accommodation:    Host Hotel -         Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites
                  1763 Comox Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.
                  Reservations: 1-800-716-6199

                 A limited number of rooms have been blocked off at a special group rate of
                 $109/night + taxes (up to 4 people), available for bookings made before February
                 17, 2012.
                 Please ask for the “Planet Rhythmics” group rate when making your reservations.
                 We suggest that, when booking, you ask for rooms on the upper floors, with a
                 water view (understanding that these Superior Rooms are subject to availability).

                 The hotel is located in the heart of the dynamic West End in Downtown Vancouver.
                 It is close to a large number of restaurants in all price ranges and just a short walk to
                 the beach.

                 For those delegates who may be interested in staying at one of Vancouver’s newest
                 boutique hotels, may we recommend Hotel Indigo (604-873-1811). The hotel is
                 a short ride from the venue and features beautiful new rooms and stunning views.
                 Please quote “Planet Rhythmics” for a special rate.

Training:        All of the Visiting Teams will have an opportunity to train before the competition
                 (not at the Competition Venue) from Monday to Friday for at least 3 hours per day.

Shuttle:         Please let us know if you need transportation from the airport to the hotel and
                 back to the airport. We will provide a shuttle service between the Host Hotel and
                 the venue on the days of competition.

Meals:           Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for visiting gymnasts and coaches
                 on the days of the competition (March 17th and 18th, 2012).

We look forward to meeting you in March, 2012
         in Beautiful British Columbia!
Planet Rhythmics Invitational Official Entry Form
                          Saturday and Sunday, March 17th-18th, 2012
                                All entries are non-refundable
          Entries must be postmark by February 25th, 2012. Late fee is $50 per athlete

Club Name:____________________________________________________________________

Contact Person:__________________Tel:____________________E-mail:__________________

Mailing Address________________________________________________________________

City:_________________Postal Code/Zip:_________________Country:___________________



                                                                                   #       Year of
        Name              Level & apparatus (please check all applicable)
                                                                                routines    birth
                       Level       Free Rope Hoop Ball Clubs Ribbon
Please use addition page if you have more than 10 participants.

Number of participants with 1 routines __________________ X $40.00 = _______________
Number of participants with 2 routines __________________ X $60.00 = _______________
Number of participants with 3 routines __________________ X $80.00 = _______________
Number of participants with 4 routines _________________ X $100.00 = _______________

                                              Total Cheque Enclosed:_______________
Please make your cheque Payable to: Planet Rhythmics
#411-3980 Inlet Cr., North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7G2P9
Visa for entry into Canada: Please send us information for any delegation members who need a personal
invitation to assist with their Visa Application for entry into Canada. After this information is received, a
letter of invitation will be sent to the applicants. Please send it to us by e-mail: akrivchun@yahoo.com
Please make sure you have included: First and Last Names, Date of Birth, Function (Athlete, Coach, Judge
or Manager), Passport Info (Passport Number, Issuing Country, Date of Expiry).

                                         Technical Information

                              Program for All International Competitors

Level           Year of Birth     Routines    D1             D2                     A        Ex       Scripts
Pre-Novice      2002-2003         3routines   Max 8          Apparatus max 6.00     10.00    10.00      Yes
                (and younger)     of your     ABCDEF
                                  choice      (4.0)
Novice          2000-2002         4routines   Max 8          Apparatus max 8.00     10.00    10.00      Yes
                                  of your     A-J
                                  choice      (6.0)
FIG Junior      1997-1999         FIG         FIG            FIG                    10.00    10.00      Yes
FIG Senior      1996-             FIG         FIG            FIG                    10.00    10.00      Yes

Please check the website at (www.planetr.ca) for more info such as schedule, participants, etc.

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