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									More practice
                    Hamlet is without question
            the most famous play in the English
             language. Probably written in 1601
            or 1602, the tragedy is a milestone
       in Shakespeare's dramatic development;
  the playwright achieved artistic maturity in this
  work through his brilliant depiction of the
  hero's struggle with two opposing forces:
  moral integrity and the need to avenge
  his father's murder.
 read and complete the notes
The story : it’s an _________ story about
            murder and revenge. It also
            includes a ____ story.
The ending: the ending is a bit ____ because
            Hamlet ______.
The actors: Hamlet was ______ and clever, but a
                   sad                not
            little ___. His uncle was ___ very good.
The set: it looked very _____.
The costumes: they looked strange but really
Watch a cartoon and say out the name of
the cartoon
  Can you describe the story? Cinderella was a
lovely girl. Her old mother died. Her father
married a wife, and the stepmother
brought two elder sisters. She
did a lot of housework every day. So the girl’s
clothes were very dirty. Everybody
called her Cinderella.
   The prince gave all the females an invitation,
asked them to come to the palace to join the
dance party. But Cinderella’s stepmother
didn’t let her go.
   The day of the party arrived.
Cinderella met a fairy godmother. She gave
Cinderella a coach, two shoes, two horses and a
beautiful dress. But magic will stop working at
   Cinderella arrived at the palace and walked
into the dance hall. The Prince
saw her. He danced only with
Cinderella, and he fell in love       with her.
   A clock chiming reminded Cinderella of her
fairy godmother’s warning.
   She ran out of the palace. The Prince only
found Cinderella’s one glass shoes.
     The next morning, The Prince proclaimed:
Whoever the shoe fits, shall be wife to him.
He arrived at the stepmother’s house. And
Cinderella’s sisters can’t fit the shoot. But she
can. Then Cinderella took
the other shoe from her pocket
and put it on. Finally, the Prince
and Cinderella were married.
They lived happily ever after.
Read and answer the questions:
   What did the two sisters ask Cinderella
1.3. What did the fairy do for Cinderella?
   to do for them before going to the party?
   Wash dress, polish shoes, paint nails
Fairy turned Cinderella’s old clothes and worn
 out shoes into a wonderful dress and lovely
 2. How did Cinderella feel when her sisters
Slippers! Outside there was a carriage and
    went to the party?
     fine horses.
twoCinderella felt very unhappy.
4. Did Cinderella enjoy the party? If so, why
  did she leave before the party ended?
   Yes, she was delighted. Because the
   fairy give her a warning “Go to the party
   but be home by midnight”.

5. What did Cinderella leave behind when
  she ran back home?
  She left behind one glass slipper.
Use the words to write the ending of the story.

Work in pairs.
S1 is the Prince and asks the questions.
S2 is Cinderella gives the answers.

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