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					15 Effective Ways to Protect Your Kids from Internet Threats

Violence, , nudity, and explicit language, pornography, online gambling, online predators, viruses, spyware,
and adware; these are some of the threats that your kids can encounter while using the internet. And since
you can't monitor them all the time, you need to find ways to protect your kids from these threats. Here are
some of those ways:

1.Teach them to stay secure. Talk to them about personal security while using the internet. Tell them to
refuse giving any personal information to people they meet online. Avoid filling out membership and survey
forms that would entail them to state their personal information.

2.Place your computer in a place where you can monitor your kids' use of the internet and not in their

3.Set up house rules to limit your kids' internet access.

4.Keep your kids' computer account "limited. This will keep you in control over the significant access to the

5.Discourage them from making personal profiles using online networking websites that can be viewed by
anyone. Sites like MySpace create venues for online predators to access different personal information for
their predatory purposes. If your kids already have profiles posted on the web, make sure that you know
what pictures and personal information they post. Also, view their personal blogs.

6.If your kids are young enough to use the regular web browser, download web-browsers that are made for
kids. They filter bad websites and limit your kids' access to pre-approved webpages.

7.Tell them to avoid peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares. This is because viruses, spyware, and adware can
freely enter your computer through these softwares.

8.Use internet filtering software to block bad websites from your computer.

9.Use internet monitoring software to secretly track the activity of your kids from websites visited, chat
rooms entered, downloads, conversation, and IMs.

10.Attend to your kids immediately if they report any uncomfortable online exchanges they have

11.Share a common email address so that you can monitor their messages.

12.If they use instant messaging, make sure that you know who are on their list.
13.If they enter chat rooms, tell them to stay in the public room so that the chat room administrator can
monitor your conversation. Tell them to ignore private messages.

14.Tell them not to meet personally with strangers they only met online.

15.And, teach them to approach you whenever they have any doubts on the emails and messages they
receive, window popups that appears, and forms they were asked to fill-out.

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