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									Nokia NFC: Made For The IPhone Wipeout

Once you are on top, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone available
jealous of your success planning in their rooms to kick you out of your
position and then for them to enter the spot mild. This general statement
is certainly true and is indeed, a part of human behavior and psychology.
Individuals can be deviously evil. But for the case of specialized
competition, a company developing a genuine technology with the intention
of clearing off out their competition is in no chance a sadistic and
primal behavior. That is precisely how businesses strive. Without being
extremely brutal obviously, we can justly say that we previously seen
many attempts in some of Apple prime gizmos available in the market with
dangerous accuracy. And some of them seem to be doing the job with lethal
accuracy, and if Apple company doesn’t do anything about it soon, that
will sweet spot they are savoring wont be there through mid -2011. Nokia
is now brewing and setting themselves around ultimately kick out the
competition. Well, not inside their section at the least. Nokia has been
obviously quiet in the smartphone wars wherever Microsoft and RIM has
been pretty lively. Fighting Apple in this level can be a losing attempt
because of the iPhone’s firm hold on the smartphone marketplace. In the
UK alone, the attractiveness of iPhone insurance is at an all time high,
with people wanting to insure their expensive Apple baby. Insurance for
iPhone can only protect an individuals iPhone typically within Six months
of its purchase, so you can be sure these fresh quotes and also purchases
come from newly acquired units. So naturally, Apple income is still
moving. But until Apple finds new technology to counter what Nokia is
preparing, the smartphone wars could be lost in the “tag wars”. Now wait,
what exactly is this “tag” all about? Nokia is now applying a patent to
make use of NFC’s (Near Field Communication) technology to their mobile
phones. The technological innovation can turn your Nokia Phone into a
futuristic wallet, here’s how. You see poster of an upcoming concert
downtown, you want to book and buy tickets, and you will visit a “tag” in
the poster that is embedded having a special code, similar to a bar code.
You then “tag” or “tap” your current Nokia phone, and viola! You can
instantly buy one or a pair of tickets and you can even obtain a sample
download of the artist’s songs. This technological know-how may also be
used in buying sub approach tickets, movie tickets and in many cases your
morning coffee with Starbucks. The iPhone maybe popular now and insurance
for iPhone being bought at an amazing rate, but if Nokia’s NFC nifty
engineering kicks in, will they still be in a position to cope?

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